This Native American charm protects you from evil spirits and nightmares. The special woven patterns catch your bad dreams and keep nightmares away, giving you the blessings of positive thoughts and good dreams. Select from our collection of handmade dream catchers as well as bracelets and necklaces to find your best match that fits your needs and protect yourself from negative energies.

Dream Catchers

Where Should You Hang a Dream Catcher in Your Living Space?

Do you know what a dream catcher is? Dream catchers are perfect good luck charms for peaceful dreams and protection against evil spirits. A handmade dream catcher could be used to attract calm, feel more relaxed, and improve the overall luck of the family it has in its care. But the meaning of a dream catcher goes even deeper than that. It is said that these fabulous items have been woven by a magical being.

The dream catcher good luck charm appears in a legend among the Native American Ojibwe tribe. They used it to protect themselves against nightmares and bad dreams. When hanged at the entrance of their homes, the special woven patterns would bring good dreams and protect their people. And while the good dreams would be allowed to enter their homes, the bad would remain stuck in the woven pattern and burned by the light of the sun in the morning.

What Is a Dream Catcher?

The origins of the dream catcher meaning lie within the ancient story best known amongst the people of the Ojibwa tribe. According to them, a Spider-Woman created the dream catcher to protect the tribe from the evil spirits haunting the ancient forests in the region. After her success, mothers and grandmothers took her example and started to handcraft dream catchers to protect their sons and daughters.

Legend says that the Spider Woman used a willow branch to bend it into a teardrop shape to represent the circle of life and the eternal dance between the sun and the moon. Furthermore, the Spider-Woman used animal sinew to weave the web-like pattern that catches the bad dreams and allows only the good ones to make their way into the dreamers’ mind.

At last, the fluffy hawk feathers that trail at the bottom were used so that dreams may land safely after being caught in the dream catcher. Having traveled through the dream catcher’s web, they needed the way to enter the dreamer’s mind. This is how, according to the legend, the first handmade dream catcher was complete and began its work.

Native American Chippewa tribe has its legend about the meaning of a dream catcher. Chippewa people crafted dream catchers for their children, to make sure they do not wake up scared if a bad dream showed up in their sleep. Mothers handcrafted those talismans, saying prayers and sacred words, to make the handmade dream catchers carry positive energies and their happy thoughts.

Unlike today’s dream catchers, Chippewa hanged theirs from the center. This way, when good dreams reached the center of the charm, they will float down the feathers and enter the sleeping children’s dreams. Back when the tradition started, people also gave special meaning to the feathers on the talisman. If a handmade dream catcher had an owl feather, it was crafted for a girl and symbolized wisdom. And if a dream catcher good luck charm had an eagle feather, it was crafted for boys and stood for courage.

This is how the meaning of a dream catcher was created, and thanks to its power, soon the handmade dream catcher spread among Native American tribes and remained a symbol of protection against nightmares and evil to this day. Over time items such as beads, colored threads or shells were added to dream catchers. In many instances, a handmade dream catcher is wrapped in leather. In fact, if you see a dream catcher for sale wrapped in leather, it may very well be a traditionally handcrafted item.

Where Should You Hang the Dream Catcher?

How do you know where you should place your dream catcher? After they were first created, dream catchers were placed at the entrance of each home so that when the evil spirits came visiting in the darkness, they would know the place was under the protection of the Spider Woman. Now, your handmade dream catcher can be in many places in your living space, such as on the wall, bedroom door, bedpost, or lampshade.

When you are choosing a place for your dream catcher talisman, make sure it is somewhere where it can do its work. And if you want to pause its effects, there is also something you can do. Dream catchers do not work when lying flat on a surface. That is why when you have a feeling that you need to take a break from the abilities of the dream catcher for sale, you can take it off and place it on a table or other flat surface to make it inactive for the moment.

Many places in your living space are suitable for hanging a dream catcher. Ask yourself what purpose you want to fulfill, and you will find your answers. Do you want to place it near the window so that the charm could catch the sun’s rays? Do you want your handmade dream catcher act as a filter of negative energy? Then you can place it near an electronic device in your house. Have calm and peace knowing that your dream catcher good luck talisman is hanging in a best possible place for your living space to receive its positive energy.

If you live in an apartment or simply find it more useful to have your dream catcher in someplace where you can see it more often, you can hang the dream catcher good luck charm right on the wall above your bed. This way, you make sure that the handmade dream catcher protects you and your family against bad dreams and nightmares and gives you the good restful sleep you deserve.

Many people prefer dream catchers in the form of a necklace or bracelet. Dream catcher jewelry is elegant and trendy, and it is a good way to protect yourself from negativity at all times. If you would rather have a dream catcher necklace, you should wear it throughout the day and hang it in a place close to your bed during sleep. This method has the same effects as the regular-sized handmade dream catcher good luck charms.

How to Choose Your Own Dream Catcher?

A dream catcher can come in many sizes and colors. Therefore, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. When you see a dream catcher for sale, think about it carefully and choose something that you like, something you feel connected to. As long as you feel a connection, it does not have to resemble the classic dream catcher, but it can also be a dream catcher necklace or bracelet.

The connection you have with your dream catcher is very important, but so is how the dream catcher was crafted. These days you can find a dream catcher for sale almost anywhere, but if you are looking to get a real dream catcher good luck charm, you should search for a handmade dream catcher, because only these would have the power to block bad dreams and negative energy and allow only the good dreams to come to your sleep.

Apart from many designs and colors of dream catchers, the different things attached to this good luck charms also carry special meanings. For example, the beads in a dream catcher stand for the spider, the weaver of the charm’s web. There is also another theory that says the beads represent good dreams that could not pass through the web and into the dreamer’s mind. Such dreams were crystallized and remained on the dream catcher in the form of sacred charms.

If you are looking for a dream catcher in a store or ordering it online, ask the seller how and where it was crafted. Make sure it is a handmade dream catcher to get the most benefits from this good luck charm. That’s because the dream catcher for sale that you see is just as powerful as the materials used to craft it.

When you see a dream catcher for sale, you should also know that there is also an element of belief associated with the handmade dream catcher. According to the Natives, everything is connected, and the Great Spirit can feel a person’s heart. Therefore it will only take into its care the ones that understand and feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

The Native American legends suggest that the dream catchers are as powerful as our belief in their properties. But this should not be a concern for people close to nature, those who enjoy spending time outside and carry respect for life in all its forms.

Now that you have all you need to know when you see a dream catcher for sale, you can go ahead and choose the perfect good luck charm that best fits your needs. Make your dream catcher work for you by believing in its powers, and let the talisman protect you when you are most vulnerable, in your sleep. Choose a handmade dream catcher from our selection at My Good Luck Charms!