Sri Yantra is the sacred geometry of Hinduism and Buddhism symbolizing the universe, along with the inner and outer worlds. Wearing it promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a person. Browse through our collection of Sri Yantra charms to find your best match.

Sri Yantra

Amazing Facts about Sri Yantra and Its Infinite Healing Power

Among popular techniques for meditation, yoga, and relaxation, you will often find mandalas, circular geometric patterns that could help with focus and concentration in spiritual practices. You can find mandalas everywhere – in Sri Yantra pendants, t-shirts, wall decorations, and even coffee cups.

But spiritual geometries do not stop with mandalas. Important in Hinduism and Buddhism are also yantras, which symbolize the universe, along with the inner and outer worlds. Sri Yantra, the mother of all yantras, has become a trendy design in recent years, but many people do not know the symbolism and meaning behind its lotus petals and interlocking triangles.

The Mother of All Yantras

Do you know what a yantra is? If you translate the word from Sanskrit, its root “yam” means “support” or “instrument”. As a result, yantra acts as an instrument, a tool that you can use in meditation to free your mind and your spirit. Yantras are so different, with various designs, including planets, nature, and deities. They are crafted from unusual materials, even rice, ash, or flower petals. Sri Yantra pendants are so versatile that you can always find the jewelry piece that would work for you individually.

Sri Yantra is known as the mother, the queen, of all yantras. Its intricate design that you see in Sri Yantra pendants symbolizes the source of creativity and power, and it represents the universe as well as the goddess related to the feminine energy. If we look at Sri Yantra in detail, every element represents something. The square on the outside stands for the earth and daily emotions. Three circles symbolize the past, present, and future. Inside, sixteen lotus petals represent the organs of perception.

Next, a lotus with eight petals symbolizes eight activities. Within it, interlocking triangles stand for the masculine and feminine principles. Then, you can see several sets of triangles representing various qualities. And in the final space of the Sri Yantra pendant, in meditation, you visualize five arrows for five senses. The triangle in the center symbolizes perfection, and in the middle of it is a bindu, the central dot, which stands for pure consciousness.

Meditation on Sri Yantra is believed to have a number of healing benefits for the human body, mind, and spirit. That’s why the practitioners of yoga and meditation usually have Sri Yantra charms, other jewelry, or home decorations with this sacred geometry. But, even if you are a yogi or simply enjoy learning about the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, there is surely something you do not yet know about the sacred diagram of Sri Yantra. Its powers are vast, and its symbolism is close to infinite. Here are some amazing facts about the sacred geometry in your Sri Yantra pendant and its incredible healing powers.

Sri Yantra Represents Feminine and Masculine

The sacred geometry of Sri Yantra is formed by using 9 triangles interlocking with one another, which radiate from and surround the central point of the diagram, also called bindu. The four triangles which point upward are the representation of the masculine, the deity Shiva. And the five triangles pointing downward in the Sri Yantra pendant symbolize Shakti, the female embodiment. Since the 9 triangles are connected to each other, the yantra acts as a symbol of the union of the feminine and masculine.

It Symbolizes the Human Body

If we divide the human body into two main parts, with legs on one side and the head and trunk on the other, we can find the center point that divides the human body at the base of the spine. Sri Yantra is represented in the form of the earth’s meridian and is connected to the axis of the body. And every circuit in the sacred Sri Yantra pendant geometry corresponds to a person’s chakra. Because of the circuits, a connection is created between the geometry and the human body.

Sri Yantra Represents the Goddess

A mystical diagram known as Sri Yantra is believed to represent the Goddess, Mother, or Devi, also appearing under the name of the Supreme Being, or Shakti. Shakti’s form is believed to be the goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari, the first and original goddess originating from the Mother Goddess. Sri Yantra found in Sri Yantra pendants is the sacred geometry believed to represent the Goddess and the divine feminine creative powers. In Hinduism, it is believed that Shakti rules over creation but also over change.

It Carries Powerful Energies

Sri Yantra is also known as the source of Supreme energy, in a sense that it embodies the waves, rays, and vibrations of the divine energy. Because of that, Sri Yantra pendants carry incredible magnetic powers. Apart from being the source of cosmic energy, Sri Yantra is thought to attract all the energy emitted by the universe, the planets, and other cosmic objects. After this sacred symbol gathers the cosmic energies, it transforms them into beneficial vibrations that contribute to its vast healing properties.

“Om” Looks Like Sri Yantra

Normally, we cannot see sounds, but with the right tools, we can get a graphic representation of each existing sound. When viewed on a tonoscope, most Hindu mantras take complex shapes of mandalas, which is fascinating considering how important mandalas are for those practicing spiritual traditions all over the world.

“Om,” which is also known in some sources as “Aum,” carries special symbolism. It is the most sacred mantra of Hinduism and Buddhism and looks very similar to the geometry of Sri Yantra pendant on a tonoscope. The connection here is deep, as the Om is the mother of all mantras, and Sri Yantra is the mother of all yantras. The most sacred sound and the most sacred geometry are more closely connected than you know.

You Can’t Draw Its Geometry Easily

While some people may find Sri Yantra pendant geometry simple, it is actually much trickier than it looks. For many generations, mathematicians worked on perfecting their Sri Yantra designs, and they were not always successful. It was very difficult to achieve accuracy in the Sri Yantra design, and it was thought that thick lines of the geometry automatically meant it was not accurate.

The calculations involved in the creation of Sri Yantra pendants are so complex that present-day mathematicians are fascinated by the Vedic people who drew such an intricate design without the knowledge of mathematics which is easily available these days. Because of our inability to draw a perfect Sri Yantra, there is even a special software that helps you render yantras, so you do not have to worry about accuracy.

You Can Find It in 2D and 3D

The mystical diagram of Sri Yantra can be represented in a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional form. When it is represented in 3D, the yantra receives the name Maha Meru. It is from the shape of the three-dimensional Sri Yantra diagram, that Mount Meru has taken its name. Moreover, all the other yantras are based on the Sri Yantra sacred geometry.

It Has a Positive Effect on Your Brain

It has been proven that staring at the bindu, the dot in the center of Sri Yantra charms, could create changes in our brains and stimulate the Pineal gland by working with our third eye chakra. The Pineal gland is responsible for production of melatonin, a hormone that our bodies produces during sleep, and is also viewed as our “third eye”. Because Sri Yantra pendants could help enhance the work of your Pineal gland, they could improve your creativity, memory, and intuition. Sri Yantra also plays an important role in the cycles of sleep and waking up, so it could help you deal with insomnia or other sleep conditions.

Its Uses Are Versatile

The most common practice associated with Sri Yantra is of course Sri Yantra meditation, which is thought to help you achieve resonance between your energies and the divine energy of the mother of all yantras. However, there are many more uses for this sacred geometry that people have come up with over the years.

You can install the diagram on your desk or near the entrance for the flow of positive energies into your office or living space. You could also place it in your vehicle where the yantra would change the environment, even improving the air. And finally, you could place a yantra symbol in your wallet or wear it as a Sri Yantra pendant or charm. With so many possibilities to apply Sri Yantra magic to your everyday life, you would not want to miss the chance of using it for its infinite healing abilities.

Sri Yantra has a mysterious yet sacred power. Wearing it in a Sri Yantra pendant or another Sri Yantra charm is a sure way to enhance joy, abundance, and prosperity. Overall, the use of Sri Yantra in any areas of life is believed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a person. Because of its infinite healing powers, Sri Yantra would give you the right energies you need to succeed in all your endeavors. Find a Sri Yantra charm that fits your style at My Good Luck Charms.