Hamsa Wall Sticker

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Do you want to protect your household from the negative influences outside of your control and bring abundance and prosperity into your family?

The Hamsa Wall Sticker, symbolizing protection, will help you achieve your goals and heal the energies in your home. 

Protective power of the Hamsa wall art

Hamsa symbol in this wall sticker, or the Hand of Fatima, is a talisman known in ancient Middle East to symbolize the Hand of God and protect one from evil forces and bring abundance, good health, luck, goodness, and fertility.

In many early cultures, the eye served as a symbol of protection, while other cultures used Hamsa wall art, so over time the most powerful protective symbol became an eye placed in the palm of the hand. 

People who find themselves in a difficult situation and believe in “Supreme Power” wear Hamsa jewelry or place Hamsa wall art in their homes. It is believed that Hamsa Wall Stickers can protect household from negative influences outside of one’s control, ward off evil, and bring good luck. 

How to use your Hamsa Wall Sticker

In the modern society, Hamsa has become a symbol of peace and is widely used in Hamsa wall art. Hamsa wallpaper can be placed with fingers pointing up or down. Both offer protection from the evil eye and bring happiness and prosperity to the owner. 

You can apply vinyl stickers, such as this Hamsa wall art, to walls, tiles, mirrors, laptops, windows, cars, fridges, and any other flat surfaces.

Protect your household from negative energies and attract abundance into your home!


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 55 cm x 44 cm / 21.65 x 17.32 inches
  • Package includes: 1 Wall Sticker, 1 Transfer Film, 1 Instruction 

 How To Use: 

  1. Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface.
  2. Clean it with a piece of dry cloth
  3. Place transfer film on top of the sticker
  4. Rub the top of transfer film with a piece of soft cloth or towel
  5. Peel off the transfer film, cut it in parts if needed
  6. Put the transfer film on the wall, rub it carefully (for example with a credit card), to make sure air bubbles don't appear
  7. Peel off transfer film carefully, and that's it!

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Product Care: 

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