Elephant Wooden Incense Stand

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Are you into aromatherapy and like refreshing your household with wonderful, stimulating, vibrant, or peaceful and calming smells? Are you looking for a wooden incense holder?

This Elephant Wooden Incense Stand carefully crafted out of rosewood is what you are looking for. Because of the intuitive design and pleasant to touch material, this elephant incense holder is the perfect way to keep your incense sticks in place and enjoy the maximum healing benefits of your favorite essential oils.

How to use the elephant incense holder

The Elephant Wooden Incense Stand has been designed to catch the ash of your incense aromatic sticks. The wooden incense holder is perfect for aromatherapy use and incense treatment, but to make sure the incense stand will do its job efficiently, a few details should be taken into consideration. 

It is important to place the aromatic stick into the hole at the end of the Elephant Wooden Incense Stand. This way, once the stick starts diffusing your favorite aroma, the ash will fall on the wooden incense holder and protect your furniture. If you have other types of incense materials, use the wooden carved channel of the elephant incense holder until they burn away. 

Exploring healing benefits of aromatherapy and the incense ash catcher

From Egyptians, the first to record the use of aromatherapy in their history annals, to Chinese, Japanese, Mayan, Aztecs, and Europeans, recipes of essential oils, floral and resin substances have been developed for religious rituals, to help fight stress, calm the mind, and offer spiritual guidance. 

Along those beneficial incense materials, a wooden incense holder such as this has been used for millennia for its natural potency. Moreover, the rosewood from which it is carved would help clear the air, improve its quality, and boost the effect of the aroma therapeutic process.

Boost the effects of your incense materials using this elephant incense holder! 


  • Material: Wood

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