Who doesn't want to have luck on their side? But instead of chasing after it, you can attract good luck into your lives continuously with accessories. From crystal accessories, good luck tattoos to antique pocket watches and dream catchers, find the ones from our collection that make you feel lucky. Wear them or place them in your homes to start attracting good fortune and beneficial energies into your life.


11 Accessories That Will Bring You Good Luck

Luck is a tricky thing. Sometimes you feel like the universe is against you, while other times the sun is shining brightly and good fortune is on your side. But, perhaps there is a way how you can attract good luck into your life continuously, so you can focus on what is important to you? If you are like us and you believe in the powers of sacred, spiritual, or healing items, you might want to try getting these home accessories thought to bring good luck and attract good fortune, among many other benefits.

1. Crystal Accessories

Natural stones and crystals have long been known for their incredible healing abilities. Their powers are so diverse that you can find crystal accessories pretty much for anything you wish to attract or heal. Grounding crystals like black obsidian, calming like amethyst, energizing like citrine and aquamarine, are among the many others you can find in nature.

Some crystal accessories attract luck, others heal, while some others offer protection from negative energies. You can wear crystals in jewelry like necklaces and bracelets, lay them on your body for chakra healing, and get a crystal ball placed in your home or office for all-day protection and healing.

2. Chakra Jewelry

Have you heard the word “chakra” before? It represents the centers in your body through which energy constantly flows for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Jewelry and home accessories with chakra colors or symbols could help you feel better daily by helping your chakras stay balanced and harmonious.

There are just so many chakra accessories that you could use to attract positive energies and good luck into your life. Crystal accessories like chakra bracelets, pendulums, and wands are the best way to bring some basic chakra healing into your life. Combined with the strong healing powers of natural crystals and gemstones, these items are just what you need to set yourself on the right path to feeling better.

3. Guardian Angel Accessories

Sometimes to attract luck and good fortune into your life, you need to have faith in the power of the celestial beings watching over you. Guardian angel home accessories could help you attract good luck, all the while bringing you closer to your guardian angel. If you believe in your charms to attract luck and charge them with intention, they would help you achieve what you wish for.

If you prefer to place a crystal accessory in your home, choose a figurine shaped like an angel. It would work to attract luck, and a natural gemstone would bring additional healing qualities. Another way is to wear guardian angel jewelry featuring angels, angel feathers, or runes representing the names of archangels.

4. Zodiac Jewelry

Do you know what your Zodiac sign is? Are you an Aries, a Sagittarius, or perhaps a Leo? Astrology is fascinating, and knowing your Zodiac could give you an idea about your character traits or even your destiny. But, you should also know that Zodiac home accessories are powerful tools that could help you attract luck and enrich your life.

Every person has a Zodiac sign given to them based on their date of birth. And every Zodiac sign has a corresponding constellation up in the night sky. When you carry accessories, watches, or wear jewelry with your Zodiac, your guardian constellation is protecting you from negative energies, only allowing positive influences to enter your life.

5. Spiritual Home Accessories

For some, luck is such an elusive thing, while for others, it is something they encounter every day. For those of us who need some extra luck in our lives, spiritual home accessories could be of huge help. From ancient traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism, many sacred and spiritual images are believed to bring good luck.

If you place a figurine of Buddha in your home, it will serve as a reminder of virtues such as peace and happiness. Bringing more positive energies into your life would also make you more open to receiving luck, which is very important. Yin Yang symbol in jewelry or tapestries would remind you about the balance in the universe. And if you need your own peaceful space at home, get a miniature Zen garden, and by removing the negative qualities attract the positive.

6. Crystal Hair Accessories

A great place to wear your lucky charm so it can always be with you, is in your hair. Crystal hair accessories not only look good, but with the right choice of metals and symbols would attract good luck and good fortune into your life.

Choose crystal hair accessories with images of the moon, crescent moon, crystals, birds, or a lotus symbol to start attracting luck with your hair jewelry. You can be elegant and stylish all the while attracting beneficial influences of the universe into your life. Make sure your hair accessory is always with you for the best benefits.

7. Good Luck Tattoos

The truth is, many people want a tattoo. They ask tattoo masters to place intricate designs on their bodies to ingrain into memory a certain event or a person, to be always reminded of something deep and meaningful. But your good luck tattoos do not need to be painful or stay on your body for life. You can enjoy symbolic temporary tattoo stickers which look amazing and contain symbols that would bring you luck.

Yoga, good luck tattoos with an Om symbol, mandalas, or other spiritual patterns and geometries, are a strong reminder of your spiritual path and a representation of your creativity and identity. Although they are temporary, their effects will stay with you for a long time continuing to attract luck into your life.

8. Dream Catchers

Perhaps one of the most favorite home accessories for good luck is a dream catcher. Coming from the Native American Ojibwa tribe, dream catchers were initially crafted by mothers who wanted to guide their children from bad dreams. If you place a dream catcher above your bed or in another space in your bedroom, it would let only the good dreams pass through its web, while the bad dream would get stuck and disappear with the morning light.

These days, dream catchers are not simply about the legends. They are loved and used by people all around the world. Different designs of dream catcher home accessories make them suitable for people with different styles and tastes. There are colorful dream catchers, decorated with beads, and simpler ones, closer to original designs. With the dream catcher in your home, you would surely have more peace and luck.

9. Antique Pocket Watches

Among charms for good luck are antique pocket watches. In olden times, men would keep a pocket watch with a portrait of their family or loved one inside as a good luck charm in a battle or occasions where they needed help from a higher power. The lucky attribute of accessories watches comes from this.

Now, pocket watches are rare, and they are considered vintage items. Watch accessories not only look stylish, but they also add a classy vintage look to any outfit. You can place a photograph inside the watch and keep it as a memento. Besides, you can also wear your watch as a necklace around your neck if it is small.

10. Lucky Numbers

Ever since you were a kid, you probably had a favorite number that was lucky for you, or maybe you have heard that 7 or 8 (in China) are very lucky numbers. But do you know why that is? What makes these numbers luckier than others, when there are so many digits and combinations to choose from?

Number 7 represents knowledge, luck, and perfection in many countries, and in Ancient Greece, it was also associated with the sum of two perfect forms – triangle (3) and square (4). And, number 8 is like its equivalent of the luckiest number in China, because the word for “eight” sounds very similar to the word for “prosperity.” So, if you believe in lucky numbers, add them to your jewelry or accessory choices and reap their lucky benefits.

11. Mandala Tapestries

If you have ever tried meditating, you might have found it easier to remove distractions by keeping your gaze on a certain shape or pattern. Mandala tapestries not only make for some great home accessories for good luck but they also serve as a perfect tool for meditation. Different colors and patterns on mandala tapestries make it easy to choose one based on your individual preferences.

Sit in a comfortable position across your mandala tapestry and follow the pattern with your gaze. When your consciousness begins to slip, go deeper into your meditation and continue tracing the pattern until you reach the desired state of being in meditation. Let the mandala tapestry help you achieve harmony and balance between your body, mind, and spirit, bringing you luck and peace.

So, here they are-11 home accessories that will bring you good luck. Place these items in your home as figurines or purchase jewelry featuring the lucky symbols and charms. Find the ones that speak to you at My Good Luck Charms and start attracting luck and beneficial energies into your life.