To make your home a place of comfort and calm, you need the power of figurines. They can help you amplify the effects of meditation on your body, mind and soul as well as help you reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance self-awareness. Use our collection of Buddha, Ganesh, and frog figurines, along with miniature Zen garden boxes and backflow incense burners to bring balance to your living space and attract positive energies into your environment.


Meditation Figurines Essential to Your Home Decor

Feng shui enthusiasts would teach you that everything you have in your home has to be placed in certain spaces and directions, for your environment to be the most welcoming and refreshing to you and your family. And even if you do not practice feng shui, you probably have those special objects that bring you calm, peace, and joy. These meditation figurines balance your living space and are essential to your home decor. Let’s look at them in more detail.

What Are Meditation Figurines?

Home is a special space where you want to feel welcomed and peaceful. It is a place where you come to after a long day and spend the moments after you wake up and before you leave for work. Your home should have a peaceful environment filled with positive energies. That is where meditation figurines could help you.

It has been known for some time already that meditation can help you reduce stress, control anxiety, improve your emotions and sleep, and enhance your self-awareness. By placing powerful figurines in your home, you could amplify the effects of meditation on your body, mind, and spirit. These are figurines rich in symbolism, like elephant figurines good luck, miniature Zen garden boxes, backflow incense burners, Buddha figurines, and frog figurines.

Elephant Figurines

When looking for a symbol of good fortune, you should consider meditation figurines of an elephant. In many cultures around the world, people see elephants as the symbols of good luck, strength, and wisdom. An elephant has been thought to bring luck and good fortune for many generations. And getting elephant figurines, good luck is believed to be a powerful way to bring good energies into space.

In feng shui, elephant figurines could bring energies of power, beauty, fertility, and kindness. Although elephants are among the largest and strongest animals on our planet, they carry wise and kind energies. Placing elephant figurines good luck into your home or office can offer many benefits for your living space, according to feng shui. The main energies a meditation figurine with an elephant brings into space are wisdom, protection, fertility, and good luck.

When you are looking for a figurine, pay close attention to the elephant’s trunk. The trunk facing up is a symbol of luck, while intertwined trunks represent the feelings of love and friendship. For good feng shui energy, elephant figurines good luck are essential to your home decor. You can also look for elephant toys, embroideries, ceramic elephant statues, or paintings or photographs of elephants.

Miniature Zen Gardens

The idea for a miniature Zen garden comes from Japan. It is a meditation figurine where stones and sand are used to represent elements of nature. Most miniature Zen gardens only have dry components, but you can also use plants. Different elements come together in a unique design, each of which reflects the nature and its phenomena.

When you think about a miniature Zen garden box, you can imagine it as space where land meets the sea. The sand in the garden represents water, while the stones stand for mountains or islands that rise above the water surface. When you rake the sand in your meditation figurine of a Zen garden, you create different patterns, which symbolize ripples and waves created in the sea.

Getting a Zen garden box for your home translates into a beautiful accessory, which is also very beneficial for your personality. By raking the sand in your miniature garden, you can improve your concentration and receive the calming and meditative effects of drawing repetitive patterns. It could stimulate creativity and improve your problem-solving skills. There are styles of miniature Zen gardens to match your home decor, and you could become a calmer and more peaceful person having one on your desk.

Backflow Incense Burners

Incense burners could take a prominent place among your good luck figurines. They not only add a nice touch to your home decor but also carry several physical and psychological health benefits. Burning incense is thought to help increase focus and concentration. When you use it while working or studying, it could help increase your self-awareness. It could also enhance your creativity, just the way you may notice being more imaginative while listening to pleasant sounds or seeing a beautiful landscape.

With backflow incense burner meditation figurines, you could help improve your self-confidence. Being more aware, you would be able to relax and let your brain perform its duties at its best. Calming effects of incense have been known well by monks and spiritual leaders. There are types of aromas that specifically could help soothe nerves and slow down your heart rate to bring you into a state of calm.

As a result of its calming effects, backflow incense burner could help improve your sleep, and that is why it is an essential meditation figurine for your home decor. There are many different plants, and each of them has its beneficial properties for your body. And, instead of looking for a supplement pill, it is best to inhale through incense instead, a natural way that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Ganesh Hindu Statues

One of the good luck figurines from Hinduism is the Ganesh statue. Ganesh is one of the most well-known Hindu gods and is known to provide success, fortune, and prosperity. He is believed to remove both spiritual and material obstacles of one’s life path, but can also place obstacles on the path of those who need to stay in check.

The image of Ganesh is found in figurines, jewelry, and accessories. It is an important meditation figurine associated with the first chakra responsible for material well-being and survival. Those who worship Ganesh believe that he would grant prosperity, success, and protection against negativity. His symbol, as a result, is considered lucky in many countries and cultures across the world.

This Hindu god, with the head of an elephant, is also known to remove pride, selfishness, and vanity. He is identified with the Om, the major Hindu mantra. When chanting the mantra Om, or Aum, its vibrations reverberate through the whole body, bringing the person meditating more focused and closer to enlightenment. A meditation figurine of Ganesh is essential in your home to help you achieve your spiritual goals.

Buddha Figurines

Buddha figurines, a symbol of Buddhism, have become popular across the world. These days, images of Buddha are associated with serenity and philosophies of the East. Many people find themselves calmer in the presence of Buddha meditation figurines. Besides, different statues serve different purposes for protection, attracting calm, and meditation.

A figurine of Buddha in meditation could help develop serenity. If his right hand is raised, it serves as a protective talisman, shielding its owner from fear and negative energies. There is also the laughing Buddha, which symbolizes luck, abundance, and prosperity. And Buddha, sitting in a lotus pose with his left hand on the lap and its palm facing upward, and the right hand resting on the knee with its fingers pointing to the earth, symbolizes enlightenment.

The image of Buddha can be found not only in good luck figurines but also in night lamps and incense burners. Those who own a meditation figurine with the image of Buddha are drawn to its meaning of calm and peace. Such figurines represent the deep inner peace they find in Eastern teachings. Moreover, by being in the presence of Buddha statues, we nurture good qualities like compassion and peace.

Frog Figurines

Good luck figurines with frogs are also well-known and can add a nice touch to your home decor. Many cultures around the world attribute positive spiritual meanings to this symbol. In China, for example, frogs are considered lucky animals that bring good fortune. That is why people in China place figurines of frogs in their homes to attract prosperity and well-being.

In feng shui, different frog figurines can attract different qualities into your environment. For example, there is the money frog, one of the most popular symbols in feng shui. It is shaped like a frog and is known to attract joy, wealth, and prosperity into people’s homes. Placing the money frog in different spaces in your house, especially the parts where it would not be noticed, would be effective in bringing money and wealth.

A yoga frog could help you in meditation practice while delivering the benefits of the frog symbolism. This meditation figurine is believed to attract joy and prosperity into the family. It represents longevity and vitality, and meditating with the figurine could enhance your practice, along with offering healing properties.

If you are looking for a meditation figurine, but not sure which one to choose, start with these most well-known figurines essential to your home decor. Allow elephant, Buddha, Ganesh, and frog figurines, along with miniature Zen garden boxes and backflow incense burners, to aid in your meditation practice and attract positive energies into your living environment.