Warnings and Listening advice 



The brain training programs offered on the My Good Luck Charms website have no therapeutic goals. Using them should never replace the opinion of a medical doctor or any ongoing medical treatment.

Using neurostimulation is not possible when you are using other techniques working directly on the brain, or if you have epilepsy.

Since this work is sound-based, it is not available to the hearing impaired.

Using psychoactive products can interfere and limit the development of new connections. There are no contraindications tied to psychoactive medicine but it is impossible to foresee the impact they will have. Experience shows that you need more sessions when using certain prescription drugs, most notably with beta-blockers.

If you suffer from any heart disease, have any mental or psychological problems, or any other trouble you are unsure about, you should seek out the professional opinion of a physician.

You should never, for any reason whatsoever, listen to your recording standing up or while driving. This could be dangerous, because the waves used in this program could be a cause of somnolence.

Listening advice

Update your player!

If you cannot open your program on your computer, your media player is probably out-of-date or obsolete. In that case, our suggestion is to download a free universal player. We recommend “VLC Media Player”, which you can download here (from your computer).

Sit down comfortably

If you want to make the most of your programs and receive all their benefits, choose a room in your home where you won’t be disturbed. Select some place where you can sit down or lie down, according to your own tastes.

Choose to listen using headphones

You can listen to your recording using headphones or speakers, even if using headphones is highly recommended. In that case, you absolutely need to pay attention to your headphone’s polarity (left/right). Treble and bass must be on a neutral position on your amplifier, and your volume should be set to a comfortable level.

Do not interrupt any listening session

You must not interrupt any listening session. The frequencies follow a specific program evolving from the start to the end of the recording. If you must stop the session, start the recording again from the beginning.

Not too loud!

Efficiency is not tied to the sound volume. You should thus find a compromise and adapt the volume to your own hearing comfort. Make sure that treble and bass (and/or the equalizer) are on a neutral position on your listening support (amplifier, Walkman, smartphone, tablet, computer…).