Divine Crystal Guardian Angel

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Carry Your Guardian Angel With You!


Open Your Chakras & Your Heart
With These Six Magnificently Handcrafted
Pure, Natural, 100% Genuine Crystal
Divine Guardian Angel Amulets


Perfect For Your Home, Office, Pocket, Purse, Or Car!

Having and holding in your hands, a natural piece of Divine Art that will balance your chakras and your life is something truly special… and it is now something that you can experience without having to visit a gallery or museum…

Hand carved with tremendous reverence and respect by a family of Master Sculptors, these 100% Genuine Crystal, Pure and Natural, Divine Guardian Angel Amulets, will remind you that a greater, positive, sacred force is always watching over you… transforming your negative energies into positive influences, easing your stress, calming your nerves, connecting you with mother earth, and so much more…

Keep these very special individually crafted amulets with you at all times (or in the places you need and want their power). When you do, their Divine, Transformative Energy, will surround you! All you need to do is pick the one that is right for you (or for the people you care about most)…

  • Opalite: Will bring you true emotional and personal security
  • Amethyst: Will help calm your nerves, boost your concentration
  • Green Aventurine: Will center your thoughts by forming a true connection with Mother Earth and Nature
  • Clear Quartz: Will help heal old wounds, and will turn sadness into happiness, by transforming negative energies into positive influences
  • Rose Quartz: Will help you get a new start and will help keep things good forever – by cleansing all your chakras
  • Tiger’s Eye: Will tremendously boost your self-confidence, while eliminating nerves and worry – so you can achieve your dreams.

And of course, these pieces of Divine Sculpture are so beautiful, that you can do what most people do…

Have all six Angels delivered right to your door, so you can display them as a set – to enjoy them all, while being protected by their combined power and positive energy.

The perfect gift for yourself and for the people you care about – each Divine Guardian Angel Amulet:

  • Is Hand Carved With Reverence By Artisans in The Far East
  • Comes Carefully Placed In A Museum Quality Gift Box
  • Is Made From Pure, Natural, 100% Genuine Crystal
  • Measures 1.53 – 1.61 Inches High & 0.98 – 1.10 Inches Thick
  • Weighs 85grams – perfect for your pocket or purse!

And remember – each of these beautiful pieces is 100% Guaranteed or your money back!


  • Package: Every crystal angel comes with a box
  • Height: 39-41mm / 1.53-1.61 inches
  • Width: 25-28mm / 0.98-1.10 inches
  • Thickness: 14-16mm / 0.55-0.63 inches
  • Weight: 85g

Necklace Size Guide: 

Women & Men Sizing Guide

Bracelet Size Guide:

You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then add an extra 2.5cm/1inch to the measurement for a more comfortable fit. 

Ring Size Guide:

You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then use this Chart to find out your ring size.

Product Care: 

  • Jewelry Care: To keep your metal jewelry shining for longer, avoid direct contact with water or chemicals (lotions, chlorine from pools...). Clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Crystal Care: Natural stones are fragile, avoid direct contact with hard surfaces, and clean your charms with a soft cloth.


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