According to an ancient Middle Eastern belief, people with malintentions have the power to place the Evil Eye curse on you. To protect yourself from the negative energies and attract positive vibes into your life, you need to wear Evil Eye charms in the form of jewelry. Choose from our collection of bracelets, rings and necklaces to find talismans that not only look good on you, but give you full protection from bad luck.

Evil Eye

What Does an Evil Eye Bracelet Really Do for You?

Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t heard, even briefly, about the ancient curse of the Evil Eye? Today you can come across Evil Eye bracelets of all sorts: sterling silver Evil Eye bracelets, men’s Evil Eye bracelets, and even diamond Evil Eye bracelets. But what do they all mean? Why have they become so popular in recent years? Or perhaps is it that they were there all the time but we did not pay enough attention?

What Are Evil Eye Bracelets?

There is a widespread belief that some people possess the power to place a curse of the Evil Eye on others, if they look at someone with jealousy or malice or if they praise the other person excessively. This belief says that the evil look would inflict a form of suffering, harm, or bad luck on the victim. Whether the curse is cast intentionally or accidentally, it can still cause something bad to happen. Or if we are too confident or too prideful about something, that could also result in something bad, and we could end up casting the Evil Eye on ourselves. That’s why we often hear people say the phrase: “Don’t jinx it!”

Because Evil Eye is so feared across the world, there are so many rituals and actions a person can perform in order to remove the curse. Rolling an egg over someone’s body, saying prayers, making a sign of the cross, placing blue beads in babies’ cribs, letting olive oil drip into water – these are just a few of the ways to avoid the curse of the Evil Eye or get rid of it if you could not escape this malicious look. But, these rituals are not something that you can perform all the time, so people needed something else that could offer protection round the clock.

Hence, in almost every culture around the world, people looked for the help of magical objects, amulets, and talismans for protection from the Evil Eye. Since Evil Eye jewelry is such a simple yet strong solution, having a good luck charm that shields you from negative energies has been popular for thousands of years. What is the Evil Eye bracelet meaning? Turkish, for example, have a belief in a blue symbol of the Evil Eye, Nazar boncugu, that they think protects its wearer from the curse. The blue eye has made its way in many amulets and charms, especially Evil Eye bracelets.

In Greece, people also believe in the curse of the Evil Eye and protect themselves by wearing amulets with Greek blue beads. Evil Eye bracelets work so well because it is easy to incorporate blue Evil Eye beads into the design. They also look very stylish, and thanks to fine jewelry designers, can be worn for casual styles and special occasions alike. Apart from blue beads, you can also use Evil Eye bracelets featuring a Hamsa hand, which has an Evil Eye symbol in its palm. Hamsa hand comes from the Middle East and is also known as one of the most powerful protective symbols against the Evil Eye curse.

How Do Evil Eye Bracelets Work?

Evil Eye is a blue talisman which resembles an eye and is crafted from plastic or glass. People believe that it brings blessings into a person’s life while at the same time shielding them from the curse of the Evil Eye. Bringing good luck and taking away negative energy are the two qualities that the Evil Eye symbol is thought to possess. The all-seeing eye will notice any evil directed at you and protect you from an intentional or accidental curse.

There is a very curious legend about the Evil Eye in Turkey. Do you know the myth about Perseus and Medusa? Well, Turks believe that evil eyes were Medusa’s eyes. They had the power to turn people into stone when they were caught in Medusa’s gaze. Perseus was the one who killed Medusa and used the power of her eyes to kill his enemies. An eye for an eye, so to say.

Evil Eye bracelets work based on the “eye for an eye” principle when you get rid of something with the like. The eye or eyes on the bracelet reflect the Evil Eye curse back to the person who cast it, like a mirror. Do you know the saying: “eyes are the window to the soul”? When someone’s intentions are pure and honest, it is reflected in their eyes. And when someone’s intentions are evil, their eyes can inflict harm on the person their gaze is directed at. That is the belief in the curse of the Evil Eye.

The best-known way to protect yourself from the bad influences of the Evil Eye is by wearing a special charm with the Evil Eye symbol, like a Nazar bracelet or Hamsa bracelet. Such charms are thought to create a protective shield around you and not let the harmful energies of the Evil Eye pass. Getting your charm is important because you can’t know when a person is giving you the evil look. And when you wear your good luck amulet, it guards you against bad things that others might will onto you.

What if an Evil Eye Bracelet Breaks?

According to Middle Eastern traditions, when an Evil Eye bracelet breaks, it means that jealousy, negativity, or envy was directed at you. Evil Eye bracelets have a job to protect their wearers from the curse cast by a malevolent glare. When there is a particularly strong evil intention directed at you, the bracelet might break. However, that does not mean that it let the curse go through to you. Quite the opposite, the bracelet has completed its protective job and broke.

In Turkey, people believe that if your amulet broke, that means that it took away with it the curse that someone was trying to place on you. Even if it breaks without any physical reason, the negative energy directed at the amulet forced it to break, but it still performed its function. Evil Eye bracelets are meant to break, and it is perfectly fine if yours broke, too. You just need to replace it for a new one. Never wear a broken bracelet, because it does not have the ability to stop the curse anymore.

Evil Eye Charms for Better Luck

The concept of the Evil Eye is still alive in the modern world and is just as relevant, or even more so than it was before. Its story begins in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, where people with dark hair and eyes were thought to be capable of casting the Evil Eye on others. As time passed, and Westerners invaded, then blue-eyed people have become just as suspicious. Partly because of this, and partly because of its relation to the sky and sea, blue color was chosen for Evil Eye bracelets.

Some people hope to not only receive protection of the Evil Eye symbol but also attract positive energies into their life. Talismans increase your confidence, even if at first you feel skeptical about wearing them. When you wear symbolic jewelry with appealing design, you know that you wear something you like, which makes you more confident and helps you carry on toward your goals and not give up on them. Wearing an Evil Eye bracelet also reduces your fear of failure, and when you are not afraid to make mistakes or fail, you are more likely to think things through and do better in your life.

In the world we live in, many believe that too much fortune, praise, success, or fame may be the cause of someone’s misfortunes. That is probably why we see more and more Evil Eye charms appearing around us. Besides, nowadays, Evil Eye bracelets are being popularized by celebrities who wear them in public, like Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna. So, perhaps the charms have been popular all along, just that now they are truly brought into the spotlight.

It is tempting to think of the Evil Eye as a coincidence, a belief that does not play an important role in the 21st century. However, it is not just an old-fashioned superstition. This curse can affect how many people behave around others. This belief can be dangerous in some instances. For example, if someone believes that another person cast an Evil Eye on them, they might seek revenge, which will turn into the cycle of bad luck. That’s why it is so important to wear a special good luck charm to protect yourself and people around you from this evil curse.

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