Lotus Mandala Yoga Sticker

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Are you looking for a piece of artwork to focus your meditation and centering methods on? You can meditate using an inspiring and easy to focus on design, such as this Lotus Mandala Yoga Sticker. 

Using mandalas in yoga and meditation

A loose translation of the word mandala is a “circle”. According to the legends, mandalas represent the universe and are designed to place the elements that symbolize unity and harmony into a balanced design. Mandalas make for popular laptop stickers among people who engage in spiritual practices such as yoga or meditation. Mandala designs represent a number of aspects of one’s life – the circular patterns can be found in nature and even in the circles of friends, family and life.  

Lotus mandala is a design that dates back to ancient India, where it was used as a tool for healing, teaching, or meditation. While every Tibetan or Hindu mandala has its own unique pattern, many of the Indian mandalas feature a lotus symbol as the integral part of the design. The lotus symbol on this Lotus Mandala Yoga Sticker is a symbol of light and opening of the heart. In ancient Buddhism, the unfolding of the lotus flower petals was associated with the unfolding of the divine within oneself. 

How to use your Lotus Mandala Yoga Sticker

The lotus mandala laptop sticker features the Om symbol, which represents the oneness of creation, including the heaven, the earth, and the underworld. This yoga sticker is made of waterproof, high-quality vinyl and attaches to the surface with removable glue, leaving no residue after peeling off. Place it on your laptop as a reminder about your spiritual journey or use it in yoga or meditation. 

Using the lotus mandala sticker on your laptop will attract the beneficial influences and positive energies of the lotus symbol and will help you on your spiritual journey. 

Receive spiritual inspiration with this lotus mandala yoga sticker!


  • Pattern: Sticker
  • Material: Vinyl

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You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then add an extra 2.5cm/1inch to the measurement for a more comfortable fit. 

Product Care: 

  • Jewelry Care: To keep your metal jewelries shining for longer, avoid direct contact with water or chemicals (lotions, chlorine from pools...). Clean it with soft cloth.
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