Dragon Incense Stick Holder

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Have you felt more tired recently, as if your senses had been dulled by the monotony of everyday life, making it difficult for you to enjoy every moment like you deserve?

This Dragon Incense Stick Holder could help you get acknowledged with the ancient practice of incense burning for healing and relaxation purposes. Engraved with the symbol of the dragon, representing confidence and power in Eastern culture, this dragon incense burner might help you obtain the power you need to overcome the obstacles every day. 

Dragon incense burner for relaxation and refreshment of mind

People have discovered the benefits of burning incense centuries ago, and it has served as a tool for both spiritual and physical worlds for many generations. Using your favorite incense scent with this Dragon Incense Stick Holder would help to banish negative energy from your home, removing it from places where such energies are present. To cleanse the rooms of negativity, simply burn sandalwood, lavender, or sage incense using this dragon incense burner. 

Burning incense with this dragon incense holder also serves to awaken the senses that become dulled over the course of everyday activities. Using incense while meditating would have a refreshing effect on the mind and help one to tune into oneself and the surroundings. The aromas of the burning incense one smells by using the dragon incense burner serve to make one more relaxed and bring peace during the day and more peaceful sleep at night.

Healing benefits of the incense combined with the power of dragon

This Dragon Incense Stick Holder features a carving of a dragon, the animal believed in Eastern cultures to bring luck, success, abundance, and prosperity. Dragon in this Buddhist incense holder represents self-confidence, heroism, power, excellence, and perseverance, and it is thought that having the item with the dragon symbol could inspire such qualities in its owner. For centuries, people have used incense for medicinal purposes, with the earliest mentions dating back to 1,800 B.C.

Enjoy the healing benefits of the dragon incense burner and obtain self-confidence!


  • Material: Zinc Alloy

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