Eagle Eye Stone Buddhist Bracelet

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Are you tired of the stresses and monotony of your daily routine? Do you feel like having more energy will help you to conquer your projects and tasks?

When you need a boost of confidence or creativity, the Eagle Eye Stone Buddhist Bracelet that absorbed the energies of traditional six-word Tibetan mantra is just what you are looking for.

What is special about eagle eye stone?

Eagle eye stone is the perfect gem for the environment of modern society, which has a number of beneficial influences on one’s health and well-being.

From ancient times, it is believed that the eagle eye stone can strengthen the thinking ability of its owner, boost his confidence, and help to control emotions and overcome negative feelings. It is said to provide mental calm, help with insomnia, and give courage and purpose to its owner.

How the eagle eye beads and the six-word mantra can help you in your life?

The culture, history and art of Tibet has always carried an aura of mystery. The Eagle Eye Stone Buddhist Bracelet is hand crafted by Tibetan monks who chanted the traditional six-word Tibetan mantra, a repetition of words, to charge this Buddhist bracelet with beneficial influences and positive vibrations.

It is believed that chanting the 6-word mantra “Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum” invokes the blessings on the embodiment of compassion Chenrezi. The mantra focuses on generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, renunciation, and wisdom.

The symbol of totem in this Eagle Eye Stone Buddhist Bracelet enhances the stream of life force energy and enhances everyday life. Our ancestors believed that the three streams of life force, such as physical, mental, and spiritual, have to cooperate with each other, something we forgot in the modern fast-paced lifestyle. By wearing the totem symbol as a part of this eagle eye stone bracelet, you can encourage the three streams of your life force to work together. 

Increase your vitality and reduce stress of everyday life!

  • Stone Type: Blue Eagle Eye Stone
  • Bracelet Size: Adjustable, see Sizing & Care for sizing guide
  • Tibetan Totem Material: Thai Silver (30%), White Copper

Necklace Size Guide: 

Women & Men Sizing Guide

Bracelet Size Guide:

You can use a measuring tape or a strip of paper (no more than 2.5cm/1 inch wide). Mark the overlap point then add an extra 2.5cm/1inch to the measurement for a more comfortable fit. 

Product Care: 

  • Jewelry Care: To keep your metal jewelries shining for longer, avoid direct contact with water or chemicals (lotions, chlorine from pools...). Clean it with soft cloth.
  • Crystal Care: Natural stones are fragile, avoid direct contact with hard surfaces, and clean your charms with soft cloth.


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