Carrying the power of the earth's core and charged with volcanic energy, the black obsidian stone has the power to heal your mind, spirit and body. It protects you from the negative energies of your past and puts you on the path to a positive life. Select from our collection of black obsidian jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and rings as well crystals you can place in your homes to harness the power of feng shui. Use the black obsidian to attract luck and good fortune into your life.

Black Obsidian

How to Use Black Obsidian to Attract Good Luck

Among natural crystals and gemstones that are thought to bring luck and attract good fortune, black obsidian stone takes a special place. Obsidian jewelry has an enigmatic appearance and is a joy to wear. Let’s find out more about black obsidian jewelry and its healing applications in other areas.

What Is Black Obsidian Jewelry?

Obsidian jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces or rings featuring black obsidian gemstone at their center. Obsidian is unique because it is formed when water comes into contact with volcanic lava. When the lava cools too quickly after pouring into a lake or ocean, obsidian gets this glassy texture that so many love it for. There are several types of obsidian gemstones, the most mysterious one of which is probably black obsidian.

Charged with fiery volcanic energy, this gemstone carries powers of the core of our planet itself. That is why it is one of the most potent gemstones – it combines at its core the elements of earth, fire, and water. Because of its sturdiness, in prehistoric times the stone was used for weapons and cutting tools. Later, when people have discovered the healing abilities of black obsidian, this crystal for good luck started appearing in jewelry such as black obsidian necklaces.

There are other names black obsidian is called by, such as xaga, volcanic glass, glassy lava, royal agate, and glass agate. It is known as the stone of truth, which can bring light upon many secrets, answer the questions you might have about life, and uncover the meaning of its deepest mysteries. Although the crystal is black and opaque, its energies are clear and bright.

Healing Properties of Black Obsidian

If you find yourself drawn to a mysterious black obsidian stone, it could be letting you know that your mind, body, and spirit need a cleanse. Good luck jewelry with black obsidian stone works hard to clear debris and emotional wounds from the past. It protects your spirit from negative emotions and feelings and helps you look deep into your inner self. How does black obsidian work for your body, mind, and spirit? Let us tell you more about its healing properties.

Black Obsidian Body Healing

When your energy centers, or chakras, are blocked or imbalanced, your energies stop flowing freely within your body, which might lead to physical ailments. Black obsidian jewelry is believed to have the power to clear and align the base and sacral chakras, removing possible blockages and opening the energy centers.

By realigning your energies, black obsidian also allows you to make healthier choices in your lifestyle. As such, it could promote healthy eating and help you get rid of negative habits, such as drinking alcohol or smoking. The gemstone would help you let go of any habit that no longer serves you. A powerful stone for detoxification, it would take care of your health even in the most difficult emotional situations.

Black Obsidian Mind Healing

The black color of this obsidian variety adds special properties to its healing powers. This gemstone helps you understand and accept the darker sides of your character, so you can work toward removing that aspect from your life. It helps you take charge of your healing, release negative emotions, and get rid of negative emotional behavior.

Every one of us has something dark within, and black obsidian would help you reach those emotions so you could understand how they influence your life so you can work on eliminating them. The gemstone would protect you from being overwhelmed by the negative emotions and promote the healing of your mind. Its protective powers are immense, forming a shield from negative emotions and influences around you.

Connected to mysterious dimensions, the black obsidian stone would expand your consciousness and sharpen your senses. It is believed that this crystal helps clear confusion and bring clarity to your mind. Black obsidian meaning is deeply connected to the truth and great power, without limitations or boundaries. It could heal your mind on a deeper level than many techniques.

Black Obsidian Spirit Healing

If there are any habits that prevent you from growing spiritually, black obsidian would help you recognize them and work toward removing them from your life. To promote your spiritual growth, the stone would point out the patterns that slow you down and help you clear them from cellular memory and your aura.

Black obsidian is also the best gemstone for keeping you focused and grounded. Its grounding properties are perhaps the most well-known among other healing benefits of the crystal. If you struggle with maintaining your focus on one task at a time, black obsidian jewelry would keep you focused.

If you wear a black obsidian necklace, you would notice how the stone draws you toward your inner self, the center of your being and the place of truth. This crystal for good luck could help you connect the elements of your being and bring out your biggest strengths and capabilities.

How to Use Black Obsidian to Attract Good Luck

Black Obsidian crystal for good luck has a mysterious aura and beneficial energies that you can use to your advantage. Its powerful presence can be attributed to the energy that slowly draws you in and keeps you intrigued by the gemstone. For many years, people have attempted to attract luck with black obsidian, using it for protection, in healing practices, and the art of feng shui. Find out how you can use black obsidian jewelry to attract good luck.


Black obsidian is such a versatile gemstone when it comes to physical and emotional healing. It is the stone of truth, which means it would expose the areas where you need improvement and eliminate negative thoughts. Moreover, it could shield you from the influences of electromagnetic pollution. Black obsidian jewelry could improve your personality in many ways, by inspiring courage, bringing peace and calm into your life, encouraging personal growth, and facilitating compassion.

Many people have talked about the physical benefits of wearing black obsidian jewelry, such as improving circulation, promoting detoxification of the body, reducing energetic causes of pain from arthritis. In all practical matters, this crystal could help you achieve clarity and become more grounded and focused. If you tend to have strong emotional reactions to events in your life, a black obsidian necklace would help balance those emotions and help clear your mind of fear.


Black obsidian jewelry has very powerful protective qualities. The gemstone is believed to block negative thoughts and energies from entering your auric field. Its powers facilitate peace and calm so you can concentrate on the things that matter to you without worry. By balancing the energies of the mind, body, and spirit, black obsidian would help you accept your weaknesses so you are no longer threatened by them.

If you feel powerless or overburdened by the things you cannot control, black obsidian jewelry could give you the courage you need to protect yourself from negativity. It would work to draw in negative energy and keep it securely stored away. Because of its ability to absorb negativity from your environment, the stone appears in many items for the home as well as black obsidian jewelry.

Feng Shui

Each one of us probably experienced the time when we wanted to protect our living spaces from negative external energies. And black obsidian is one of the best gemstones to do that. When you are choosing your stone, it is best to do this yourself. Feel the stones speak to you and let your intuition guide you while making a choice.

Do not pick your black obsidian jewelry simply because it looks good, but rather pick the one that feels right in the palm of your hand. Sometimes, it is small and highly powerful crystals that create most miracles.

Before you use your newly acquired stone, you need to clear and charge it with beneficial intentions. For clearing black obsidian, you can soak it in a bowl with tap water for one or two days. And then to charge your crystal, you can place it under the sun for another one or two days.

You also want your gemstone to work on achieving what you desire. For that, you need to program the crystal before placing it in your home. Hold black obsidian in your hand and clearly convey your intentions.

Now, to activate your home with the use of black obsidian, place the cleared and fully charged crystal on a flat surface in a place of honor in your home. Make sure that the space around the stone is not dusty or cluttered, as it would prevent your good intentions from being realized.

As you have seen, there are many ways in which you can use black obsidian gemstone to attract luck and good fortune into your life. Whether you are seeking black obsidian jewelry for protection, healing, or good feng shui, My Good Luck Charms has plenty of black obsidian necklaces and other good luck jewelry for you to choose from. Protect and heal your energies with black obsidian crystal.