Rune Compass Necklace With Vegvisir Pendant

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Do you or someone you know need a direction on the path through life?

The Rune Compass Necklace with Vegvisir Pendant has been used by Norsemen and Germanic tribes to find the way in battles and sea voyages and guide them toward victory. 

How did the Vikings use the rune necklace?

The most notable mention of the symbol in the rune necklace remains the Huld Manuscript written in the 1880 by Geir Vigfusson, where it states that carrying the Vegvisir pendant will help one always find the way in bad weather and storms, even when the traveler does not know his way.

However, it is difficult to estimate when the symbol appeared first, as other mentions of the symbol in this Rune Compass Necklace with Vegvisir Pendant are unknown. 

Historical evidence aside, people believe that the compass necklace has been used by feared Viking warriors during their expeditions for fame and fortune. Some say that the Vikings used to paint the symbol in this pagan necklace between the eyes to put fear in the hearts of their enemies and protect against misfortune in battle. When there was no fighting to be held, the symbol could have been seen on shields or ships as a sign of protection and divine guidance toward their destinations.

How can the Rune Compass Necklace with Vegvisir Pendant help you?

The Rune Compass Necklace with Vegvisir Pendant could be a great tool in helping one find what they are looking for in life.

Thanks to ancient runes inscribed on it, the compass necklace can help you follow your journey to your heart’s content and fulfill your destiny. Whether there will be glory or misfortune waiting on your way, the Vegvisir pendant will serve to keep its wearer safe. 

Find your true north with this Rune Compass Necklace with Vegvisir Pendant!


  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
  • Chain Type: Snake Chain
  • Length: 60 cm / 23.6 inches

Necklace Size Guide: 

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Bracelet Size Guide:

You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then add an extra 2.5cm/1inch to the measurement for a more comfortable fit. 

Product Care: 

  • Jewelry Care: To keep your metal jewelries shining for longer, avoid direct contact with water or chemicals (lotions, chlorine from pools...). Clean it with soft cloth.
  • Crystal Care: Natural stones are fragile, avoid direct contact with hard surfaces, and clean your charms with soft cloth.


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