Angelic Pillow Of Camaël


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You have a pillow before you representing the Seal of Camael, “The One Who Can See God”. When you focus on it according to what you are about to be taught, you can make contact with the Archangel that, according to Scripture, provides Well-Being and Peace.

Ancient Wise People created the “Magical Seals” to act as doorways to the angelic world. They represent the energy beams they witnessed radiating from the bodies of Light of the Angels and the Archangels.

The Seal of Camael is very easy to use but it is known to be extraordinarily efficient. Indeed, it is said that when you have it at your disposal you hold the power to access an angelic state of well-being and peace.

Camael can be compared with the Sun, “the eye of the Day”, in every way. It shines with Beauty, Warmth, and Power. Occult Tradition states that it can remove stress, insomnia, and dark thoughts, and it provides life, hope, and comfort.

Among all the Archangels, Camael is the one bathed in divine love and through this radiant love he urges human beings to change the way they look at the world.

He teaches you to better love yourself and feel loved so that Peace, Harmony, and Serenity might illuminate your existence.

You will thus summon him to help you be released from anything slowing down or restricting – in your present or your past – your Ascension toward Happiness.

When you receive your pillow, choose the space that best represents “comfort” in your home to set it up. This is where its positive action will have the greatest impact on you and your environment.

A swift, simple, and secret ritual will be enclosed with it. It will allow you to use your Seal as a “spiritual vehicle” that will lead you straight to your Archangel and his universe of happiness and peace.

This Pillow comes in two formats:

  • Cover only: you will need your own pillow
  • Zippered: Full with Zipper, contains pillow + cover



  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • Available Size: 
    • 16 X 16 inches / approx. 40 - 40 cm
    • 20 X 20 inches / approx. 50 - 50 cm
    • 26 X 26 inches / approx. 66 - 66 cm
  • Made in USA
  • Fast Shipping from USA

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