A great way to let your good luck charms work for you everyday is to wear them. Ancient talismans such as evil eye, chakras in the form of bracelets have the power to protect you from harm and attract positive energy and good fortune into your life. A good luck bracelet has the power to magnify your positive thoughts to uplift your mood, setting you towards the path of achieving your goals. Pick from our wide selection of zodiac, Buddhist, copper, karma, natural stone bracelets among many others to start attracting luck into your life.


How to Choose Your Good Luck Bracelets

Everyone needs a charm for good luck. You can say with certainty there isn’t a person who would not wish to be lucky! For many years, people have thought of so many ways to try and attract luck into their lives. And the easiest way to do so is by wearing jewelry with special talismans, such as Evil Eye, karma, or chakra bracelets. Such good luck bracelets would amplify your intention and help you keep your cool in difficult times.

Good luck bracelets are believed to attract good fortune to those who wear them. That is why, since the beginning of time, people have crafted charm jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings. But, simply having a good luck charm will not immediately start working for you. That is because the true power of good luck jewelry resides in faith and positive energy of its wearer.

Good Luck Bracelets for Good Fortune

In life, we experience ups and downs all the time, and that is why good luck bracelets are a must-have for healing and attracting positive energies. When you wear your charms every day, you will notice the subtle difference in your mood and outlook. When you have faith in your charm, it will improve the way you feel in difficult situations. Believing in your charm to bring you luck is the first step in obtaining that which you desire.

Our thoughts are very powerful, so thinking about your blessings instead of concentrating on your pitfalls is a way to grow and embrace the richness of life. If you believe in your good luck bracelet, it would magnify your positive thoughts and offer protection and healing. Having a positive outlook on life will help you not only in your search for luck but also in other areas of your being.

Discover Different Types of Good Luck Bracelets

Just like there might be many things you want to attract into your life, so are there many types of good luck bracelets to choose from. Whether you seek protection from negative energies, chakra balancing, help in meditation, or bringing your body, mind, and spirit into alignment, we have got them all. Here are several types of good luck bracelets you can choose from.

Evil Eye Bracelets

Many people around the world believe in the so-called Evil Eye, the curse cast upon one by a person with ill intentions. A malevolent glare directed at someone unaware could curse the person and bring upon them misfortune or bad luck. But, people have long learned how to protect themselves from the Evil Eye. That is by wearing jewelry featuring a special eye symbol, such as one found in Evil Eye bracelets.

Evil Eye bracelets usually have light blue and dark blue beads. Blue is believed to be the color traditionally known for karma protection and attracting positive energies. So, the combination of the beads and symbols in Evil Eye bracelets reflects the evil intent to the person who cast the curse and keeps you safe from harm.

Copper Bracelets

Copper has a long history of being used for healing, and it has many beneficial properties for our physical health. It is a cleansing metal, which is believed to have the ability to remove toxins. In Ancient Egypt, people used copper to purify drinking water, and all around the world, this metal is thought to help with several medical conditions.

Copper jewelry can be used to target specific areas of the body for healing, as its properties are absorbed through the skin. For example, copper bracelets are worn for arthritis pain relief in the wrist and hand. On a spiritual level, copper is believed to be a grounding metal for the body and soul. It also possesses strong protective and healing energies. Wearing a copper bracelet is the best way to get both holistic and physical benefits of this metal.

Chakra Bracelets

Chakra bracelets contain seven colors which represent the colors of the chakras, namely root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Each natural stone has a similar vibration frequency as the corresponding chakra. Hence, the crystals influence our energy bodies by aligning their vibrations with our chakras. Chakra bracelets can also help you positively focus your mind and emotions.

It is believed that handcrafted chakra bracelets can restore balance and energy in these energy centers. They are crafted from various materials, including natural stone beads, crystals, aromatherapy beads, and others. To give special powers to your chakra bracelet, you need to cleanse and energize it before wearing. Have faith in your bracelet’s healing abilities, and it will help turn your negative feelings and emotions into positive ones.

Buddhist Bracelets

My Good Luck Charms offers a great variety of Buddhist bracelets, from mala bracelets for counting mantra recitations, to Tibetan knot bracelets handcrafted by monks in monasteries. Buddhist bracelets always carry symbolic power, which is why they often feature one or more symbols carrying significance in Buddhist traditions.

String and knot bracelets for good luck are crafted by Tibetan monks who recite mantras while tying the knots of the bracelets and charging them with good energies. A Buddhist bracelet for good luck can feature the image of Buddha to repel evil energies, the lotus to remind of spiritual purity, and the tree of life to represent enlightenment.

Many bracelets have been inscribed with the Om symbol, the mantra to remind about compassion and kindness to others. And another type of Buddhist bracelets is mala bracelets, usually containing 108 crystal or wooden beads and used for counting mantra recitations in meditation. Choose a Buddhist bracelet that speaks directly to your soul.

Karma Bracelets

Everything we do has a consequence – that is what karma teaches us. Every action we take at some point will have an impact on our future. It is the law of cause and effect, where we will personally experience the effects of the things we cause. Perhaps these effects will not come back to us for years, or maybe even not in this lifetime, but they will eventually return.

Karma allows our souls to evolve. It gives back to us the energies we give out into the world. That is why we need to surround ourselves with positive people and energies and focus on bringing good vibes outward. Because good deeds and thoughts contribute to future happiness and good karma. Hence, karma good luck bracelets serve as a constant reminder for us to think good thoughts, practice good deeds, and treat others well.

Zodiac Bracelets

Zodiac bracelets are a very popular jewelry item inspired by the 12 Zodiac signs. Since ancient times, people believed that the power of your Zodiac sign could impact your life’s fortunes. That is why Zodiac signs appeared on good luck bracelets and protective amulets. Even if you are new to astrology, your sign would watch over and protect you on your journey.

If you are looking for protection of your guardian constellation, Zodiac bracelets are the perfect choice for your next good luck bracelet. Your Zodiac charm can strengthen the positive energies in your life when you wear the stones associated with your astrological sign. Combined with the energies of constellations, this is just the perfect accessory for your connection with the universe!

Natural Stone Bracelets

Natural healing crystals of Mother Earth make amazing good luck bracelets. They carry energy vibrations, which connect to your energy body and help balance your mind, body, and spirit. When your life gets difficult, good luck charms like natural stone bracelets can help you face your fears and take control.

Healing stones serve as a daily reminder that everything in life happens for a reason. They help you focus on the journey itself instead of thinking solely about your destination. Connecting with your natural stone charm bracelets will allow their vibrations to help you in life. Whether you wish for luck in business, career, love or dreams, crystal stone bracelets are a great place to start.

How to Find a Good Luck Bracelet That Works for You?

When you are looking for a good luck bracelet, you should decide beforehand what you would like it to do for you. Some objects are believed to bring good luck to their owner through the power of their energies. And, charms would work when the wearer has faith in them and what they symbolize.

Once you recognize the spiritual energy of your good luck bracelet, it will start working in your favor. Remember, the charm will not significantly alter your destiny, but it will diminish negative energies around you and help take small steps toward achieving your big goals.

If you are looking for a good luck bracelet, look no further! My Good Luck Charms offers a wide selection of Evil Eye, copper, Buddhist, natural stone, karma, Zodiac bracelets, and many more different types of charms. Give yourself a little push and try attracting the luck you desire in life with the help of a lucky bracelet.