Angelic Canvas Of Uriel

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Unearth the Secrets
Of the Seal of Uriel
And discover… the truth!


Does this Canvas surprise you…? This is normal! It is a concentrate of absolute Magic: a kind of Magic that will put you in contact with Uriel, the “Fire of God”, and let you access astonishing Secrets.

Centuries ago, Great Wise People managed to contemplate Uriel, like they contemplated the other Archangels. For him, and for his Companions, they created a “Magic Seal” in which they reproduced the energy beams they had seen radiating from his divine essence.

The Seal you have before your eyes is gifted with Power: It will lead you to Uriel. And according to Tradition, to knowledge. You will soon learn how to use it in order to meet your Archangel.

And your Archangel will most likely illuminate your life.

The Seal of Uriel indeed supposedly possesses the specific virtue to annihilate ignorance and enlighten human beings about their future and their Mission in Life. There are many written texts relating how Uriel knows everything about the future of humankind!

Uriel is thus the Archangel of Prediction, the one who warned Noah about the Flood. He is Light and Lightning. He is also Knowledge and Justice.

He is the one summoned, for instance, to fix some mistakes or avoid them altogether, to get out of a rough situation, or to guarantee the fulfillment of a project.

But Uriel is also the Hell’s Keeper. As such, he manages Fallen Angels, which goes to show just how much he knows about the flaws and dark spots that can be found in the human soul.

You will thus summon him when you want to cleanse your karma, understand a specific situation, have him help you meet some goal, or even to see what your destiny has in store for you, and help you reduce the sentence when applicable.

The Canvas representing the Seal of Uriel must not be worn in plain sight. Indeed, it can also be affected by negative stray thoughts, words, or actions. So set it in a place that is just for you, like in your bedroom. And you will keep the magical influxes radiating from it for you.

When you receive it you will learn how to very quickly activate its Huge Power through a secret ritual, and how you can turn it into the instrument that will turn your life around…

This Canvas comes already framed so that you may install it easily in your home. 


  • Available Size: 
    • 12 X 12 inches / approx. 30 - 30 cm
    • 16 X 16 inches / approx. 40 - 40 cm
    • 20 X 20 inches / approx. 50 - 50 cm
  • Made in USA

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