“A personal development coach accidentally discovers the Secret that can change your life in every way.”

SUMMER STEVENS - Stylist, Healer, and Friend

Luck – Well-being – Power over others

Try to shed some light on your own priorities. Among the list of 10 goals below, what would you like to be able to do quickly:

  • To relax 
  • To find it easier to let go
  • To improve your memory
  • To enhance your focus
  • To master your emotions
  • To boost your charisma
  • To overcome your stress
  • To sleep better
  • To be initiated into meditation and self-hypnosis
  • To think more positive thoughts and have a better life

If you want to meet one of these goals soon, here is the most amazing discovery for you:

There is a Scientific Solution to Get what You Want effortlessly:

Unique active mind sound frequencies operating on your body and mind

You can experience it at your own leisure for 90 days!

Imagine a life where you would replace excess stress with iron will, focus, memory, and confidence. Well, it can happen! How?

Just by living the “SuperPower Meditation” experience: specific active sound frequencies that operate specifically and effortlessly on your body and mind.

Let me ask you a handful of questions:

Would you like to live a stress-free life?

How long have you been living with anxiety? Do you sometimes feel like there is this huge weight crushing your chest? Do you have a hard time focusing your thoughts, relaxing, or letting go? Did you try any medicine? It did not work, or not as it should. The solution is “SuperPower Meditation”. You will see the difference within just a few days!

Would you like to be more confident? To have many more opportunities and finally be Happy?

Would you like to be more confident? To have many more opportunities and finally be Happy?

Would you like to develop the powers of your mind?

I think I will state the obvious when I say that anybody would like to develop the powers of their mind. It has been proven that some sounds could awaken the powers of the mind. This is real, and you can see it for yourself with “SuperPower Meditation”. Regardless of what you want to improve – your intuition, your memory, your concentration – the active frequencies of “SuperPower Meditation” are here for you. This has also been proven scientifically!

I could fill many pages writing about the wonderful “SuperPower Meditation” programs. Because if you have read that far, it means you are truly interested in this program developed by #MentalWavesForHappiness.

This is good news, because you have found a “Holy Grail” of sorts! And you will learn everything about it!

As I said, I challenge you to find any claim that is not true within this article. There are not many people who could offer such a challenge. I do it because I fully trust this process that I have designed and am offering you to try out today: “SuperPower Meditation”.

“Everything below is for those who still have some doubts about this unique process. This is where we need to talk science, and the vocabulary will get slightly harder. I won’t blame you for being a doubting Thomas, but you are only wasting your time…”

What is “SuperPower Meditation”?

We all generate mental waves… and 90% of our actions are dictated by our subconscious mind. This means that even though we believe to act in full conscience, we really don’t. All our actions and decisions are based on our subconscious.

So, we agree that 90% of our personality has a subconscious nature: our fears, for instance, and many other things we modestly call “engrams” – in other words, “mental blocks”. Indeed, our subconscious mind is filled with our fears, our inhibitions, and the way we act and react.

Let us focus on very simple examples. If you have endured bullying at school, children shouting “he’s a scaredy-cat” or “she’s shy”, you can be sure that you will develop this mental block that will condition the development of your personality!

And the same is also true for observations from parents, closed ones, friends, teachers, even strangers. That is to say our subconscious mind is directly responsible for our condition and our situation. QED (quod erat demonstrandum, which was to be demonstrated). This old Latin idiom opens our eyes to the truth:

"If you want to change your life, you should start to change your mind with the “SuperPower Meditation” programs"

SUMMER STEVENS - Stylist, Healer, and Friend

To get back to the subconscious, subjects put under hypnotic trance can start to shiver in a room following the orders of the hypnotist. Whenever someone is in a hypnotic trance, their subconscious mind can be accessed directly.

Indeed, Hypnosis let you pierce through the barrier of the conscious mind. Hypnosis has been used since the dawn of time as a healing process. Self-hypnosis can also have great results for anyone willing to spend years mastering this technique.

Nowadays, if self-hypnosis had to be compared with the active frequencies of “SuperPower Meditation”, it would be akin to comparing a cart with a spaceship. This means that you do not need to waste hundreds of hours learning self-hypnosis. “SuperPower Meditation” will automatically take care of it, and you won’t have to do anything.

Let me remind you something important: you can try the full program for free for 3 months before you make any final decision.

To get back to the subconscious, subjects put under hypnotic trance can start to shiver in a room following the orders of the hypnotist. Whenever someone is in a hypnotic trance, their subconscious mind can be accessed directly.

“SuperPower Meditation” allows you to enter several altered states of consciousness to “take control” of your subconscious mind and reprogram it in a positive way.

To that end, Mental-Waves® technology combines isochronic tones, binaural beats, music and mental waves for you.

But how could music or specific sound play such an important part of our life?

The power of sound and music over the body and mind

Music was probably the first of the arts to appear in our history of evolution. Beating two rocks or bones together was probably the very first kind of music. And let’s not forget about our voice, which sets us apart from other animal species. Several tens of thousands of years later, these same men would invent percussions and initiatory shamanic music, discovering a first scientific law out of chance:

  • The Law of carried frequencies. This law is quite simple, and is also called tuning fork law. If you strike a tuning fork and set it next to another still tuning fork, the letter will start to vibrate at the same frequency as the resonating tuning fork.

    This is also true for brain wave frequencies…

    Since the dawn of time, people have used sounds and fire to enter altered states of consciousness and trances. Fire was used for its hypnotic nature and sounds for their vibratory nature. They ware the first “personal development” tools, or at the very least the first tools to enter a state of trance and access worlds that are out of visual perceptions.

    But if we focus on sounds and music, you will see that the power of music and sounds is even mentioned in the Bible:

    Everybody knows the legend about the 7 trumpets of Jericho. When the 7 trumpets blew, the walls of the city fell! It might seem miraculous to the believers, and completely stupid to unbelievers. For once, science can put believers and unbelievers in agreement.

  • Scientists and the military have been working on sound-based weapon design since the 50s. There have been sound cannons for more than 50 years now that can break even the densest concrete wall. Granted, any trumpet would have to be several dozen yards long to produce infrasound.
      • … frequencies that let you achieve the state of consciousness you want!

        In the Bible again, it is said that king Saul could not fall asleep without hearing a song from the young David who was yet to become king. Alexander the Great ordered to play a swift march to bolster his troops during battle, and slower melodies at night to calm and appease them. This was also true for the Roman legions, and more generally throughout military history.

      • If the brain is stimulated by sound frequencies that vary in time, like tribal music, no matter who you are, you will enter a state of trance. Scientific terminology refers to that as an altered state of consciousness. When you are in such a state, you can access the infinite resources of your subconscious mind!

        This is precisely what a “SuperPower Meditation ” program achieves: it trains and synchronizes brainwave rhythms! This is why everything seems easier and more natural! You will be astonished to see how quickly the active “SuperPower Meditation” frequencies will set you in the brainwave rhythm state you are interested in to perform any kind of task.  
      • And this is science, not magic, even if the results might seem magical indeed. But no, it’s just plain science. And what is great with science is that you get the same results anytime you perform the same experience. This is why these programs are so effective. “SuperPower Meditation” works because the entire process has been tested and approved.

        The Great Secret behind “SuperPower Meditation”

        Are you in sync with the pulse of our planet, the earth mother? I bet you aren’t, and I will explain why:

        A German scientist, professor Schumann, discovered that the Earth had a pulse, a rhythm of 7.83 Hertz. The Earth is pulsating at a steady pace of 7.83 beats per second. This is due to electromagnetic storms and lightning that constantly recharge it from a 6-mile-high section of the ionosphere.

        Before modern times, and electrical or energy-based inventions, Human beings lived in sync with that life pulse. Today, there is a rampant growth of networks, satellites, mobile phones, and tablets. We live in a world of electromagnetic pollution affecting our synchronization with this essential pulse. Consequences?

        Why do you think so many people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed with stress? Because this subtle link does not work in an optimal way anymore. Each “SuperPower Meditation” program integrates a frequency of Schumann resonance to strengthen this subtle bond with the Earth using a specific sound signal. A signal discovered by professor Monroe: the HEMY-SYNC signal. This signal is incorporated within Mental-Waves audio and video technology in the “SuperPower Meditation” program.

      • Once more, I urge you to browse the Internet once you are done reading this information, and you will see that this is quite real and pragmatic. Indeed, you could develop a stronger personality within a few days and weeks, swiftly and effortlessly.
      • Binaural Beats

        Since the dawn of time, history has shown us that sounds, voices and music could create altered states of consciousness. Studies have found that ancient percussions, and the crude flutes of the Neolithic produced binaural beats. Much later, scientists would discover that binaural beats could be responsible for the production of brain waves like Theta waves, which have been called meditation waves since a study from the University of Tokyo in 1964.

        A binaural beat is a frequency that results from two frequencies that the brain perceives separately. Theory explains that in order to create a 4 Hertz binaural beat (theta brain waves, the meditation waves – see below), you need to send a 440 Hertz signal into the right ear and a 444 Hertz signal into the left ear.

        Your brain then perceives a 4 Hertz beat that will then produce theta waves. You will see that a 4 Hertz frequency is ideal to generate hypnagogic phenomena (what a dreadful word!) In other words, it triggers:

        • Visions
        • A feeling that you can “fly
        • Astral travel and a positive reprogramming of your subconscious mind: confidence, boldness! 

        Isochronic Tones

        And there’s MORE, and it’s even better.
        Isochronic tones are the latest and the most efficient sound technology.
        Why? Because technically, isochronic tones have the same intensity, but they pulse at higher speeds, which ensures that the brain will synchronize to the rhythm more swiftly. To put it plainly, isochronic tones are much stronger than binaural beats. 

        Isochronic tones are steady beats using a single sound. They mimic the principle of a drumbeat, following a rhythm that has been very precisely calculated, which makes the brain match their frequency, thus modifying its thoughts pattern.

        Something particularly interesting is that contrary to binaural beats requiring high-end headphones for listening, you can listen to isochronic tones using a speaker system.

        Science has proven that isochronic tones can be used to train brain wave rhythm and bring it into line in order to access specific mental states such as:

        • relaxation
        • very deep meditation 
        • stress and anxiety relief

        Likewise, you can then develop:

        • your learning abilities
        • your mind’s potential
        • your memory

        “SuperPower Meditation” fully integrates this latest technology! As such, you will benefit from

        How to Access the Resources of your Subconscious Mind – Brain Rhythms

        his is a captivating topic. And you’re right to keep reading. Don’t forget that everything I am saying here has been proven, verified, and double-checked. This is serious. If you want to understand how “SuperPower Meditation” works, you need to know that our brain can mainly operate along 5 different modes:

        • Beta Mode: This is the “normal” way the brain works. When we are active, when we work, we generate Beta waves with a frequency between 12 Hz and 18 Hz.
        • Alpha Mode: When the brain is “relaxed”, it generates Alpha waves ranging from 4 to 12 Hertz. Alpha mode is light relaxation mode, like when you’re watching television or closing your eyes. This state could be compared to a state of light hypnosis.
        • Theta Mode: Also called “hypnagogic” mode. It happens right when we are about to fall asleep. It is the time when the conscious mind “falls asleep” and lets the subconscious mind run free. This state of consciousness usually only lasts for a few seconds.
          One of the programs included in “SuperPower Meditation” allows you to stay in that state for several minutes in order to enter a deep “hypnagogic” trance suited for the positive reprogramming of your subconscious mind.
        • Delta Mode: This is sleeping mode. It comes with 1 to 2 Hz waves, except during REM sleep (when you are asleep and dreaming)
        • Gamma Mode: In this mode, the brain generates 40 Hertz waves that contribute to better focusing abilities and better reactions to any given situation.

        Do you want even more proof that it works?

        It works because:

        • Thousands of scientific studies can attest that specific sounds have an influence on our subconscious mind and brain waves and can induce altered states of consciousness. It has been proven as fact for more than 40 years! Contrary to anything you might find elsewhere, audio programs drawn from the unique Mental-Waves® technology use these specific sounds (isochronic tones and binaural beats) to create altered states of consciousness.

        • Thousands and thousands of user testimonials attest that you can swiftly deal with your problems and enhance your personality thanks to the “SuperPower Meditation” programs, regardless of your sex, age, or education.

        • Dozens of magazines and media speak about the efficiency of Mental Waves® for Happiness products! As such, while listening to the active frequencies from “SuperPower Meditation”, these very specific sounds will allow you:

        Here are a few examples of studies:

          • to relax
          • to make it easier for you to let go
          • to improve your memory, your focus, your composure, and your magnetism
          • to fight against stress
          • to improve your mental sharpness, to develop your optimism
          • to sleep better
          • to be initiated to meditation and self-hypnosis…

          … and much, much more that will leave you filled with wonder!

          Case in point, everything you are about to read is scientifically correct. You could spend hundreds of hours browsing the Internet about it, everything reported as fact is true!!!

          Do you still need some convincing about the efficiency of “SuperPower Meditation”? It is true that the nicest proof you could have would be to see for yourself that you can effortlessly take back control of your life.

          Now’s the time to read a few testimonials from our users. You can imagine that if it worked for others, it will also work for you: this is another scientific principle.

          These are real case studies. Names have been changed for privacy reason. 

          Hi, I have just made my first steps in traditional meditation. While listening to your recordings, I could genuinely reach a deep state of meditation. I did not thing I could do it so soon. It took me slightly more than a week to feel the first effects: I can fall asleep more easily and I do not wake up at 4am like I used to anymore. During the day, it is easier for me to manage, I can anticipate many things and I feel less stressed out. Well, it’s awesome! You are doing some remarkable job, I will recommend you to all my friends, to anyone really. Thanks again.


          As a regular, frequent user of SuperPower Meditation programs, I am personally extremely satisfied:

          • First, I can see my abilities have improved overall in my studying and creation activities.
          • There’s been an increase of the deeper state of relaxation for my body and mind.
          • I can better manage any stressful situation during my numerous travels and when I organize seminars.
          • My creative juices have started flowing again.
          • Finally, it’s a pleasure to listen to this audio method. It never gets boring, and I think this can vouch for deep and serious technical research.

          Thank you for this wonderful discovery!


          I’ve been using SuperPower Meditation very regularly for more than a year now.

          To be completely honest… I have known the effects of meditation for a long while but my hectic life is not really suited to sitting down without a specific goal in mind. Anytime I try it, my head fills up with ideas, so when I did it there was no benefit at all and all I got was a lot of frustration… but not anymore… because now I put on my headphones, I follow my program that I choose according to the state of consciousness I want to achieve… and I let it do the work. As a result, meditation has become enjoyable and my quality of life has really improved… and I wanted to share that with you. Do you find it hard to believe? Well, just give it a try… put on your headphones and enjoy…


          I am a sophrologist and relaxology therapist, and I’m always on the lookout for anything related to well-being. I randomly stumbled upon SuperPower Meditation from #MentalWavesForHappiness. Out of curiosity, I tried a few recordings. Convinced by the benefits, I contacted Alex Michel to learn more about this sound technology. We traded a few messages, and I adapted my working sessions to include some of these recordings in my consultations. This was a turning point in my career as a therapist. Thank you.


          To tell you the truth, my drawers are full of similar testimonials, some of them particularly moving. And yours will soon grow of pile of positive testimonials. Why do I say this? Because I am about to make an offer that will change your life:

          The "SuperPower Meditation" Pack includes more than 9 hours of psychoacoustic sessions that can:

          • Help you sleep deeply
          • Remove stress and put you in a state of intense relaxation
          • Restore your calm and soothe you
          • Help you focus and unearth your creativity
          • Reconcile you with your memory and let you remember things much easier
          • Improve your efficiency for some important task and enhance your productivity

          This all-in-one pack is always by your side, use it whenever you want

          Optimum features for instant benefits:

          • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, mp3 players 
          • You can meditate anywhere: in public transportation, at work, or at home.
          • Several personal copies are allowed
          • You can use it on all of your devices: car radio, computer, phone...
          • Saving is allowed
          • The pack has a lifetime guarantee: no more scratched, lost, or unreadable CDs.
          • Straight to your computer
          • The pack has a lifetime guarantee: no more scratched, lost, or unreadable CDs.
          • Immediate download
          • Use it right away: you can start meditating within 10 minutes.
          • "On demand" service
          • Recovery warranty: if you lose a file, you can ask us for it again.
          • 5 different frequency ranges
          • An all-in-one pack: to cover the entire spectrum of waves that are relevant for meditation
          • More comprehensive than other packs
          • No extra cost: no need to pay any extra charge to complete it, EVERYTHING is there!
          • Advanced Sound Technology
          • You can benefit from the most advanced brain training sound technology for Mediation. 20 years of research allowed for the development of a process far more effective than binaural beats or other existing psychoacoustic processes.
          • Audio tracks I personally composed
          • No middleman: full ownership of both technology and copyright.
          • MP3 generated from “Studio” sources
          • Very high fidelity: almost no quality loss due to direct and perfect file compression.
          • MP3 THQ 320KBPS
          • Optimum efficiency: the harmonics supporting the isochronic tones are kept in.

          Here is what you will receive:

          • 15 psychoacoustic sessions (more than 9 hours of recordings)
          • 4 Free exclusive bonuses: 1h35 audio session + 1 eBook (Value 237$)

          Discover the contents of your pack in detail below:

          Three Delta Waves sessions
          for deeper, high-quality sleep 

          • 20 minutes Delta Session (Short version)
          • 60 minutes Delta Session (Long version)
          •  Exclusive 30 minutes “Waves Ultra Isochronic” Delta session

          Three Theta Waves sessions
          for moments of intense comfort and relaxation 

          • 20 minutes Delta Session (Short version)
          • 60 minutes Delta Session (Long version)
          •  Exclusive 30 minutes “Waves Ultra Isochronic” Delta session

          Three Alpha Waves sessions
          to be calm again and stay so 

          • 20 minutes Delta Session (Short version)
          • 60 minutes Delta Session (Long version)
          •  Exclusive 30 minutes “Waves Ultra Isochronic” Delta session

          Three Beta Isochronic sessions
          to help your memory and maximize your learning abilities 

        • 20 minutes Delta Session (Short version)
        • 60 minutes Delta Session (Long version)
        •  Exclusive 30 minutes “Waves Ultra Isochronic” Delta session
        • Three Gamma sessions
          to focus 110% on any thinking project 

        • 20 minutes Delta Session (Short version)
        • 60 minutes Delta Session (Long version)
        •  Exclusive 30 minutes “Waves Ultra Isochronic” Delta session
          • + 4 Free exclusive bonuses: 1h35 audio session
            along with our eBook – Value 237$

            " When I created the SuperPower Meditation pack, I wanted to make sure that you would be satisfied. I will offer you 4 gifts to ensure it, with a total worth of 237 $!"

            Bonus #1: Schumann Meditation (Value: 49$ Free!) 

            Schumann waves are famous for offering relief to people who have a hard time relaxing.

            You should listen to this recording with eyes closed. It uses very low frequency isochronic tones to trigger a feeling of relief and calm, facilitating relaxation and letting go. 

            Bonus #2: Zen Meditation (Value: 79$ Free!)

            This specific 7Hz frequency belongs to the Alpha brainwaves range and triggers a feeling of attention and well-being. This is a slow and steady journey that aims to keep you awake until the end of the session.

            This 45 minutes recording, which should be used with eyes closed, was inspired from Maxwell Cade’s work and his research on Zen meditation.

            Bonus #3: Balancing your chakras (Value: 79$ Free!)

            Your chakras need to be fully functional if you want a flourishing and productive existence. When you focus on each of the 7 chakras of your body in succession, you can release them from any block and let energy flow freely through your entire being. This will improve your physical and mental well-being!

            This recording uses isochronic tones that allow you to balance your chakras, the energy centers of your body. 

            Bonus #4: eBook "Yoga: Mind body harmony" (Value: 30$ Free!)

            Everything about YOGA is finally unveiled in a single eBook for the first time. Do not waste any more time trying to find who to talk to. You will have everything at hand and RIGHT AWAY! 

            … Exceptional Conditions!

            • This “SuperPower Meditation” pack has been designed especially to meet your main expectations. 
            • I will let you use this pack for a period of 90 days. You thus have 3 long months to freely benefit from your program, with the ability to ask for a refund if you were not fully satisfied.
            • This is a written guarantee, so there are no risks involved in freely testing the active frequencies of “SuperPower Meditation”. Just give it a go, you know that this is just a tryout, nothing more. 

            It is obvious that “SuperPower Meditation” can improve your well-being and contribute to your personal success.

            Now let me ask you, how much would you be willing to invest for ironclad confidence? How much is a chance to overcome a problem ruining your savings and your health worth? This is priceless, and it would cost you a fortune in any case! So let us put two and two together:

            Let’s take the SuperPower Meditation pack, which you will use every day because it will very quickly yield tangible benefits.

            Right now, and for the next two weeks only, you can have it for “prix” instead of “prix au-lieu-de" (thus saving “discount” right away).

            Over a year, it will cost you “prix/365” a day; and you won’t have to pay anything in the second year.

            Yes, with just “prix/365” a day (this is lower than your typical newspaper), you could take your life in your hands, reshape your personality and achieve your goals. 

            Don’t you think that it would be worth it? Think about your children, your parents, and all the things “SuperPower Meditation” can do for you:

            • Annihilate your stress
            • Improve your confidence
            • Teach you how to focus
            • Relieve your anxiety
            • Boost your energy
            • Help with your Personal Development
            • Sleep better
            • Relax
            • Learn how to meditate
            • Having a great memory (for faster learning)

            In concrete terms, you hold your future in your hands because everything you have just read is true. Case in point, as soon as you start your program you will feel the first positive effects, and you will think, “I was SO right to say yes”. Why? Because this is serious. 

            And I am also offering you an easier way to benefit from your “SuperPower Meditation”: program: you can pay in three installments at no extra charge!

            And of course, you are still entitled to the 3-months free trial with formal and legal refund guarantee! There are no risks involved, except the risk to find a way to improve your life! 

            Give a new dimension to your life, and you will become a successful person…

            … provided that you send a positive reply to this UNIQUE limited-time offer.

            Indeed, if you don’t do anything to improve your personality, no one will do it for you. You probably heard the idiom, “Heaven helps those who help themselves”. Well, here you have the opportunity to change your life for good. And it’s the right time to do it. If you put it off until tomorrow, you might forget about it and miss out on a unique opportunity to improve your well-being and lead a richer and more interesting life.

            Now is the time to act. As far as I’m concerned, I’m convinced that you will ask for your “SuperPower Meditation” pack now.

            You’ll see, it’s all very clear and you can do no wrong. So get ready for positive changes in your life, in a natural way. Thanks to the unique groundbreaking Mental Waves® technology: Sounds and music are agents for your well-being and success in every aspect of your life, without any effort!

            I am eagerly waiting for your reply,

            Researcher in Altered states of consciousness
            Personal development coach
            Active music composer 

            PS: Now that you know that there is a solution to your problems, you have to act and ask for your “SuperPower Meditation” Pack right away. As soon as it is done, you will access a Brand New World of Opportunities and Success!