Lord Buddha is an ancient icon of awareness, calm and knowledge. Harness the enlightening energy of Lord Buddha and bring positivity into your life and strengthen the connection to your inner self. Select from our collection of Buddha head statues, lamps, charms, jewelry and paintings to invite the ancient wisdom of Buddha.


How to Choose Buddha Charms

Buddha charms have been around for millennia. They have been crafted and passed down the stream of generations to preserve the knowledge and memory of the enlightened one. From ancient times, good luck Buddha has been an omen of prosperity and peace and is nowadays used by many people to attract positive energy and feel more connected to their inner selves.

But good luck Buddha comes in many shapes and sizes and sometimes it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you or a loved one. Is it a Buddha statue you need or a Buddha pendant? And how big should it be? What material? These are all the questions any person looking to acquire their Buddha charms should answer in order to make the best choice.

Knowing everything there is to know about Buddha charms takes time, and therefore, we did the research part for you. Here you can find what the buddha heads meaning is, what is the connection between Buddha charms and black obsidian, and of course how to choose the right good luck Buddha.

Buddha Heads Meaning

Different features of Buddha have a different meaning, but Buddha head statues are by far the most admired. Buddhist monks believe that Buddha heads meaning is related to the wisdom and knowledge of Siddhartha Gautama as the head is the part of the body responsible for the thinking process.

Buddha heads meaning is created by a combination of symbols that has survived since ancient times. Statues of good luck Buddha usually have curly hair, a feature considered to be a sign of nobility. They are depicted with a serene expression meant to represent the peacefulness that comes after long sessions of meditation. And occasionally, the Buddha's head has a flame or a bump on top, which is a sign of illumination – the attainment of Nirvana.

In the Buddhist religion, the connection between the mind, body, and surrounding nature is very important. Therefore, the Buddha heads meaning exceeds the symbolic status of a regular sculpture. There is no doubt that in Buddhist cultures, statues of Buddha have a great religious significance, but they are also great objects of decoration. They are used in parks, shops, and even houses because of their positive effects on people’s minds.

Buddha heads are often the object of desire for many collectors. The older they are, the greater their value is thought to be. They are seen as objects that can help one attain illumination and awaken to their true selves. Many perceive Buddha heads as icons of confidence, awareness, calm, knowledge, and compassion, while others find a hidden meaning while watching the statues. But most of all, Buddha heads meaning encompasses the teachings of Buddhism itself. They are the medium of a message of peace, compassion, and love that needs to echo throughout the world for centuries to come.

Buddha Charms and Black Obsidian

Buddha charms can be crafted from all sorts of materials. Wood, iron, bronze, stone, silver, and sometimes even gold have been used to depict the good luck Buddha in various shapes and sizes. But even though there is no rule to decide what the base material for Buddha charms should be, there are still some materials whose properties could greatly influence the effects of the charm.

Many spiritual healers believe that in the crafting of a spiritual object such as the Buddha statue, black obsidian should be used to maximize the beneficial effects of the object. It is no secret that the power of black obsidian could be very useful for its cleansing effect, being a great means of protection against negative energy. But the power of the black obsidian crystal is even greater than that.

The black obsidian in the Buddha statues has been shown to help people fight negative thoughts and resentment. The crystal is often used to help one fight their impulses and choose the right path, a path of love and compassion.

People often use black obsidian as a point of focus during meditation because it could help them feel calmer, take control of their thoughts, and become lighter. Additionally, many psychics vouch for it when it comes to enhancing the gift of prophecy and believe in its power to help make contact with the spirit world.

Black obsidian also has powerful grounding properties. If you suffer from lack of focus, procrastination, or feel as if you do not know what to believe in anymore, black obsidian good luck Buddha can help you restore your inner balance and focus on the things most important to you. The benefits of black obsidian good luck Buddha could be enhanced through meditation, mantra practices, and exercise.

How to Choose the Right Good Luck Buddha

Unless you have a clear idea of what you would like to purchase, choosing the right good luck, Buddha can prove to be difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we can help you find the perfect Buddha charm for you. Answer these questions, and then you can choose and use the right Buddha charm to your heart’s content.

Do you feel unlucky and need to repel negative energy? When you feel stuck in a negativity cycle and feel as if there is no getting out of your everyday struggles, then it is time to look for a way out.

A solution can be using a Buddha bracelet with chakra beads, a Tibetan lucky fish mala necklace, or a good luck Buddha wind chimes bell. All of these items are blessed with the power of the good luck Buddha and could help you break through your bad luck and negativity. The Tibetan lucky fish would attract joy, luck, and happiness. The chakra beads would help you reconnect with your inner energy. And, the melodious tune of the bell would help you relax and find a state of calm and peace.

Do you have a problem with focusing for long periods and want to be more productive? There comes a point in our lives when work, bills, and other responsibilities are too much. When that is the case, no matter how much we try to keep up with it, time is never enough.

If you are going through a difficult moment such as this, part of the solution can be using a sitting Buddha painting with lotus flower, a tangka mandala painting, or a Buddha color changing lamp. While the mandala painting is created to enhance focus and deepen the state of meditation, the lotus pose of the Buddha is associated with the journey of the lotus flower through muddy waters. Just like billions of lotus flowers bloom in the morning light after overcoming the difficulties of having to grow through their rough environment, Buddha overcame the obstacles in his path to attain enlightenment. Thanks to his struggle, now you can use these objects to carve your path toward your personal and professional goals.

Did you encounter difficulties holding onto your spiritual beliefs? In a world where things change every day, and nothing feels certain, it becomes more and more difficult to know what to believe.

But there are ways to find and focus on what you know to be true, and good luck Buddha charms could help you with that. Use the black obsidian Chinese Buddha necklace, amazonite beads mala bracelets, or a black obsidian Buddha pendant to enhance your spiritual force, feel healthier, find enlightenment, find your true self, practice self-discipline, and heal energy blockages.

Do you have a wish that you would like to come true, a plan or objective set for a long time that does not seem to come to fruition? Big dreams sometimes take a longer time to come true, but it is best to hang on to them for as long as it takes rather than never try at all.

Whatever that is, accomplishing your biggest dream is by far the greatest accolade you can obtain in life. Do not miss the chance to use the Tibetan prayer wheel mantra necklace, the Buddha mantra amulet, or the Tibetan meditation Tingsha bells to help you on your journey. The Tibetan prayer wheel is a great tool to help you focus on your dreams and make your prayers more effective. The Buddha mantra amulet would help you focus on your mantras, and the Tingsha bells would offer a way to increase your focus, awareness, and self-confidence.

Now you may think, what does a color-changing lamp or painting have to do with being more calm, peaceful, and productive? Simply put, symbols have a great influence on our lives. Those are the things we associate with actions we know must happen when these symbols are involved. Good luck, Buddha charms are based on this principle. People have used various sculptures, stances, and symbols associated with the Buddha to heal themselves for millennia. If you believe in their healing power, they will work for you just as they worked for our ancestors a long time ago.