{test} Zen Meditation - Audio Program

{test} Zen Meditation - Audio Program

You want to relax, but you don’t know how? Have you ever heard of meditation, but are you scared that you won’t succeed? Does it seem impossible for you to clear your mind? This is understandable, but you don’t need to worry about it. My Good Luck Charms designed a brain training session for you, which will answer all your questions and expectations. 

Zen music already largely shown how efficient it was to induce an ideal meditative state. With “The secrets of Zen meditation” recording, you can try Zen meditation yourself, a practice that can restore your energy while improving your physical, mental, and spiritual health 

The techniques included in this recording are bases on scientific work by C. Maxwell CadeHe studied meditation Zen for a long time, with its effects on the waves generated by the brain. As such, the technology designed by My Good Luck Charms on these foundations will allow you to operate deeply to soothe your entire being, act on your ability to focus, and improve your confidence. 

Noticed benefits 

Meditation offers many benefits to those who take some time to practice. But it can seem hard to wrap your head around it sometimes, and it could lead you to give up. This won’t be the case with “The secrets of Zen meditation”. The Theta waves included in your recording will facilitate your access to an ideal meditative state, so that you might feel its benefits as early as the first session. Soon, meditation won’t hold any secrets from you! 

  • A meditative state that can be accessed quickly 
  • Deep, effective relaxation 
  • feeling of well-being that will last for the entire day 
  • Visible improvements in your ability to concentrate  

This has been scientifically proven 

Theta waves are mostly associated with the first stage of sleep: a light rest you can easily be awoken from. They are tied to emotions, memory, hypnosis, and efficient meditation practice. This is the reason why My Good Luck Charms incorporated them into the “The secrets of Zen meditation” program. 

  • In 2006, a study performed on 20 subjects who practiced a kind of Zen meditation called “So-soku”, where you count your breaths in order to make it easier to ignore the stray thoughts you want to get rid of. Participants had to keep a steady breathing pattern for 15 minutes, and then take a 30 minutes break, before undergoing another 15 minutes meditation session. Researchers noticed that Theta waves activity was stronger among participants. They also displayed more intense attention, which enabled them to meditate more efficiently 

The Theta waves included in the “The secrets of Zen meditation” recording will thus help you to be fully relaxed and annihilate every stray thought trying to distract you 


 Length: 45 minutes

You will receive 

  • recording  
  • Simple instructions to guide you

Listen using headphones or speakerseyes closed

Download: The program and the instructions will start downloading immediately + they will be available in your account page