Angelic Canvas Of Jeremiel

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Treat yourself to the Seal of Jeremiel
And get Intuition
And Clairvoyance!


The Canvas you have just discovered is no ordinary picture: In truth, it is a "Focus Board" to contact Jeremiel, the Archangel of Intuition and Clairvoyance, and ask him to share his Virtues with you.

This secret Diagram is one of the “Magical Seals”: mystical tools that were created a long time ago by great and extremely Wise people to make contact with the Angels and Archangels.

This one will allow you to very simply call on the Archangel Jeremiel and ask him to help you develop your “3rd eye”.

According to mystical Tradition, owning the Seal of Jeremiel is holding the Power to develop a clear vision of the future. But it is also securing the ability to see through other people and read their minds, this avoiding a lot of mistakes and disappointments.

Jeremiel, according to the same Tradition, also teaches the secret cogs operating destiny. He imbues you with great understanding about all things, either by manifesting in your dreams, or by imbuing his protégés with the gift of prophecy, which always indicates the path that should be taken, at all times.

If you wish to take a step back to look at your life, calling on your Archangel will seemingly be enough to let you learn from your past experiences and to receive intuitive and positive thoughts that will guide you to a successful future.

You will thus summon the Archangel Jeremiel anytime you need to understand someone, or a situation, or to see the future before you commit to any important action. He will hear your Prayer and enlighten you.

A Master of Prophecy, Jeremiel is also the Master of Dreams. Accordingly, this Canvas will be in an optimum location when you set it in your room, facing your bed. This is how he will answer your nocturnal questions through his magical Seal, by imbuing your mind with solutions that should come as a surprise more often than not when you wake up.

A secret and very simple to use ritual will be provided along with your Canvas. It will teach you how to activate your magical Seal to enter a proactive relationship with your Archangel.

This Canvas comes already framed so that you may install it easily in your home.


  • Available Size: 
    • 12 X 12 inches / approx. 30 - 30 cm
    • 16 X 16 inches / approx. 40 - 40 cm
    • 20 X 20 inches / approx. 50 - 50 cm
  • Made in USA

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