Do you know what "chi" is? Chi is the life energy or force inside every living and non-living thing in the universe. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects in your surroundings to enable a smooth and harmonious flow of chi. With feng shui jewelry, you can get the right balance of chi which can lead to a better relationship, luck, health and prosperity. So choose from our collection of feng shui jewelry with natural crystals that come shaped in various sacred symbols such as yin yang, Buddha, tortoise, among many others.

Feng Shui

How to Use Feng Shui Jewelry to Attract Luck

Have you heard about feng shui? What about feng shui jewelry? This practice has been really popular nowadays, so there is a very small chance that you don’t know about it. Maybe you even moved the furniture around in your house to place items in “health” or “love” direction? While feng shui was popularized quite recently, it actually has been around for thousands of years, bringing balance and harmony into people’s homes and energies.

What Is the Meaning of Feng Shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging the environment around you in such a way that “chi,” the energy, flows harmoniously and smoothly through the spaces. When the energy flows freely and is in balance, your environment, be it a bedroom in your home or an office space at your workplace, will feel just right. It will support you in what you do and let you perform at your best. This is how feng shui jewelry is designed to work too.

Feng shui meaning is not a meditation or a religious practice. At the base of its teachings, there is the concept that everything in the universe contains life energy, or force, also known as “chi.” This energy flows through every person’s body, but also it is contained in everything in your living environment. It is a process invisible to us, yet it is very balanced and harmonious when the conditions are right.

When chi flows too fast or too slow, or when its normal path is blocked, problems may arise. If your office or home is too cluttered, or you have needlessly long and empty areas, this might make chi flow too slow or too quickly, respectively. And also, if there are plants or cars in the wrong places, chi can be obstructed. Making feng shui adjustments and wearing feng shui jewelry would promote the balance of chi, making it flow just right, for your environment to support your relationships, health, luck, and prosperity.

How to Choose Feng Shui Jewelry?

Feng shui jewelry is a modern twist on traditional ways of promoting energy flow. By wearing feng shui bracelets you can discover the feng shui meaning of taking care of your personal energies. A great example of feng shui in jewelry is Chinese lucky charm bracelets. The main goal for such jewelry is not to have the Bagua or words “feng shui” spelled on them, but to feature a balanced design, feng shui symbols, and natural stones and crystals, all of which are good energy elements.

Natural stones and crystals in feng shui jewelry have been used for thousands of years to protect and enhance energies. Crystals can be used for numerous purposes, whether it is chakra healing, meditation, protection, or attracting luck and good fortune. For example, rose quartz crystal is a heart healer in feng shui, so a pendant with this stone would help balance your energies and heart chakra. Moonstone would calm emotions, hematite would enhance health, and every other crystal has its own amazing qualities.

Feng shui jewelry could heal your aura and establish energetic balance in your body by using the five natural elements, such as fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. These five elements reflect the actions of nature. Every one of us also belongs to one of the elements, based on our birth year, and we inherit some characteristics of those natural elements. When wearing gemstones that nourish the power of those elements, we enhance their healing qualities.

Apart from using natural crystals for attracting beneficial influences, there are many auspicious symbols in feng shui thought to bring good luck to their wearer in different spheres of life. How to choose the one that will bring you the most luck or other things you wish to attract into your life? It all depends on your needs and wishes. Learn about the meaning of feng shui lucky symbols and choose one that resonates with you the most.

What are some of the luckiest feng shui jewelry symbols for good fortune? Let’s find out.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang symbol represents the balance of everything in the universe – the light and the darkness, the sun and the moon, the feminine and the masculine. Two opposite yet complementary forces are at the root of everything in the universe, and this is what we see in the yin yang symbol. When you wear feng shui jewelry with this symbol, it promotes the harmony between your energies, to make sure that nothing throws them off balance.


The symbol of the dragon is considered auspicious in Chinese culture and carries the same feng shui meaning. It is a traditional feng shui cure, which represents strong yang energy. There are many variations of the feng shui dragon, various shapes, and colors, each representing something different and benefitting a different sphere of life. For example, a golden dragon is thought to attract wealth, while a green one would attract health.


Lucky fish is also a famous feng shui symbol for attracting good fortune. It represents prosperity and abundance. While you might consider getting an aquarium and place it in your home, wearing a symbol of fish in your feng shui bracelet is just as lucky. For added luck and protection, choose a mala bracelet with a lucky fish symbol. The natural stone beads combined with the fish figurine would attract luck while offering to heal.

Mystic Knot

Not only Celtic jewelry features knots as a part of its design. Chinese mystic knot is also a well-known symbol and is one that appears in feng shui most often. The symbol represents six infinity symbols merged into one and symbolizes a long happy life filled with luck and good fortune. In feng shui jewelry, the mystic knot would work to promote the uninterrupted flow of energy despite setbacks.

Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko, or beckoning cat, is a symbol of luck and good fortune coming from Japanese traditions. A full-sized figurine of a cat with one paw raised is often placed in an office or store to attract more customers. A miniature version of the symbol is used in Chinese lucky charm bracelets and is popular with feng shui enthusiasts.


There are four celestial guardian animals in feng shui, and the tortoise is one of them. It is believed to be a guardian of good feng shui energy and is used in feng shui jewelry as a symbol of protection against negative energies. Tortoise is also a very cute symbol for feng shui bracelets and pendants.


Perhaps you did not expect to see this symbol here, but it is true that the image of Buddha has a special presence in feng shui. A busy lifestyle serves as an expression of yang energy, and to balance it with peaceful and contemplative energy, the Buddha symbol is the best cure. Wearing the image of Buddha in a feng shui bracelet would help you keep your inner calm and peace at all times.


Humans have always wanted to fly. They looked at birds for freedom and inspiration, and also a longing to be united with the Divine. Every bird symbol carries its own feng shui meaning because every bird also has its distinctive features. For example, a dove is very different from a peacock. Feng shui bracelets and rings featuring birds would remind you of freedom and help uncover your potential.

Money Tree

Something you have probably seen before in souvenir shops – a gem tree that is supposed to bring you money and wealth. But, this “souvenir” actually has an important place in feng shui. Such trees are also called crystal trees, and every tree typically has one gemstone type which determines its feng shui meaning. There are various money trees, crafted from amethyst, coral, agate, and other crystals.

Fu Dogs

Fu dogs are a guardian symbol that is traditionally placed in front of palaces and temples. When placed in front of a home, this symbol represents the social status and wealth of the family living in it. There are usually two of them together in a feng shui bracelet or necklace.


Traditionally found in Tibetan and Hindu jewelry, the symbol of the elephant has also made its way into the practice of feng shui. The feng shui meaning of elephant stands for wisdom, luck, fertility, and protection. When choosing a Chinese lucky charm bracelet with an elephant symbol, you can pay more attention to the animal’s trunk, as this part is often very different from charm to charm.

Chi Lin

A curious mystical creature in Chinese mythology, Chi Lin has a dragon’s head, a horse’s body, and a carp fish’s scales. This fascinating creature in feng shui brings strong beneficial energies, conveying blessings of prosperity, and good health. Chi Lin symbol would protect you and your home from evil spirits.

If you have found your feng shui jewelry already, that is great! If not, keep looking – we are sure you will find a talisman that resonates with you at My Good Luck Charms. Wear your Chinese lucky charm bracelets wherever you go, or place feng shui figurines in your home to create a harmonious environment. Surround yourself with good vibes – it is all in your hands!