Chakra Jewelry - The Means to an End

The human body is a very complex structure. The beauty of its existence lies in the idea that though it may have a physical state, it also possesses another mystical state called soul. This soul is a vessel for chakra. According to some people, certain objects affect this chakra. These objects are called chakra jewelery, which is responsible for amplifying or inhibiting the strength of a certain chakra.
7 chakra tree of life necklace
Read on to get a brief insight into the realm of chakra and the variety of its objects:

Chakra and its Beginning:
Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word chakra, which means the wheel. According to the old Hindu tradition, the human body possesses six to seven different points. Each of them is responsible for a "taste" of physiological experience. According to the old script, chakras travel through the body and the smoother the flow of chakra, the smoother is the use of energy inside the human body.

Types of Chakras:
The human body is like a jar of secrets. The flow of positive energy through the human body is one of those many secrets. Distributed uniformly around the body at seven different locations, this energy must be channeled properly. Possessing unique names, these chakras can be controlled using chakra jewelry. Each of the spots has a piece of separate chakra jewelry made specifically for it. There are seven main types of chakras:

1. Crown Chakra
2. Third Eye Chakra
3. Heart Chakra
4. Solar Plexus Chakra
5. Sacral Chakra
6. Root Chakra
7. Throat Chakra

Chakra Stones and their Effects:
The first chakra jewelry to be discussed is the seven chakra stones. Stones have been believed to solve problems related to health, finance, and mental issues. The list keeps going on. They have deep healing power. As for the chakra stones, there is Clear Quartz responsible for the mental and physical stability of a person. The Amethyst is that chakra stone which is responsible for keeping the third eye chakra and the crown chakra regulated.
7 Chakra Crystals Stones
Explore7 Chakra Crystals Stones

The Rose Quartz is a multi-purpose stone which is pink in color. It opens the heart of a person and encourages them to love. The Black Tourmaline is a protective stone. The Carnelian is the energy-boosting stone. The Adventurine is the healing crystal attracting the true feelings to the heart. It is also known as the luck stone.

Chakra Bracelet to the Rescue:
The hand is the most mobile part of the human body, taking part in almost every motion of the body. The process of this motion can cause it to touch all the parts of the body at any point in time. By wearing a Chakra Bracelet, one can activate all those chakra spots. Having all the seven chakra stones, this chakra jewelry is the most famous of them all. It manages to combine all the energies and then directs them through the body accordingly. The most important benefit of this chakra jewelry is that it reduces mental and physical stress.
Sacred Bracelet Of The 7 Chakras
ExploreSacred Bracelet Of The 7 Chakras

This bracelet is meant to be worn by both male and female users. Mental and physical issues are something that can cause a person huge distress. And wearing a chakra bracelet is the best way to tackle it.

The Necklace and its Uses:
A Chakra Necklace can play an important part in a person's life. Not only does it amplify the person’s energy, but it gives the wearer an option to target whichever sweet spot they want to. Each chakra necklace can consist of a single original crystal or a combination of crystals to increase the power of the necklace.
7 Chakra Balancing & Healing Necklace
Explore7 Chakra Balancing & Healing Necklace

The benefits of the chakra stones in the necklace would grant mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional stability to that particular person. Each stone contributes to the beauty of the necklace by adding a different color. The best way to harness the full power of this necklace is to add the benefits of yoga. Its power increases as the person is able to direct his/her energy into those specific chakra points.

How does the Chakra Pendulum Work?
The process of syncing is performed by the chakra pendulum. This valuable tool is used to determine the problems related to energy, and it resolves them accordingly. Its movement shows a natural balance between its two extremes. Bringing balance to each and every aspect of our life, this pendulum might seem too simple, yet it has so many uses.
7 Chakra Crystal Pendulum
Explore7 Chakra Crystal Pendulum

The true benefits of this chakra pendulum lie beyond count. It can help us find lost things. When used during meditation, it gives strength to our intuitions and truth. Another thing that it can do very easily is to enhance your self-confidence and communication skills. It also acts as an immune system along with providing emotional balance and strength. Those people who experience jealousy or feel suffocation must wear this at all cost to regulate their behavior.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Chakra Wand:
This chakra jewelry adds a slight color to the beauty of the chakra itself. Though this wand has various traits that are difficult to explain, its benefits are countless. Wands can be created with different chakra stones, each with its different traits and features. The wand comprises a pointed end, that creates a connection between the person holding it and the universe. Thus, it explains an important fact to a person by its mere shape. That the person can hope to be whatever he wants to be, but if the connection is not through to the universe, his success is in serious doubt.
7 Chakra Balancing Crystal Wand
Explore7 Chakra Balancing Crystal Wand

These wands are extremely delicate and must be handled with extreme care. Thus the chakra wand explains another fact, that the most beautiful things are very delicate and sensitive to breakage. If a person values something or someone, he or she must give them absolute importance.

Chakras and their Benefits:
For a person to solve a problem, it is necessary for him to understand what he is doing and what is supposed to be done. Same is the case with doctors. A doctor would not give his patient any medicine unless he knows exactly where the issue is. Similarly, with chakra jewelry, one must know the area which is to be targeted, in order to understand what he or she is supposed to do. For example, sitting in the lotus position can help you regulate the strength of the root chakra. This treatment does not need any chakra jewelry, but it surely can help us out provided that the chakra stones, chakra necklace, or chakra bracelet are not available.

Yoga and Chakra: What is the Connection?
Yoga has been defined as a very sacred art. It is the glue that binds the physical state with the non-physical soul together. Each of them has a separate task and duty to perform. The physical state can be maintained by eating healthy food. But the soul can neither eat nor drink. For that particular reason, if by any chance the condition of the soul deteriorates, then the only solution is yoga. And chakra jewelry aids yoga by regulating the flow of chakra, so that the energy flows openly without any issue.
Yoga Healing Stone Necklace With Chakra Pendant
ExploreYoga Healing Stone Necklace With Chakra Pendant

Chakra Collection Benefits:
Life these days has become extremely difficult and hard to manage. The day-to-day troubles are making the modern working population extremely exhausted. Not only are they stressed, their strength to bounce back has also decreased.
But all the external factors causing distress can be controlled with the help of chakra jewelry. It works best when all the chakra jewelry is placed together at a particular location inside the house, as it can control the negative flow of energy. This would help the person to develop the ability to bounce back after getting pushed down.

The Common Misconceptions about Chakra:
The first thing that comes to mind is how can a stone affect our body? The idea of their very existence challenges our mind. The next thing that many people believe is that there are only seven chakras. Another one is the misconception that healing your chakra is a quick and easy process. Such is the intensity of these myths, that each of them challenges it on a new level.
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Answer to these Misconceptions:
Answering the myths around chakra is a very important task, as even the slightest of doubt can ruin everything. According to science, it is believed that every individual thing gives off electromagnetic waves, which in turn interact with the surrounding environment. Thus, the myth of its non-existence is null and void.
The next thing is the fact that there are not just seven chakras. There can be as many as 114 chakras inside the human body.

As for the third misconception, it is very difficult to heal and regenerate one's chakra. Chakras hold a lot of things inside them and once they are damaged, it is very difficult to repair them back.

Chakra Jewelry is a must in anyone’s life as they help in regulating the chakra flow inside the body. This flow, in turn, affects our behavior in day-to-day activities.