Coming in various forms such as bracelets, pendants and rings, these items of jewelry have been part of the human culture for centuries. Suitable for any occasion, they have the power to bring you good luck, love, health, wealth, and ward of evil. Use this collection of good luck jewelry to attract positive energies into your life.


The Most Powerful Good Luck Jewelry

Do you believe in luck? And what about good luck charms, do you have one? Many of us do. And if you are one of those who does not, it is time to get to know your good luck symbols and find good luck jewelry that would start working to improve your life.

People have always wanted to attract more luck, money, love, wealth, or other things they seek into their lives. Believing in superstitions is just a part of human nature. Even though we have come a long way from ancient civilizations, people still believe in supernatural forces that are there to protect us from evil and attract the qualities we desire. Such are good luck charms, the talismans believed to keep evil away and bring health, wealth, and luck.

What Is Good Luck Jewelry?

Good luck charms in the form of rings, necklaces, and pendants have been around for centuries. Many different cultures have developed their own symbols and used gemstones they believe to possess powerful qualities and evoke sensations. Whether they place a beckoning cat in their shop to attract customers or carry an acorn for good health, these actions represent their belief in good luck charms. Some good luck talismans come in the form of figurines, tapestries, coins, or other items, but the most powerful symbols make their way into good luck jewelry.

Behind every charm is not just a superstition, but also a unique history connected to its origin and traditions of the culture where the amulet came from. For example, a dream catcher is a Native American talisman that protects your sleep allowing only good dreams to pass. Some good luck jewelry is crafted to attract luck, wisdom, wealth, or love, while other types of charms are thought to protect you from harm and charge with positive energies.

Types of Good Luck Charms

Some good luck bracelets and pendants contain natural stones and crystals that have healing powers. Others carry auspicious symbols to protect their wearer from harm. They all come in different forms and shapes and speak to every individual on a personal level. Auspicious symbols for good luck charms in different cultures and traditions come from both animate and inanimate objects. That is because there are signs of positive energies in nature, animals, plants, and insects. There are also lucky gems, symbols, and numbers.

If you are not sure what type of charm to choose, do not fret. We know all about the lucky symbols that appeared throughout history. Whether your goal is attracting good qualities, protection, or healing, My Good Luck Charms offers a selection of good luck jewelry for any occasion. Let’s discover the most powerful good luck amulets, what they symbolize, and how they can enrich your life.

Silver Jewelry

There is a long history behind the healing powers of metals. In times of kings and queens, precious metal crowns were worn not only to represent wealth and power, but also to protect from ills and evil. Genuine silver has several proven health benefits. Many people see their energy levels and mood improve greatly after wearing silver jewelry. Natural anti-toxic properties of this metal can bring energy vibrations into balance and help improve immune defenses.

Genuine silver good luck charms have been around for many years already, because of the array of benefits they offer. In our fast-paced world, many people turn to healing techniques such as yoga, mindfulness, breathing, and meditation to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. It is believed that certain types of silver jewelry are also capable of preventing anxiety and helping you re-center. My Good Luck Charms offers 925 genuine sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and rings to help you bring the magic of silver into your life.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Evil Eye bracelets are crafted to symbolically protect their wearer from the negative effects of the “evil eye,” a curse placed by someone with a jealous or malevolent glare. In many cultures, people believed that by looking at someone with evil intentions, you could intentionally or accidentally cause them harm. To protect themselves from the curse, people started crafting evil eye jewelry, and both the evil glare and the talisman carried the name “evil eye.”

In Central America and Mexico, mothers place evil eye bracelets on their babies to protect them. In India, evil eye bracelets serve as both beautiful accessories and powerful protective amulets. Regardless of the material used for crafting evil eye jewelry, it will always feature an eye set on a blue background. Often, the eye is decorated with stones and jewels for additional strength. Whether you believe in the evil eye curse or not, this jewelry is unique and definitely worth having for its intricate application of design and color.

Handmade Tibetan Jewelry

Monks in the monasteries in the high mountains of Tibet handcraft each piece of Buddhist jewelry, saying prayers and reciting mantras. They charge handmade Tibetan jewelry with positive energy vibrations and beneficial influences, infusing jewelry with healing benefits from its very creation. Tibetan jewelry pieces are influenced greatly by the religious beliefs and traditions of Buddhism. Each piece carries spiritual significance and reflects the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

Drawing the energy from the rich cultural and artisan legacy of Tibet, handmade Tibetan jewelry becomes special for anyone seeking to improve their spirituality. From mandala bracelets to Buddha and Om necklaces, to lotus rings and Tibetan singing bowls, Buddhist accessories serve to bring healing to your mind and soul. They are simple and usually crafted with vibrant colors. Tibetan jewelry can be crafted from different materials, including yak bone, Tibetan silver, or semi-precious gemstones. But, the true power of Tibetan jewelry unveils through the faith of its wearer. Those who genuinely believe in handmade Tibetan jewelry can attract beneficial influences of the universe into their lives.

Four Leaf Clover Jewelry

Four-leaf clover jewelry has a curious legend behind it. People have looked for four-leaf clovers to bring them luck because they are so rare, close to impossible to find. Out of every 10,000 clovers with three leaves, there is only one four-leaf clover. So finding a real one is not an easy task at all. Thanks to jewelry masters though, four-leaf clover appears on good luck charms such as necklaces, pendants, and rings. It is perhaps one of the oldest symbols known to bring luck in almost every culture in the world.

According to legends, the four leaves of the lucky clover represent hope, faith, love, and luck. It is believed that Eve herself brought with her this lucky plant when she was banished from the Garden of Eden. Later, in the Middle Ages, people associated four-leaf clover with good fortune, eternal luck, and prosperity. And now placing a clover under your bed or wearing it in four-leaf clover jewelry could help cleanse bad energies, attract luck, and find true love. Some jewelry masters even seal a real four-leaf clover inside a necklace or bracelet for better chances with luck.

Celtic Jewelry

Celtic symbols and their meanings represent the stories and traditions of their unique culture. They have made their way into Celtic jewelry from the carvings and manuscripts left behind. It looks like Celtic symbols are presented largely by knotwork. There are just so many Celtic knot variations found in their culture. But some of the most common symbols that appear in Celtic good luck charms include the infinity knot, the tree of life, Celtic cross, shamrock, Trinity knot, and even horseshoe.

Let us look at a few symbols in Celtic jewelry. The simplest of Celtic knots is Triquetra, the knot that symbolizes the Holy Trinity. It is used in good luck jewelry as a symbol of eternity and eternal love. A similar meaning carries the eternal knot, so charms featuring these symbols are often given as presents for weddings. The shamrock, or the lucky clover, is a universal symbol of luck and is a variation of four-leaf clover jewelry. And lastly, the tree of life, found in many cultures across the Earth, in Celtic jewelry represents the link between the earth and heaven.

Natural Crystal Jewelry

For many generations, people have sought the power of gemstones for healing, grounding, protection, and attraction of various qualities. Each semi-precious crystal possesses its healing abilities and metaphysical properties that could result in powerful changes in our lives. Natural stones connect to the energy centers within our bodies, called chakras, to remove energy blockages and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Because of their ability to resonate with our bodies, natural crystals often appear in good luck charms.

When you wear natural crystal jewelry, your energy vibrations typically raise, your energy is renewed, and your health and well-being is transformed in a special way. If you need help with attracting love, luck, reducing stress, grounding, protection from negativity, balancing emotions, and so much more – natural crystal jewelry could help you. Each natural stone carries its own meaning in history and has a special significance for every person. There are also birthstones – natural crystals that correspond to your birth month.

Whether you are looking for a good luck charm to protect you from negative energies or a symbolic talisman to attract luck into your life, we have got them all. Choose your good luck jewelry from the most powerful talismans there are at My Good Luck Charms.