Egyptian Mummy Statue

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Do you want to impress your friends and at the same time show your fine tastes without having to utter a single word? Here is your chance – the Egyptian Mummy Statue is an example of superb craftsmanship and delicate Egyptian art. Egyptian statues such as this have been designed to make for exceptional gifts, wonderful interior design items, and inspiration tools. 

Where do these Egyptian statues come from?

These Egyptian statues with Egyptian mummy have been designed to replicate the artifacts originally discovered in the Sahara sands. According to history, at some point in time, Egyptians started mummifying the bodies of their Pharaohs because they believed that the body must remain intact, for the deceased to safely pass to the other side. The mummification was a secretive technique meant to replicate the effects the desert had on bodies buried without a coffin. 

The procedure of mummification took 70 days, during which the body was dried out using various techniques, which involved the extraction of the brain, internal organs, and covering the body with natron salt crystals. Because of the extraordinary efficiency in preserving the body, the art of making an Egyptian Mummy Statue became one of the most known Egyptian symbols across the planet, and stands right next to the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian temples uncovered in the sands of the desert.  

Why is this Egyptian Mummy Statue worth having?

The Egyptian Mummy Statue and Egyptian statues are great pieces of Egyptian art. Among other reasons, what makes the item worth having is how other people perceive its owner. In short, besides giving you a subject to talk about during conversations and inspiring you to put the effort and energy into doing what you love, owning such a finely crafted item will impress many of those visiting your home. 

Get inspired with this Egyptian Mummy Statue!

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