The Meaning Behind the Evil Eye Symbol

Chances are you have seen the Evil Eye symbol, perhaps even many times before. Maybe it was someone wearing an Evil Eye talisman around you, or maybe it was in a bracelet you got as a souvenir on a trip to the sea. An eye set on a blue background, standalone or surrounded by various jewels and stones. Sounds familiar? Yes, this token of protection from evil on your jewelry is the infamous Evil Eye.


But, do you know that this symbol has a deep and meaningful history behind it? Do you know that many different cultures believe in the so-called Evil Eye curse?

It was almost 5,000 years ago when people started believing in the Evil Eye. From Ancient Sumer, Greece and Rome, the symbol made its way into protective talismans of today, sold almost at every corner and gift shops in tourist destinations. Yet, Evil Eye jewelry is not just a curiously designed souvenir. It is a powerful amulet believed to protect against evil curses in every religion of the world.

What Is the Evil Eye?
The Evil Eye is a curse believed to cause the person it is cast upon various degrees of harm. The person under the curse can receive pretty much any problem, from little disturbances in everyday routine, to seriously unlucky experiences in life. This curse is so scary because it can inflict illness, loss of fortune, or even disasters on someone.

Human beings consist of energy, and as we know from school lessons, energy does not get created or destroyed – it is transformed. Because of this, some people can charge their negative energy to others using their eyes, when they are envious or wish the other person evil. The Evil Eye is one of the best-known curses cast by such people.

Evil Eye is not just an intentional curse. In fact, you can cast it upon another accidentally, if you glare at them with envy or even if you compliment them. What’s more, you can even cast the Evil Eye on yourself if you praise yourself too much. That is why in Ancient Greece and Rome people believed that a person who was praised too much by others is at high risk of receiving the Evil Eye. Swollen with pride, the person would inflict the curse upon himself, which would lead to physical or mental illness.

Egyptian Eye Of Horus Necklace

This goes even further, as any illness with unexplained cause was said to be the result of the curse cast upon people by Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. Because the gods could not tolerate people becoming too proud, they used the power of the Evil Eye to force them to be more aware of their place.

Ancient Sumerians living in Mesopotamia around 3,000 years ago were the first ones to believe in the curse. However, there are also drawings of the eye symbol found in caves excavated across the world, so the belief might be even older than that. It looks like the notion of the Evil Eye was known across the ancient world, spreading to the lands of Alexander the Great and Roman Empire and continuing into Middle Ages to Celts and Englishmen. Today, almost everyone around the world is aware of what Evil Eye is, and even unaware people buy Evil Eye jewelry seeing its unique design.

No matter where you go, Evil Eye meaning is essentially the same, regardless of the difference in traditions of cultures and religions. People in Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, West Africa, and Central America all believe in the curse and fear it. In some parts of Turkey and southern Europe, people might even consider foreigners with green or blue eyes suspicious.

Turquoise Evil Eye Sterling Silver Ring
Evil Eye Silver Ring

People cursed by the Evil Eye can experience emotional or physical tiredness, drowsiness, unexplained bad luck, discomfort, stress, nervousness, fear, headaches, lack of focus, stomach pain, irritability, or unexplained anger or sadness. Anyone can become a victim of the curse, but usually vulnerable members of society, like babies, children, or the elderly, are affected the most.

The strength of one’s personality can prevent that person from being affected by the evil wishes of others. Working on your spirituality is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the Evil Eye. Your internal strength acts as a barrier against bad intentions and negative energies. To prevent the curse, you need to come into contact with your inner self and achieve harmony from within. It also helps when a person maintains a positive attitude and is able to find happiness in small things, so no one can influence them with envy.

How to Get Rid of the Evil Eye?
Even though people around the world know about the Evil Eye in the same way, they use different techniques to rid the victims of the curse. Some pray, while others perform special actions or rituals, wear protective symbols like nazar and Hamsa hand, or use Evil Eye jewelry. Read on to find out the ways people have invented to remove the curse.

Evil Eye Superstitions
Since ancient times, people looked for ways to protect themselves from the curse of the Evil Eye. Some pray as a way of defense against it. For example, Christians create the sign of the cross with their hands and point the index and pinky fingers at the direction of where the curse came from. In Brazil, people plant special trees at homes and business locations, the trees that belong to their indigenous gods.

In Ancient Greece, people would burn bear’s fur to ward off evil. They would also carry a cross or incense for protection. They also believed in certain objects to have protective qualities against the Evil Eye. These objects could include gunpowder, garlic, a ring, or salt, and other things that were considered helpful against evil energies.

Lucky Charm Butterfly Bracelet
Lucky Charm Butterfly Bracelet

In Italy, the cursed person drips olive oil into a pot of water, and if the drops form a shape of an eye, that means the curse is real. Then, the person needs to say prayers until the eye no longer forms. In Ukraine, melted wax from a candle dripping into a pot of water is used to check for the Evil Eye. The person has a curse if wax sticks to the pan or splatters, in which case he needs to be cleansed with Holy Water.

Mexicans roll an egg over the body of a person who carries the curse. They crack the egg and check whether the yolk is shaped like an eye, and continue rolling eggs until this is no longer valid. And people in China use a mirror with six sides that is believed to reflect the negative energies back to the person who cast the curse. A similar technique is used in India, where people carry small mirrors attached to their clothing.

Evil Eye Charms
Using special objects and rituals is not the only way how you can protect yourself from the Evil Eye curse. In fact, symbols, talismans, and jewelry still remain the most popular sources of protection because you can carry them with you at all times, while the amulets will work in your favor. Evil Eye charms are thought to carry the power to “reflect” the curse of the Evil Eye back to the person who cast it. The most popular Evil Eye symbols that appear on protective charms are nazar and Hamsa hand.

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Nazar amulet can be found all over the world, but is especially popular in Turkey. People hang nazar charms in their cars, offices, and incorporate them into jewelry and ornaments. The word itself originates in Arabic and means “seeing.” It is presented in the form of an eye-shaped talisman, most often crafted from handmade glass. The eye itself is seen as concentric circular or teardrop-like shapes in black, light blue, white, and dark blue colors. Sometimes, the eye also has a golden edge and might be decorated with small crystals to enhance its power.

Sacred Angel Charm Bracelet
Sacred Angel Charm Bracelet

It is not a coincidence that blue color appears in nazar amulet. The color of the water and the sky, it was thought to be of divine origin since the times of Ancient Egypt. In Sumer, many statues appeared to have large blue eyes, said to be the sign of gods. In Asia, blue eyes were rare, so people thought of them as carrying magic, powerful enough to reflect the curse of the Evil Eye. People buy nazar talismans up to this day, for their unique appearance and qualities.

Hamsa Hand
Another one of the most well-known talismans believed to protect against the Evil Eye curse is Hamsa hand originating from the Middle East. Apart from protection against evil energies, Hamsa is thought to attract luck, good health, abundance, and fertility. Some cultures used the eye symbol to protect themselves from the curse while others relied on the power of Hamsa hand. Over time, the two symbols merged, and now you can find Hamsa hand talismans featuring an eye nested in the palm of the hand.

Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace

Hamsa amulet consists of a hand with five spread fingers, and it is a prominent talisman in Middle Eastern protective jewelry, such as Hamsa necklaces, Hamsa bracelets, and Hamsa pendants. In fact, the word “Hamsa” itself is derived from the five fingers on the hand, number five translated into Hebrew as “hamesh,” one of the spellings of Hamsa name.

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Different legends are associated with the Hamsa hand. In Islamic culture, for example, Hamsa is known as the Hand of Fatima, who was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. Legend says that Fatima was one day preparing dinner for her husband Ali, when he came home unexpectedly with a young and beautiful woman at his side. While polygamy was considered normal, Fatima was still saddened seeing her husband with another woman.

Hand Of Fatima Charm Necklace

Shocked, Fatima returned to the kitchen and unaware of her actions started stirring a pot of boiling water with her hand. Although her hand was burning, she did not realize it until her husband came into the kitchen and screamed. When Ali realized how deeply Fatima was hurt, he decided to abandon the other woman and return to his wife. Since then, the Hand of Fatima has become an important symbol in Muslim culture, the symbol of patience and fidelity.

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Depending on the direction in which you place the Hamsa hand in your house, the amulet will have different meanings. As such, when the hand faces down, it attracts the goodness and abundance into your life. It also brings good luck and fertility. When the hand faces up, it is a sign of protection against evil energies. Hence, Hamsa meaning became associated with a powerful symbol of protection which shields you from insecurities and negative inner thoughts.

Evil Eye Jewelry
Jewelry featuring symbols of protection from the Evil Eye curse, such as nazar and Hamsa hand, appear in contemporary jewelry designs. In recent years, paparazzi spotted Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber wearing Hamsa necklaces. A number of other celebrities were noticed wearing red string Kabbalah bracelets, which are also believed to protect from evil. More and more curious designs appear, and with them, interest in Evil Eye jewelry only increases.

Eye Of Horus Medallion Necklace
Eye Of Horus Medallion Necklace

There are many people who believe in the curse, and there are perhaps just as many who are skeptical about it. Interestingly, in today’s world, where fame and fortune take center stage, the notion of the Evil Eye is especially relevant. If it ever happened to you that you praised yourself too much for something, and soon after something negative happened in your life, you probably cast the Evil Eye on yourself.

Belief in the Evil Eye stems from the desire to understand and explain the events that seem unexplainable. Even if you are not a celebrity, you certainly have something precious to you, and this goes for all people. So, it is best to carry the protection of a powerful Evil Eye talisman so you can be safe from envious glares or excessive praise. My Good Luck Charms offers a variety of Evil Eye jewelry items, such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings, so make sure to check them out!