Handmade, ancestral, and healing, this collection of Tibetan jewelry carries positive vibrations. Some jewels are even infused with actual prayers. They are the faithful companions in our spiritual journey, as they stabilize your mind, draw enlightenment, and attract good luck!


How to Choose Tibetan Jewelry – Its Meanings and Symbols

The legends surrounding the life of Gautama Buddha have inspired creators of Buddhist jewelry. And increasing interest in spiritual traditions of the East among the Western world has led us to look for Buddhist and Tibetan good luck charms to help us on our journeys to unite our body, mind, and spirit.

Tibetan jewelry is very special because of traditions and faith surrounding its creation. Clean air in Tibetan mountains and monks saying prayers while crafting intricate pieces of jewelry – these create the mystical aura around Buddhist good luck charms. Tibetan monks handcraft each and every piece of jewelry, infusing it with soul, prayer, heart, and love.

How to Choose Tibetan Jewelry?

If you ask us such question as, “With so many styles and stones out there, how do I choose the right Buddhist jewelry for me?” We will answer: you cannot really choose it wrong. That is because Tibetan jewelry is so very personal, and there is no single solution to find a necklace or bracelet that will speak to your soul. Every person will feel peaceful wearing different types of Buddhist jewelry, or will look to set a different intention with their mandala necklaces or mala bracelets.

When you choose your Buddhist jewelry, try to change your mindset to mindful, filled with intention. That way you can easier find the Tibetan good luck charm that speaks to your heart. Many people find themselves immediately drawn to Tibetan jewelry or find a piece that catches their eye. While for others it might take slightly longer to discover Tibetan accessories.

Consider how you intend to use Buddhist jewelry. Are you looking for a mala bracelet to aid you in meditation? Or, are you looking for a mandala necklace for your yoga practice? Or, perhaps, you are in need of a Buddhist good luck charm to remind you about your virtues and charge you with positive energies? Find out about different types of Tibetan good luck charms before getting your own.

Discover Different Types of Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan jewelry is filled with symbolism and connected to Buddhist traditions and religious beliefs. It has become a part of daily life for people in Tibet and millions around the world. Chanting is an important part of Buddhist culture. The most recognized chant of Buddhists is the “om,” or the sacred mantra “om mani padme hum”. The symbol of Om often appears in Buddhist jewelry, along with the image of Buddha, lotus flower, mandala, Yantra, or eternal knot.

Tibetan bracelets, necklaces and rings are vibrant and simple at the same time. They carry spiritual significance and are believed to aid their wearers in their spiritual pursuits. However, the power is not just in Tibetan jewelry itself or its material. The true power rests upon the user’s faith. This means that if you genuinely believe in the power of your Buddhist good luck charm, it will emit positive energy vibes to attract the things you are looking for. From different types of Buddhist jewelry, choose the one that speaks directly to your soul.


Tibetan bracelets and necklaces with the head or body of Buddha are among the most popular Tibetan good luck charms. In the early years of Buddhism, however, the image of Buddha did not appear as a religious symbol, because Gautama Buddha did not wish to be worshipped as a god. After many years, Buddhists began to use the symbol in jewelry and Buddhist good luck charms.

Wearing the image of Buddha is a reminder to be inspired by his life and the principles of compassion, moderation, peace, and non-violence, which he stood for. Some of the jewelry items depict just the head and hands of Buddha, while others feature his whole body. He is usually portrayed sitting in deep meditation. Choose Tibetan jewelry with the image of Buddha if you are looking to become the best version of yourself and it will remind you to be compassionate and virtuous.


Mandalas are vibrant and complex images that are believed to represent the cosmological traditions of Buddhists. They are a tool to connect to spiritual realms, and they are a reflection of cycles of existence. Mandalas’ intricate design and bright colors seem to help people regain focus and concentration. That is why mandalas often appear in Buddhist jewelry and are used in yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. There are elephants, flower, circle, and geometric mandalas.

When talking about mandalas, it is also important to mention Yantras, sacred geometric designs that emit beneficial energies for focus and meditation. Sri Yantra, also known as the mother of all Yantras, is a symbol of the highest form of consciousness. It is believed to bring strength and peace to its user. The patterns of the Yantra show the forces of nature flowing through a person’s mind and existence. It commonly appears in Buddhist jewelry and is used to help in meditation.

Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are another token of Buddhist culture and traditions, apart from Buddhist jewelry. They have been used for many years in meditation, thanks to the natural sounds that invoke a state of deep relaxation. The ultimate goal of using singing bowls is to enter meditation and achieve enlightenment. Tibetan singing bowls can be found in meditation halls, monasteries, temples, and Buddhist altars.

The sound of the singing bowls is clear and resonant, lasting for a long time continuing to vibrate in the air. Apart from relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation practices, you can also use Tibetan singing bowls for chakra balancing, Reiki healing, calming therapies, and stress reduction. People around the world believe that harmonic sounds of the singing bowls help align their chakras and also have a centering effect.

Many Tibetan singing bowls have special paintings on them or are inscribed with symbols and words believed to attract luck and wisdom and aid in meditation. To make the bowl sing, you need to strike it to produce vibration, then in a smooth motion run the mallet outside the rim of the bowl. This will make the sound frequency change and deepen. After you remove the mallet, the bowl will still produce the healing sound for a while.

Mala Bracelets

Buddhists can be seen wearing mala bracelets, special bracelets containing 108 prayer beads. They are also traditionally called “hand mala” or “wrist mala.” Malas are used for counting mantra recitations in meditation. Such bracelets allow the user to focus the mind on a single point while working through a meditation practice. For thousands of years, people in Tibet, China, and India have used mala beads from yak bone, wood, or semi-precious gemstones.

The stones used for mala bracelets each have a distinct significance. For example, turquoise beads symbolize spiritual journeys and wisdom, while the tiger’s eye beads promote harmony and balance. Hence, your mala can become not just a piece of Tibetan jewelry, but also a powerful object that would help you on your spiritual journey. Selecting the right mala for your spiritual practice might be a challenge, because there are just so many various types available.

Buddhist jewelry with gemstone beads might be a great place to start. They have smoother and heavier beads, which would make them easier to use during your meditation. Moreover, every gemstone carries a symbolic and healing meaning, so you can choose your mala bracelet based on a spiritual or emotional aspect you would like to work on in your practice.

Tibetan Salt

Coming from the region about 200 miles away from the Himalayas, Tibetan salt is known for a variety of health benefits. It contains over 84 trace elements and minerals and is believed to be created from the remains of the original sea. People use Himalayan salt as a healthier substitute for regular table salt, in homemade body bath soaks and scrubs, and in salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps are crafted by placing a lightbulb inside genuine Himalayan rock salt. They are believed to carry a number of unique and beneficial properties. It is said they can improve air quality, improve allergies, boost your mood because of increasing negative ions in the air, and help your sleep. Apart from health benefits, Himalayan salt lamps are also attractive accessories for your home, which create a nice ambiance and help you sleep faster if you cannot fall asleep in the dark.

Tibetan Silver

Tibetan silver is prized around the world. Even in medieval times, goldsmiths and silversmiths from Tibet were considered some of the most skilled craftsmen. Buddhist jewelry is crafted from high-quality silver and often also features gemstones. Buddhist silver jewelry is handcrafted with the use of chisels and hammers, which makes it especially unique. It often has an unfinished, rustic look, making it an attractive vintage accessory.

Whether you are looking for a Buddhist good luck charm to help you on your journey or singing bowls to aid in meditation, My Good Luck Charms offers a wide selection of Tibetan jewelry and Buddhist accessories. Choose yours now and set out on the journey to enlightenment.