How to make the most of the benefits provided by the “The secrets of Zen meditation” program

During the 45 minutes of your “The secrets of Zen meditation” program from, you will receive the benefits of Theta waves through isochronic tones. These waves are particularly well suited for Zen meditation, because they represent a phase of very light sleep from which you can easily be awoken. This is the ideal state to fully relax and let go.

This recording includes stripped down, light, relaxing sounds that will help you during your Zen meditation sessions. You should soon feel deep tranquility and inner peace.

How should you listen to this recording?

Zen meditation will allow you to enter a soft dreaming state and to escape from your sometimes stressful everyday life, for the time of the session. This is why it is particularly important to get ready to listen to your recording, so that it might be as effective as can be.

Select an isolated room, comfortable and without bright lights. Settle down in that room once you are certain that no one will disturb your session. You can listen to the “The secrets of Zen meditation” recording using headphones or speakers, sitting or lying down. You absolutely need to feel comfortable because if you are uneasy you might end up distracted. It would be perfect if you could forget about your body throughout the session. This will help to release your mind and let you reach a higher level of consciousness.

Before you begin your listening session, focus on your breathing. Breathe in and breathe out deeply (but do not get out of breath), slowly. This will become more and more natural for you. Then close your eyes and keep them closed for the entire session. Once it is over, open them slowly and blink once or twice.

How should you listen to this recording?

Zen meditation is the kind of practice you can easily fit into your everyday life. It will bring you a feeling of serenity and lucidity towards the world around you. However, you might be short on time, so let me suggest the following schedule:

Listen to your “The secrets of Zen meditation” recording once or twice a day for 7 days. Then, for the next 7 days, reduce your sessions to once every 2 days. Finally, during the last 7 days, do 1 session every 3 days. Then stop them completely for a full week and evaluate the effects it had on you. Never do more than 2 listening sessions on a single day.

You can also adapt your listening schedule for this program to your own needs. If you are going through a particularly stressful time, then do 1 session every day for 7 days. Then adapt the listening schedule to your personal situation.