Bohemian lifestyle is about embracing your free spirit and having a peaceful mind. You can achieve that style by wearing an individual style of clothes, jewelry and accessories. Whether it is different materials, textures, patterns or elements, you can find your personal style by browsing through our collection of Boho bracelets, necklaces and rings.


How to Layer Your Jewelry Like a True Bohemian

Bohemian jewelry has really become a major trend in recent years, and it is not just a thing of the summer romantics or flower fields. Boho is a lifestyle, and living it makes you peaceful and free. Boho pieces are attractive, but not everyone can wear layers of clothing and jewelry with the same mastery as the new bohemians do. That’s why we have prepared some tips for you on how to layer your items to nail that romantic free-spirited boho look.

What Is The New Bohemian Lifestyle?

Living a bohemian lifestyle is about being a free-spirited person, having a peaceful mind, and wearing an individual style of clothes, jewelry and accessories. Handmade bracelets, bead bracelets, and vintage style items are especially popular with the new bohemians. They wear flowy and loose fabrics and choose earthy colors in their clothing, with elements such as rings, beads, and tassels. Because the whole boho trend is very nature-oriented, you can see a lot of jewelry pieces representing nature in some way.

You can find many different cuts and silhouettes in the new bohemian clothing, and a number of materials and textures in bohemian jewelry. Usually, the designs for bohemian pieces are inspired by nature, art, folklore, floral, ethnic, and rustic patterns and elements. You can find jewelry and accessories with embroidery, fringes, tassels, crystals, beads, sequins, and lace.

You cannot call bohemian jewelry minimalistic. That’s why you can quite easily identify boho bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Just like the clothing and accessories, you will find unique engravings, gemstones, Moroccan-inspired designs, natural materials, pearls, wood, bone, velvet or leather in the pieces. Perhaps you already own some bohemian jewelry, or maybe you are looking for an elephant necklace or a handmade bracelet to add to your collection. But before you start wearing your boho pieces, let us give you some tips on layering.

Are you ready to learn how to layer like a true bohemian?

Get a Statement Necklace

If you want to attract and spread good vibes, the first thing you should probably get is a statement necklace that would remind you and others about your adventurous spirit. Often, when we think about bohemian jewelry, we imagine layers and layers of different kinds of necklaces. But it is actually very easy to bring the boho style into your everyday life by getting a statement necklace, like this Ethnic Tribal Boho Necklace, which you can combine with a cardigan or a kimono for a complete boho look.

Mix Different Metals

If you think that we are not supposed to layer different kinds of metals with one outfit, think again. It is time to think modern. And modern says, layer your metals for an interesting look that would totally stand out. Do not try to match them and just go with your gut feeling. Try, for example, wearing a short and thin golden necklace together with a longer silver pendant. Add to that a leather or suede choker, and voila! You have an eccentric new bohemian look, and you only used three necklaces.

Go for Gold

If you find it complicated to mix and match in the beginning, and you are not sure what jewelry to wear with what clothing, and vice versa, gold pieces are real lifesavers. Gold bohemian jewelry works very well with any color from the boho palette, so if you have a gold necklace or a bracelet, you can wear it with any clothing you own. If you are looking for a touch of color, a few natural stone beads will complete the look, like the turquoise crystal beads in this Bohemian Turquoise Choker Necklace.

Chokers for the Win

Leather and suede chokers are such a big thing in bohemian jewelry, that you cannot be a new bohemian if you do not own one. You can always style the choker in a gypsy way if you simply combine it with other elements that bohemians usually wear. A long dress, a pastel color palette, some boots to complete the outfit, and you are ready to go. Choker necklaces are so versatile. If you are not really into leather or suede, you can always get a metal or cloth choker and style it with a boho, chic, or classy outfit – whichever you are in the mood for.

Mix Textures

Just like mixing metals, mixing textures is really common for the new bohemian lifestyle as an exciting way to experiment with your jewelry. Do not be afraid to combine the materials that you could not even imagine together. Mix leather with gold, velvet with ribbons, feathers, pearls, tassels, and natural stone beads – experiment to your heart’s content. You can notice that bohemian handmade bracelets and bead bracelets always have several elements and textures, just like this Boho Colorful Beaded Bracelet or Multilayer Tassel & Bead Bracelet.

Wear Good Luck Charms

Another trend in bohemian jewelry is wearing good luck talismans and charms from all over the world in layered jewelry. You can get a Bohemian Elephant Necklace if you are looking to attract positive vibes, good luck and good fortune into your life. Apart from elephant necklaces, you could go for symbols such as the Hamsa hand in the Lucky Charm Butterfly Bracelet for protection from the Evil Eye, or the dream catcher in the Dream Catcher Sterling Silver Keyring to shield you from nightmares and give you only good dreams.

Add Some Color

New bohemian jewelry is everything but boring. Do not be afraid to stand out by adding bright and colorful handmade bracelets, elephant necklaces, and bead bracelets to the outfit. You will definitely nail the bohemian look and also stand out from the crowd. If your jewelry is mainly metal or you are still learning how to mix and match different styles, colorful accessories really help. Wear this Ethnic Boho Tassel & Bead Bracelet with plain gold bracelets that you have and take your layering to the next level.

Watch for the Length

For a perfect layered look, you want your necklaces and elephant necklaces to be of different lengths. If you need some help, just think about it as the rule of three, meaning that you can easily combine and wear three necklaces with different lengths. A good necklace to start with is a choker because it gives you a lot of room to choose the lengths of your other necklaces. If you do not wear chokers, a necklace that ends just below your collarbone is another good option. Next, add a necklace that reaches your breastbone, and finish the ensemble with one falling on or below your bust.


Sometimes layering bohemian jewelry results in your necklaces getting tangled up and messing up your overall look. To prevent this from happening, try to always pair long and short necklaces, so there is a clear distance between them. You can also wear necklaces of different weight, so that the heavier piece always stays in place. And also, if you master mixing materials, you probably will not have to deal with untangling your necklaces, because usually jewelry crafted from different materials stays separated when you wear it.

Don’t Forget Your Hair

Layering bohemian jewelry is not only about mixing and matching different kinds of necklaces and bracelets. It is also about knowing how to wear accessories like body chains, cuffs, leg and ankle jewelry, and of course new bohemian hairpieces unusually. Head chains and bohemian style hair clips not only look feminine and elegant, but also complement every bohemian outfit. Wear the Boho Head Chain Hair Jewelry with a long flowy dress, or wear it when you go to the beach and add a bracelet or a body chain with coins or shells for a bohemian beach look. And if you want to decorate your hair with a clip, the Boho Crystal Moon Hair Clip is a perfect option, as it is already layered – wearing it is a win-win.

Forget the Rules

Everything you have read before are not the rules of layering bohemian jewelry. In fact, there are no rules in the new bohemian style, so these are just some tips that could help you master the art of layering. Otherwise, make your own rules. Do not be afraid to stand out! If you feel comfortable with the necklaces you are wearing, and if you enjoy the feel and the look of your mix-and-match efforts, just go for it. And if you do not feel like mixing – don’t. You can also just wear a statement necklace any time you do not want to layer.

So, these were a few tips to help you master layering bohemian jewelry. Feel free to use them as you like, but remember that the jewelry should always complement your outfit, and the new bohemian style is no exception. Be bold and try something out of your comfort zone once in a while to see how it looks with your favorite outfits. Find handmade bracelets, bead bracelets, and elephant necklaces for your bohemian collection at My Good Luck Charms.