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Do you want to discover your magical mind potential right now thanks to Altered States of Consciousness?

Are you ready for a big journey? A fantastic Journey that will lead you beyond the limits of consciousness? A Journey “Beyond the Self? 

Yes, you can develop your inner powers quite easily through Altered States of Consciousness (ASC)! 

Noticed benefits

You can experience lucid dreamingprophetic dreams, reach hypnotic or mystical states, undergo a trance, and experience intense well-beingYou will develop your intuition and creativity while meditating and relaxing. 

Traveling “beyond the self” without any effort 

How does it work? 

By studying neuronal activity in people undergoing altered states of consciousness, researchers have identified distinct brain waves that can be associated with intense experiences such as 

  • deep meditation, 
  • emotional detachment, 
  • spiritual experiences, 
  • lucid dreaming and even out-of-body experiences. 

Th“Beyond the Self: experience altered states of consciousness (ASC)” program is a revolutionary method based on the power of sound and music to induce altered states of consciousness (Meditation, super-memory, super-learning, astral travel, lucid dreaming, etc.). It happens quickly and easily, without having anything complicated to do, from the comfort of your own home! 

The music tracks found in “Beyond the Self” have been especially designed using sound patterns that can affect your neuronal rhythm and can help to reproduce these complex patterns within your brain. 

These music tracks combine with our advanced sound technology to generate specific frequencies, giving you access to the rarest and most intense mental states. This process is also known as Brainwave Entrainment (BWE). 

When you awaken your “superpowers”, you have master over your entire life! 

“Beyond the Self: experience altered states of consciousness (ASC)” is a collection of thrilling therapeutic music including 3 one-hour-long music tracks, based on advanced EEG research (brain exploration method) on the mind activity of experienced practitioners of meditation, and altered states of consciousness (ASC) phenomenon. 

This has been scientifically proven

Each of the 1-hour tracks was designed to stimulate the brain waves that facilitate meditation, mind imagery and transcendent experiences. 

These are the main experiences shared by our users: 

  • Feelings of intense happiness or beatitude 
  • A sensation that you are floating, drifting away 
  • Realistic mental images 
  • Vibrations, a tingling feeling 
  • Emotional detachment and dissociation from your day-to-day troubles 
  • Lucid dreaming 
  • Out-of-body experiences 
  • Improving your ability to overcome trouble and despair 
  • Developing your vitality 
  • Memories of your past lives 
  • Universal connection 
  • Artistic creativity 

Access a higher spiritual level! 

Theta brain waves” are a kind of mental activity that are stimulated by these recordings. Studies have shown that during meditation, feelings of peace or beatitude combined with a slowing down of the mind’s inner dialogue are correlated with the activity of theta brain waves. 

Research has shown that there are genuine advantages for mental well-being and health as regards meditative practices such as lower arterial pressure and stress relief. 

Neuronal stimulation in “Beyond the Self” was designed to help you harness all the benefits of meditation practice through some audio tool based on serious research in order to easily calm your mind and lead your brain to a meditative state.  

Your entire life is about to benefit from your brand new way to think and act! 

Beyond the Self”: experience altered states of consciousness (ASC)” is a set of keys that can let you enter deep meditative states commonly known as “Altered States of Consciousness” (ASC). This technology uses advanced Psycho-Technological sounds from the future and lets anyone quickly reach these altered states of consciousness without any effort, or any tedious training. 

As soon as you benefit from the “Beyond the Self” program, you will be able to effectively and genuinely transform your life! But you will also have a chance to acquire amazing new abilities! 

“Beyond the Self” can unveil tremendous abilities within you, to lead a successful life!   

The “Beyond the Self” pack includes 3 recordings: 

  1. Weightlessness (60min) 
  2. Clairvoyance (60min) 
  3. Primordial (60 min) 

The audio quality of the “Beyond the Self” program is also one of the inherent components of its efficiency. Even in mp3 format, the professional analog devices  used give the programs astounding sound quality. Each sound, each note, each harmonic is there to share extraordinary experiences with you 

Spiritual Awakeningdiscover who you truly are  

“Beyond the Self” will let your “true self” shine. In other words, you will have a chance to be aware of who you truly are, and know the nature of your deepest aspirations 

What will spiritual awakening bring you? 

  • Inner peace 
  • Happiness 
  • Harmony 
  • Compassion 
  • A feeling of uniqueness 
  • A feeling of abundance 
  • Decreasing your fear and stress levels. 
  • Better connection with people 
  • Fewer criticism and negative judgments towards other people 
  • More empathy 
  • Improved personal relationships. 

Anything is possible if you decide to change it all. 

You just need to want it. 

Experience the “Beyond the Self” program and unveil your inner self! 

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