Black Dream Catcher Wind Chimes

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Are bad dreams making you feel distressed, leaving you with the desire to have more rest?

These Black Dream Catcher Wind Chimes, originally crafted by the tribes that started the Native American dream catcher tradition, protects against bad dreams or nightmares and allows more positive and cheerful visions to take their place

What can the Black Dream Catcher Wind Chimes do for you?

The black dream catcher is masterfully crafted with great care to reproduce the powerful attributes of the dream catcher the Native American tribes have used for centuries. 

When hanged in a place where the sunlight reaches first thing in the morning, like in front of the door or by the window, the dream catcher wind chimes will protect you and your family from negative energy and bad harmful dreams, bringing only peaceful ones into your sleep.

The dream catcher feather will help you relax and enjoy a much-deserved good night’s rest. 

What are the origins of the Black Dream Catcher Wind Chimes?

The legend behind the creation of the first Native American dream catcher with dream catcher feathers holds that a spiritual protector of the Ojibwa tribe, the Spider Woman, protected sleeping children and babies from bad dreams. Once the tribe started expanding, the Spider Woman created the dream catcher to safeguard the growing population. 

Another legend speaks about people hunted by nightmares, who after many efforts to get rid of them with the help of elders and shamans, found themselves not knowing what else to do. Following a meeting they held as a last resort for their troubles, one of the elders envisioned a charm which would filter the bad or useless dreams and allow only the useful ones to reach the dreamers’ minds. The Black Dream Catcher Wind Chimes is a replica of that talisman. 

Get the dreams you deserve with these Black Dream Catcher Wind Chimes!


  • Length: 50-55 cm / 19.7-21.7

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