Angelic Pillow Of Haniel


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Treat yourself to the Seal of Haniel
And receive the Power
Of Seduction, Love, and Happiness!


Many people cry with emotion when they see this Pillow. What you see is indeed an extremely rare mystical Representation of the Seal of Haniel, the Archangel that – according to Holy Scripture – holds the secret keys to love, friendship, and seduction.

The “Magical Seals” have been designed by ancient Wise people in order to enclose in a section of symbolical space the energy beams radiating from the Angels and Archangels as they have seen them during Meditation.

You have just discovered the Seal of Haniel that will allow you, according to the Great Wise people, to “climb back” on these beams up to your Archangel to ask him to fill your heart.

You will do it very easily if you read what comes next…

As the Archangel of love, Haniel will be delighted to welcome you. Tradition states that through his Seal, he will imbue you with the Infinite Power to meet wonderful people in friendship and in love.

Haniel, "Grace (or Glory) of God" has been associated with Venus – the planet of friends and lovers – since the dawn of time. His influence will spread for any affectionate, sentimental, or sexual matter.

There are numerous tales stating that Haniel is the only one who can teach sweetness in life and a way to offer confidence, ease in relationships, and the inner energy needed to live and fully deal with your passion.

But it is also said that he is the Archangel who provides the clairvoyance you need to find your soul mate and never run the risk of committing to a short-term affair.

You will summon him anytime you have a prayer to send to him related to love or friendship.

What is the room that symbolizes love in a house or an apartment…? It must be the bedroom. This is why you are advised to set up your Picture in your bedroom when you receive it because this is where he will produce his magical effects the most swiftly and effectively.

And don’t worry: Contacting your Archangel will be “easy as pie” for you thanks to the extremely easy secret ritual that you will receive with your Pillow.

This Pillow comes in two formats:

  • Cover only: you will need your own pillow
  • Zippered: Full with Zipper, contains pillow + cover



  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • Available Size: 
    • 16 X 16 inches / approx. 40 - 40 cm
    • 20 X 20 inches / approx. 50 - 50 cm
    • 26 X 26 inches / approx. 66 - 66 cm
  • Made in USA
  • Fast Shipping from USA


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