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The men and women here at “My good Luck Charms” make up a thoughtful community of discerning explorers whose mission in life is to help you reconnect with your potential for luck. Our team constantly travels the globe in search of the rarest and most powerful Good Luck Charms in existence. With deep respect and understanding of cultural traditions and esoteric practices, we gather these precious Luck Connectors and share them with you, to help you reach your full potential for happiness. We want you to enjoy wearing your personal Charms, so we only select the most special, powerful, and beautiful ones that we find.

Reconnect with your luck

Whatever your dreams may be, we are sure to have the perfect Good Luck Charm for YOUR current situation, dream or desire:

  • Work: “If I’m lucky, I will be offered the job.”
  • Love: “With a bit of luck, he/she will ask me out tonight.”
  • Money: “I could really use some luck right now. Hopefully, I bought the winning ticket.”
  • Health: “I was so lucky not to get sick like my friends last week.”

Remember – your dreams, needs and desires are your very own… and they come from within you, from your heart and from your mind. And luck is the key that can make things happen for you…

ONLY YOU know what you want from life.

ONLY YOU can say what your heart’s true desires are and what it would take to satisfy them.

But do you know how to make those wishes come true?

Make your wishes come true

LUCK is a state of mind. It grows stronger along with your life experience… if you reach for it when you get the opportunity, instead of denying it. Through our amazing collection, we invite you to light up one aspect of your happiness at your own pace. And while the rest of society rushes by, we encourage you to slow down and look inside your soul. We promise you, that you will be amazed by what you will discover… and by the wonderful things that will happen!


Because we believe sharing makes LUCK stronger, we encourage you to share your luck with the rest of the world (see our Wall of Hands). Imagine a world where everyone feels creative, compassionate and gratitude? We treat each new object we find, as well as the venerable civilizations that create them, with the utmost care and respect. After all, abundance is best enjoyed in the company of others. With this in mind, My Good Luck Charms regularly donates part of its proceeds to Alice Project.