Do you know that feng shui home decorating could help you attract more positive energy at home? Browse through our collection of feng shui home decorating items that will help you in creating a welcoming and harmonious environment in your living spaces.

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How Feng Shui Can Help You Attract More Positive Energy at Home

We all want to have a balanced and harmonious environment inside our homes. What if we told you that the key to achieving it was as simple as clearing out the clutter or moving your furniture? This is what ancient Chinese practice of feng shui home decorating teaches us. There is more to it than meets the eye, but the basics behind feng shui aim to manage the energy flow inside your home, in order to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

How can feng shui home decorating help you attract more positive energy at home? Know that our homes reflect the environment inside of us, and a harmonious home translates into harmonious life. So, if you want to learn more about the practice of feng shui and how you can use it to your advantage, focus on the most important areas of your home, attract good vibes, and transform your health, wealth, and relationships. Here are a few feng shui tips that would help you.

Fix Outside Energies

Before starting to work on your feng shui home from the inside, check to see what is going on with the energies outside. Looking at your surroundings is the best way to understand the quality of feng shui energy outside your living space. It is not a good idea to do feng shui home decorating, when your front yard is cluttered and unkempt. Do you feel welcome when you come close to your house after a long day of work? And if not, is there anything you can do to improve the feng shui outside of your home?

Once you identify the weak areas surrounding your house, you can work on fixing them with simple changes or feng shui home decorating cures. Perhaps your front door needs repairs, which is something you can easily take care of. Or, maybe you need to do some decluttering or landscaping? Often, a few small changes can fix your feng shui problems and create a much more welcoming environment outside your home.

Strengthen Your Front Door

The front door of the house is the main entryway that attracts the energy of wealth into your home. In order to create a good feng shui home, a strong front door is very important, since everything else starts with it. The auspicious energy of wealth could be attracted by special symbols of luck, good fortune, and protection. Make sure your front door does not squeak and you should open it wide each time you enter your home to welcome wealth and harmony.

Also, use your front door. There are many people who enter their house from the back, but this action does not create a good feng shui home. Wealth energy can only come into your home through the front entryway. So, do not prevent the good energy from entering your home and use your front door from time to time.


In a cluttered home, no energy can move about freely to nourish and balance the space. That’s why it is so important to get rid of all the clutter in your living environment before doing feng shui home decorating so that the beneficial energies could enter. The environment in our homes retains the energies from the things that once occupied the space. So, you could always burn the old energies after decluttering in order to welcome the positive chi into your home.

Check the flow of energies throughout your living space. Smart feng shui home decorating will leave plenty of space for energies to move around freely for harmony and balance inside your home. If you are looking to attract abundance and wealth into your environment, you need a strong flow of chi, along with the symbols of wealth. Comfort and spaciousness are the keys to achieving a good flow of chi, so make sure to declutter all spaces which you use throughout the day.

Slow Down the Flow

When your house is too cluttered, it is difficult to create positive energy at home because its flow is blocked. On the other hand, when the energies are moving too fast, which is the case when you have a direct line between the front and back door, it also will not contribute to a good feng shui home. You want the chi to move through your home slowly and gracefully, so you can enjoy its beneficial influences. So, if you are in the situation when the energy flows too fast, slow it down using artwork, rugs, or decorative elements.

Fix Each Room

Every room in your house represents something in your life, so you need to cure every room in your feng shui home depending on what role it performs. Your hallway symbolizes your opportunities, so it is best to avoid cluttering it with items or furniture, except art pieces or small figurines. You can also place fresh flowers in the hallway to create positive energy at home right at the entrance.

Your kitchen symbolizes nourishment, so you should keep it clean and neat, avoiding very bright or very dark colors like red or black. Your living room furniture should be proportional to the space in the room and placing a lamp in the corner would help attract wealth. Bring some fresh flowers into your dining room to optimize the energies and promote good sleep with lamps and scented candles in the bedroom. Keep your bathroom clean with the door closed for a good feng shui home and tend to your gardens so they are well kept.

Add a Scent of Home

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest methods of alternative healing, which is known to be very effective for relaxing the mind and lifting the spirit. People all over the world burn incense in their homes to relax, relieve stress, feel good, and enjoy their time at home. A scent of the home plays an important role in the overall feng shui of the space. When your home smells good, you feel welcomed and relaxed, and when it is the other way around, you should fix it with some feng shui home decorating.

Using this Divine Buddha Incense Burner for burning incense at home is a good accessory for aromatherapy. Pick your favorite scents or choose a scent that is known to help with what you are looking for. For example, use sandalwood for achieving deep relaxation, cinnamon for achieving emotional balance, sage for attracting positive energy at home, and patchouli for energizing and lifting your spirits.

Place Good Luck Objects

A more direct way to attract positive energy at home is by placing items attracting wealth, luck, and good fortune in the different spaces of your living environment. You can place healing crystals charged with beneficial influences of the universe, like this Healing Egyptian Crystal Pyramid or the Natural Rose Quartz Stone of Good Luck, on your table or by the bed. You could also use lucky statues of Hinduism and Buddhism to attract good fortune into your home. For that, use figurines like this Ganesh Hindu Elephant God Statue.

Use Feel Good Art

For good feng shui home decorating, you should also be mindful of the art you place in your home. Feel good art creates positive energy at home, especially if you place a piece in the entryway. Artwork that brings you joy directly influences your emotions, so it could make you happy the moment you enter your home. Consider adding some colorful and meaningful art pieces like this Thangka Mandala Painting or these Flower Tapestry Wall Hangings for a good feng shui home.

Leave Nothing Broken

Something you may or may not have done during decluttering is getting rid of broken and non-functioning appliances. If you have an item at home that you have wanted to fix for a long time but just did not get around doing it, this is the perfect time. Throw out the things that cannot be fixed and make sure to repair all broken appliances. It is believed that broken things at home deplete good energy from the environment for people living in it. So, fix your appliances as soon as possible in order to attract health and positive energy at home.

Get a Feng Shui Fountain

Fountains are very popular in feng shui home decorating because water symbolizes wealth. That’s why using fountains, even miniature ones that you can place inside your home, is a strong feng shui cure. For those who do not know where to place the feng shui fountain in your home, the best place is the main entrance to your house. The exact location is not as important as making sure the water flows toward the center of your home, so you can even place a larger fountain outside if you wish.

Whether you are looking for a feng shui item that could help you attract wealth, luck, or good fortune into your home, or you simply want to rearrange your space so that the positive energy at home can flow freely, these items for feng shui home decorating would be very helpful for creating a good feng shui home. Find your feng shui cure at My Good Luck Charms.