In today's hectic and stressful times, we can all benefit from a boost of positive energy. Positive energy jewelry such as healing gemstones, precious metals, sacred symbols and spiritual talismans can bring in positive vibes into your life that can put you on the path towards elevated happiness. Discover your positive energy jewelry through our collection and start enjoying its healing benefits.

Positive Energy

What Kind of Jewelry Brings Positive Energy?

All of us can use a boost of positive energy in our lives. With so many things happening on a day-to-day basis and multiple responsibilities to take care of, we often lose ourselves in stress and can’t find the time to relax and enjoy the good things in life. That’s where positive energy bracelets can come in handy. With the help of positive energy jewelry, you could continuously attract positive influences into your life, while going about your day, which would make your life so much happier.

What Does Positive Energy Jewelry Do?

Positive energy jewelry comprises of some of the beneficial positive energy crystals or symbols like healing gemstones, precious metals, and images associated with favourable influences from different cultures across the world. By wearing positive energy bracelets, one can attract luck and good fortune into their life, achieve the things they desire, and realize their goals. No matter your reason for using positive energy jewelry, we can help you find just the right type to improve your life.

How to Choose Your Positive Energy Jewelry?

Positive energy bracelets and other jewelry come in many sizes and shapes. They can contain healing gemstones, meaningful metals, sacred symbols, or spiritual talismans. Depending on how you want your positive energy jewelry to work for you, choose the jewel that would work best toward improving your life.

Healing Gemstones

For thousands of years, mentions of healing gemstones have appeared at places all over the world. Healers often used natural crystals and gemstones to help those who needed their assistance. Placing positive energy crystals on your body is, until this day, a well-known technique for chakra healing and energy cleansing. Vibrational frequencies of healing gemstones could attract positive energy to flow into the body, all the while eliminating negative influences.

Every person has a birthstone assigned to them based on their month of birth. Moreover, different positive energy crystals are believed to have different healing properties; the knowledge of which can let you use these gemstones to your advantage.

Amethyst is known to help people connect to their spirituality, enhance intuition, calm the mind, and help in meditation.Rose Quartz is the crystal of love and it could help you with protecting relationships, attracting love, raising self-confidence, and healing the heart. Tiger’s Eye is the stone for attracting wealth into your life, creating awareness, enhancing confidence, and bringing good luck. And Citrine, bright as the sun, can promote creativity, attract positivity, activate intuition, and infuse your spirit with beneficial energies.

These are just a few of the healing gemstones known to balance different aspects of your life and enrich it with positive energies. Choose your healing positive energy bracelets with crystals based on the things you wish to attract or which crystals speak to you. Wear positive energy crystals every day to begin seeing the effects of their presence on your life and your journey.

Metals with Meaning

Metals that comprise your positive energy jewelry also carry special meanings dating back to the times of the ancients. Have you ever heard of alchemy? According to this practice, every scientific element carries a philosophical meaning. These mysterious materials were sourced from deep beneath the surface, and people thought that they contain the powers of creation and destruction.

Over time, alchemy became closely connected with astrology, where metals were assigned corresponding celestial bodies. As a result, the hidden meanings and properties of metals have become even more pronounced. If you know what different metals symbolize, you will find it easier to get positive energy bracelets that align with your wishes and goals.

Silver is one of the most versatile metals and is ruled by the Moon. Wisdom, intuition, and self-reflection are the qualities connected to it. It is feminine, pure, carrying energies of healing, protection, luck, love, emotion, and divination. Gold is governed by the Sun. Its perfection and purity was valued for generations, given that golden items appeared at important ceremonies and as offerings to gods. This metal is associated with positive energy, prosperity, protection, and wealth.

Ruled by Venus, Copper is perhaps one of the oldest metals known to us. It represents youth, love, creativity, and positive energy. Just like silver, copper is thought to have a strong connection to women and is associated with feminine beauty. Tin is the metal that represents Jupiter. It is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, logic, and education. Thought to be the metal of the sages, tin is now connected to meditation and balance.

Sacred Symbols

Positive energy jewelry has been popular in many cultures around the world since the times of the ancients. To enhance the abilities of the charms and attract more luck and beneficial influences into their lives, people turned to sacred symbols. Often featured on talismans and positive energy bracelets, these symbols are believed to offer protection from negative energies and bring good qualities into one’s life.

Some of the most well-known protective symbols are the Evil Eyes and the Hamsa Hand. These are the amulets believed to serve as a defense from jealous or malicious looks given to the wearer by people with evil intentions. Hamsa Hand features an Evil Eye symbol in its palm and is thought to represent fidelity and attract abundance.

Stemming from Turkey, Greece, Mexico, and many more countries, each culture has its own belief in the Eye and how it can be used for protection. But wearing positive energy bracelets and jewelry seems to be the most effective method.

Another way to attract positive energy into your life is by wearing Chakra jewelry. Your chakras are energy centers located along your spine. When they work well, energy flows freely resulting in the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit. However, when chakras are out of alignment, your life can become more difficult. Chakra jewelry can help restore your energies to harmony by balancing chakras and attracting positive energy.

Religious symbols also appear in positive energy jewelry. Images of angels, their symbols, and runes are featured in guardian angel bracelets, necklaces, and figurines. Knowing that your guardian angel is watching over you while you are wearing your positive energy bracelet could help you feel better, more hopeful, and have a positive outlook toward life.

From Hinduism, we observe the prominence of the sacred Om symbol in yoga jewelry. It is the most sacred mantra, and one of the most powerful positive energy symbols. Om carries great significance, believed to encompass all sounds, all words, the universe, and creation – everything in existence.

Tibetan traditions carry into positive energy jewelry their sacred geometries, like the Flower of Life and Sri Yantra. The Flower of Life is thought to help a person access their “light body.” Its design is comprised of interlocking circles and is thought to have the ability to unlock our deepest memories. Meditating on Sri Yantra is believed to help one achieve enlightenment and discover all the secrets of the universe.

Now that you are familiar with some of the sacred positive energy symbols that appear in jewelry, you can choose your positive energy bracelets based on the symbols closest to your heart. When you seek protection and wish to attract beneficial influences into your life, these symbols could help you improve yourself and the world around you.

Spiritual Amulets

From the Eastern spiritual traditions come amulets charged with beneficial influences and spiritual significance. Positive energy jewelry based on Buddhist or Hindu beliefs is very popular today, and for a good reason. For many years, spiritual symbols like the lotus flower or the tree of life have helped many find their direction in life and set themselves on a better path.

Lotus Flower symbol is known to represent purity and beauty. It is the symbol that inspires one to do good and acquire self-belief. Just as the flower that rises from murky waters and blooms above the surface, a person can achieve greatness irrespective of their background. Another symbol from positive energy bracelets is the Tree of Life. Known across many cultures as the tree that connects everything in existence, it heals from a spiritual and emotional point of view, allowing you to shed negativity and embrace positive energy.

Images of Buddha and other deities are also among positive energy symbols in jewelry. Buddha in jewelry serves as a reminder of his teachings and ideals of harmony, peace, happiness, and balance. Yin Yang, in turn, reminds us about the balance of everything in the universe, how light cannot exist without darkness, and vice versa. It is yet another spiritual symbol we often see inspiring those who believe in its meaning.

Animals and celestial objects comprise a whole group of positive energy symbols. Some of them are thought to attract luck, while others have protective qualities. For example, the Elephant symbol in positive energy bracelets is known to bring luck to its wearer. And Moon, in particular Crescent Moon, embodies feminine energy that nourishes your soul and restores your purpose.

Whether you are looking for positive energy bracelets with healing gemstones, meaningful metals, sacred or spiritual positive energy symbols, we’ve got them all. Find your positive energy jewelry at My Good Luck Charms and start enjoying its healing benefits for your body, mind, and spirit.