Evil Eye Ring: The Secret Meaning Behind Meghan Markle's Ring

When Meghan Markle visited the Royal Variety Charity’s nursing home in Twickenham, she was spotted wearing a curious ring. That ring got tons of attention for its secret meaning. So, what meaning could a ring with a hand and an eye in its palm possibly have? That was a Hamsa ring, the symbol of protection against the Evil Eye.

Meghan Markle Hamsa Evil Eye Ring

Image Credit: Elle

What is an Evil Eye Ring?

Before we go into the details about Hamsa and its properties, let us briefly explain what “Evil Eye ring” means and why people wear them in many of the world’s cultures.

Evil Eye is said to be a curse cast upon another by a jealous person with evil intent. By looking at someone with malefic intentions, a person capable of casting the Evil Eye can transfer his or her negative energy on to the unsuspicious victim. For many people, the curse is not a joke, because its consequences can be pretty serious, like loss of fortune, physical or mental symptoms like headaches, lack of focus, or bad luck.

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But, not just evil people can cast the Evil Eye on you. In fact, your friends or family, or even you can cast this look upon yourself accidentally through excessive praise. Which is why it is best to not have evil intentions toward anyone, while at the same time avoid complimenting them too much.

If someone tries to cast the Evil Eye curse upon you, you will not know about it until it shows its ugly effects. Then, how do you protect yourself and prevent this curse from being cast upon you in the first place? Wearing a piece of jewelry with protective symbols, like an Evil Eye ring, will keep you shielded from the Evil Eye so you won’t need to worry about other people looking at you.

For Meghan Markle, her gold Evil Eye ring features an auspicious symbol of Hamsa hand, known for its powerful protective abilities. In contemporary society, when celebrities and public personas are under the scrutiny of thousands of eyes, an Evil Eye talisman is very relevant. Besides, back when she attended the event, Markle was still pregnant with her child, so the amulet would work to protect both her and her baby.

Even if you are not a famous actor, writer, or duchess, you still meet a lot of people every day. You live with your family, go to your workplace, spend time with your friends, and so on. Of course, those close to you do not wish you any harm, but as you read before, the Evil eye can be cast accidentally through praise. Wearing a sterling silver Evil Eye ring or a gold Evil Eye ring would give you protection from the curse while looking elegant and fashionable.

Why Hamsa Hand?
Hamsa is an interesting symbol recognized in many countries across the world. It is regarded as an ancient amulet that symbolizes the Hand of God. This talisman has many names and spellings, such as Hamsa hand, Hamesh, Hamesh Hand, Chamsa, and Khamsa. In Islam, it is also known as the Hand of Fatima, and in Judaism, as the Hand of Miriam. In all the world's faiths, it is a protective sign thought to attract luck, health, and good fortune to its wearer.

Wearing the ring of the Evil Eye offers protection from the Evil Eye curse, also known as ayin ha’ra. Markle wore her Hamsa ring with its fingers pointing down, and that is also not accidental. Whether you wear the Evil Eye ring with Hamsa hand fingers pointing up or down, it will make a difference in the qualities it attracts.

Hamsa hand necklace
Upward facing Hamsa hand protects from negative energies and reflects the curse of the Evil Eye back to the person who cast it. On the other hand, downward-facing Hamsa hand is an auspicious sign meaning success and prosperity. Because Hamsa on Markle’s ring is facing down, it means she is open to the abundance of the universe, while receiving protection from the Evil Eye thanks to the Hamsa ring.

The word “Hamsa” is translated as “five.” This might seem like an obvious name, since the Hamsa hand has five fingers, but the symbolism of the number goes deeper than that. In Jewish culture, number five represents the five books of the Torah, and also symbolizes Heh, which is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and at the same time one of God’s holy names. In addition, for Sunni Muslims, it is the symbol of the Five Pillars of Islam, and for Shi’ite Muslims, the Five People of the Cloak.

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But, the symbolism behind the Hamsa ring does not stop there. In Jewish culture, people believe that the five fingers of the hand represent the five senses people use to praise God. In the ring of the Evil Eye, you can often see an eye symbol placed in the palm of the Hamsa hand. This eye is known as a strong symbol with the ability to defend from and reflect the Evil Eye.

Having such a powerful symbolic background, Hamsa hand is believed to be one of the most powerful symbols in Evil Eye jewelry to protect from the curse. So, it is not a surprise that people across the world, celebrities or not, reach to the wisdom of the ancients when choosing their Evil Eye rings. With the rising interest in spiritual Judaism and Kabbalah, symbolic jewelry has become more popular, and Hamsa rings take the center stage.

How Does Evil Eye Ring Work?
People usually wear an Evil Eye ring on their left hand. It is thought to reflect the negative energy, prevent you from getting the curse of the Evil Eye, and emit positive energies toward its wearer. Many people also use Hamsa rings as good luck charms, because they believe that Evil Eye jewelry brings luck. You can see the eye ring at work if something unlucky was about to happen, but did not. That means the ring prevented the event.

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People who cast the Evil Eye on others usually do not even realize that they are doing something wrong. They usually do not do it out of bad intentions. That is why wearing an Evil Eye ring at all times is a good idea. If you do not wear jewelry at home, then just put on your Hamsa ring in the morning and take it off for the night. It is very easy to find Evil Eye rings to match your style and wardrobe, because right now they come in various shapes and colors, and some are even crafted to meet fashion trends.

Evil Eye Rings Today
Markle’s gold Evil Eye ring is her favorite, according to her husband Prince Harry. The elegant ring features a blue sapphire stone, which is the eye in the palm of the Hamsa hand. This detail might be referring to the engagement ring that Princess Diana wore, but this semi-precious gemstone only enhances the symbolism.

In fact, a number of celebrities nowadays turn to Evil Eye jewelry, and there is fine Evil Eye jewelry, along with designer lines of sterling silver Evil Eye rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can find Evil Eye rings from Chanel, Swarovski, Zoe Chicco, Sydney Evan, Zoe Lev Jewelry, Kismet by Milka, EFFY, Elsie May, Gianni Bernini, and other jewelry designers.

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It might seem like the Evil Eye symbol’s popularity has suddenly surged in recent years. That is because such celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Brad Pitt are being spotted wearing Evil Eye jewelry. The truth is, this symbol has been consistently used by many cultures for thousands of years, and will be relevant in the future just like it was in the past and it is currently.

So, if you are looking for a stylish piece rich in symbolism and carrying protective qualities, an Evil Eye ring is a great place to start. Hamsa rings have an eye that observes everything that happens, the all-seeing eye. It would protect you from harm and attract positive energies from the outside world. It is very easy to wear an Evil Eye ring every day while it works to enhance your emotional and spiritual growth.

Negative energies can bring us down, and if we let ourselves be influenced by the Evil Eye, it might feel like more negative things would follow. Positive thinking is an added bonus that comes with wearing a Hamsa ring. Knowing that you are protected from evil, you could easier develop a positive outlook on life and attract good luck, health, fortune, wealth, and happiness.

Many people believe that looking positively at life has powerful protective qualities. Add to that an Evil Eye ring to take care of other people’s feelings, which you cannot control, and the Evil Eye will not follow you. Choose your Evil Eye ring from a number of designs and styles available at My Good Luck Charms and protect yourself from bad energies with a stylish accessory.