Healing crystals and stones harness the energies of the natural elements of the universe. Wearing or carrying these crystals will magnify your positive vibrations and attract positive energies. Use our collection to harness the benefits of these crystals and heal your mind, spirit and body.

Healing Crystals

What is Crystal Healing?

You might have heard about crystal healing or even chakra crystal healing before, but do you know exactly what that means? Since ancient times, alternative healers have relied on the help of special healing techniques like burning incense, healing with sound, touch, or natural stones. What qualities do natural stones possess and how could they heal you? Let’s find out what is crystal healing and how it could attract positive energies and help you live the life you desire and deserve.

What Are Healing Crystals

Created by mother nature over the course of millennia, healing crystals and stones harness the energies of the natural elements of our planet and the universe itself. These semi-precious gemstones bring us closer to nature and the energies of the sun, the moon, the earth, fire, and oceans. Because of their strong connections to nature, natural stones possess vibrational frequencies, through which they resonate with the universe and the energies of the human body. That is how healing can take place.

When you wear charms and crystals or carry them with you throughout the day, the stones’ energy connects with you and magnifies the positive vibrations that you are emitting. That is why one of the ways healing crystals could help you is by manifesting your intentions. The crystal you carry holds your intention and works to remind you about your connection to mother nature.

To understand better what crystal is healing, you have to understand what are the intentions and thoughts that you would charge your natural stone with. Thoughts are believed to create vibrations, so having a clear, well-defined purpose in life could help us avoid being caught in negative emotions and work harder toward achieving our goals and dreams. When you program your crystal with your intention, you basically determine how it is going to work for you.

7 Best Healing Crystals for Spiritual Awakening

There are hundreds of charms and crystals, which makes it difficult for you to find one that could amplify your intentions and work specifically for you. If you already understand what crystal is healing, you know how important it is to charge your stone with intentions. Some stones work best when protecting the wearer from negative influences, while others are thought to attract qualities such as luck, love, success, good fortune, power or wealth.

No matter what you would like to achieve with your stone, some crystals would still be more powerful than others. The long history of charms and crystals for healing and protection, helped us create this list of the best healing crystals for spiritual awakening. Use them if you would like to enhance your spiritual practices, like yoga and meditation, and get closer to achieving enlightenment.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is the best crystal for those who are just starting out with crystal healing, but its powers are among the strongest in the natural stone world. This semi-precious gemstone is believed to enhance intuition, calm the mind, open the crown and third eye chakras, and aid in meditation. It is the stone of peace and clarity, and its strong grounding properties would help you stay in the present.

2. Aquamarine

Another crystal for the clarity of thought and improved intuition is aquamarine. It is the stone believed to bring calm and peace, rid its wearer of insecurities and fears, and help in self-expression. Aquamarine crystals are also thought to be connected to our spiritual destinies and activate heart and throat chakras to help you realize your spiritual wishes.

3. Fluorite

An excellent stone for improving concentration and clearing the mind, fluorite would help stabilize your mind, body, and spirit. This stone is connected to higher understanding and is a powerful protective crystal. Fluorite is believed to work well in dispelling negative energies created by the curse of the Evil Eye. It would influence several chakras at once, unlocking the third eye, throat, and heart chakras.

4. Clear Quartz

Now that you know what is crystal healing, you should also know that clear quartz is the master healing crystal. Its properties are vast, so it could help you in several pursuits, including attracting good fortune and achieving spiritual awakening. This natural stone would work to activate all chakras in the body, helping you connect to your inner self, dispel negativity, help you access a higher state of consciousness, and even connect you to other dimensions.

5. Black Obsidian

A very powerful protective stone, black obsidian would shield you from all the negativity directed your way. Charms and crystals with black obsidian are known to draw out the negativity and lock it inside the stone so that the wearer only receives positive energies. Obsidian also possesses grounding properties, helping you stay in the present. In addition, the crystal would remove energy blockages activating your chakras.

6. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is also known as the stone of power and wealth, which is why it commonly appears in men’s crystal jewelry. It has strong grounding and protection properties and would work to enhance your confidence to help you tackle the obstacles in your path. This stone would clear your mind and balance the yin yang energies in your environment.

7. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is an ancient stone, whose mentions appear as early as the times of Ancient Egyptians. This crystal would enhance your spiritual growth and clear your mind to promote your connection with your inner self. Charms and crystals with lapis lazuli would expand your awareness and enhance creativity. Your intuition would also awaken with the help of this stone, since it activates the third eye and throat chakras.

The Most Potent Crystal Pairings

The definition of what is crystal healing is pretty broad and involves more than one crystal being capable of resolving a problem or attract beneficial influences. Often, spiritual healing experts use a combination of healing stones to achieve even more potent results than just with one crystal. Luckily, you do not need to be an expert nowadays to know what crystals work together like a charm to bring you what you want and wish for. Here are the most potent crystal pairings we know of.

Rose Quartz & Carnelian

This crystal pairing is perfect for those who are looking for new love or want to strengthen their existing relationship. These two crystals would work together to help you reconnect with your partner and heal spiritual and emotional wounds, leaving only good feelings between two people. They would also activate your Sacral and Heart Chakras, improving your romantic and sexual life. Placing the two crystals on your bedside table is the best way to enjoy their benefits.

Moonstone & Amethyst

A very powerful combination of amethyst and moonstone would help you sleep like a baby. If you struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders, keeping these two stones by your bed could help improve your sleep. If your sleep quality suffers for any other reason, like distractions, thoughts, work, bad dreams, or noisy neighbors, these two crystals could help make the situation better. When moonstone and amethyst are placed together, they would promote rest and recovery by connecting your energy to the energies of the moon.

Lava Stone & Howlite

This crystal pairing is perfect for those of us whose daily lives are hectic and fast-paced. Used together, howlite and lava stone would work to bring calm and peace into your life, reduce irritability, help you become more mindful, and bring patience when dealing with annoying or aggressive behaviors. Apart from placing crystals in your purse or pocket and carrying them to receive their energies, you could also use the porous texture of the lava stone and create an essential oil diffuser. This would multiply the calming benefits of the lava stone and howlite pairing.

Black Obsidian & Sandstone

When you pair black obsidian and sandstone in charms and crystals, they help you communicate with your guardian angel and receive beneficial influences from the universe. This crystal pairing works well because of the individual natures of the two stones. Black obsidian is a powerful grounding stone that works with your root chakra. Meanwhile, sandstone activates your sacral chakra and uncovers your energy within. Together, the two crystals would make you focused and determined in your pursuits.

Black Tourmaline & Selenite

Both stones in this crystal pairing are strong protective crystals with different vibrational frequencies. Selenite would act as your guard and black tourmaline as a shield from negative energies. In addition, selenite is believed to enhance the properties of any crystal placed on top of it, meaning that combining these two stones would create a very potent combo. Tourmaline would cleanse your energies, offer grounding properties, attract luck, and balance your Root chakra. Selenite, in turn, would remove energy blockages and rid you of negativity.

Knowing the magic healing crystals could bring into your life, find out for yourself what is crystal healing for you and how you could use natural stones daily to improve your thoughts and realize your intentions. Choose from various natural stone jewelry pieces, including specific chakra balancing jewelry, at My Good Luck Charms and begin your spiritual transformation.