Tibetan Lucky Fish Mala Necklace

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This Sacred
108 Mala Bead & Arowana Fish Necklace
Will Fill Your Life With
Happiness, Peace, Joy & Calm

These Beads Will Bring You Calm
With deep roots in Tibetan Buddhism, spiritual seekers and Buddhist Monks have used 108 bead Mala Necklaces for thousands of years as a way to clear the mind, body, and soul, through meditation.

Highly attuned to the heart chakra, personal emotions and spiritual needs, these are the Hand Carved Malas (round beads) that you can touch, one at a time, while meditating, or reciting mantras… Like the Ancient Buddhist Mantra, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, that repels negative forces - bringing enlightenment, happiness, peace, joy and calm into all corners of your mind and life!

But that is just the beginning
It’s the 108th Bead That Is Even More Powerful

It is the beautiful “Guru Bead” – the 108th bead of this Mala Necklace, depicting the sacred Arowana Fish, which you should touch last, as you recite your final mantra.

Undeniably the most prized fish in all of Sheng Chi (the art of Feng Shui charms), the Arowana Fish is also known as the dragon fish, because its scales look like that of the Chinese Dragon!

Finely crafted representations, like the one that adorn this necklace, are capable of catching negative vibrations – and are very popular because they create positive energy, ward off evil spirits, and bring good luck, happiness and wealth.

See (and feel) What Happens
When You Try This Sacred & Powerful Necklace On!

When you place this powerful necklace around your neck – you will bring all the forces of the Ancient Buddhist Mantra, “Om Mani Padme Hum”, Feng Shui and Sheng Chi to bear… so you may attract wealth, luck and happiness into your life!

Have Your Necklace
Delivered Right To Your Door
Without Any Worry!
Go ahead and have your 108 Mala Bead & Arowana Fish Necklace delivered right to your door! Try it on; see how beautiful the mala beads and Arowana Fish are in person, and feel the wonderful, positive energy that this necklace gives off! And if for any reason you would like to return it, we will very happily give you a no questions asked refund! It’s as simple as that!


  • Chain Type: Rope Chain
  • Material: Antique Silver, Wood
  • Necklace Length: 80 cm / 31.5 inches
  • Wood Fish Pendant Size: 6 cm / 2.4 inches 

Necklace Size Guide: 

Women & Men Sizing Guide

Bracelet Size Guide:

You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then add an extra 2.5cm/1inch to the measurement for a more comfortable fit. 

Ring Size Guide:

You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then use this Chart to find out your ring size.

Product Care: 

  • Jewelry Care: To keep your metal jewelry shining for longer, avoid direct contact with water or chemicals (lotions, chlorine from pools...). Clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Crystal Care: Natural stones are fragile, avoid direct contact with hard surfaces, and clean your charms with a soft cloth.


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