An Evil Eye Necklace Like Jennifer Aniston: The Best Solution to Send a Message

Meaningful jewelry is rocking the trends these days. Perhaps some of us wear it simply as a stylish accessory. But, in most cases, symbolic jewelry carries special significance to the wearer. Like when Jennifer Aniston appeared after the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wearing an Evil Eye necklace, it probably meant something to her. As Brad Pitt’s previous wife, she probably wanted to shield herself from the Evil Eye – an ancient curse cast by a gaze with evil intentions.

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While we can only guess why Aniston wore the Evil Eye necklace back then, we know for sure that its powers cannot be underestimated. Evil Eye symbol is one of the strongest protective images around the world. It may be called differently depending on the country where its story is told, but the Evil Eye necklace meaning roughly remains the same everywhere. When someone glares at another person with bad intentions, or when someone is giving excessive praise, they might end up casting on the other person the Evil Eye.

The superstitions about the Evil Eye curse are strong even to this day. In fact, many believe that this glare can bring about bad luck and misfortune. Since ancient times, starting with Ancient Greece and Rome, people thought that when someone received more than they deserved, the Evil Eye could be cast on them. They could get the curse from jealous people, or it could be gods and goddesses punishing them for not knowing their place. And that is also why any unexplained physical or mental symptoms of distress were attributed to the curse.

What Is an Evil Eye Necklace?

Once people realized that the Evil Eye existed, and it was not something they could control, they needed to come up with methods of protection against the curse. Many cultures across the world have developed their special rituals for removing the Evil Eye, such as saying prayers or performing certain actions that could free the victim from the curse. But, was not there a way to prevent the curse from happening in the first place?

Hand Of Fatima Charm Necklace
There certainly was: Evil Eye jewelry. By adding symbolic images and charms to necklaces, rings, and bracelets, people crafted protective talismans to carry with them throughout the day. This way, they were protected from the Evil Eye curse while at the same time attracting good energies into their life. One of such talismans is Turkish nazar boncugu.

Nazar boncugu, which is another name for the Evil Eye charm in Turkey, resembles an eye that is set on a blue background. It might also be referred to as an “all-seeing eye,” alluding to the Eye of Horus from Ancient Egyptian mythology. Nazar looks in all directions and can spot all evil, protecting its wearer from harm. Since its appearance, people have added nazar design to Evil Eye jewelry, so that they can be protected as they go about their lives.

Perhaps the most effective type of jewelry for protection from this curse is an Evil Eye necklace. That is because from its position on the body, the eye is able to spot anyone who looks at you with evil intent, staring at them directly and reflecting the curse back to the caster. The power of reflection, and the ability to return the negative energy to the person who tried to harm you, is how all Evil Eye pendants work. Wearing a necklace, you can also be safe from casting the Evil Eye accidentally on yourself – you just need to look in the mirror to neutralize the effects.

Why is the Evil Eye talisman blue? 

Evil Eye jewelry designs are really different from each other across cultures and historical timelines. There are diamond Evil Eye necklaces, sterling silver Evil Eye necklaces, and gold Evil Eye necklaces, among others. But in the original design, the amulet is blue. In Turkey and Greece, this color reminds people of water. In that region of the world, water is precious – it is said that water makes the culture prosper and grow. So, blue is an auspicious color that carries strong protective abilities.

What Is Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace?

Hamsa Evil Eye necklace is another type of protective amulet that features a blue eye nested in the palm of a hand. It is thought to be one of the most powerful talismans against evil in Africa and the Middle East. If you haven’t heard about Hamsa hand, maybe such names as the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Miriam, or the Hand of God will sound familiar to you? These are the different names of Hamsa hand that come from different cultures.

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There is a legend that speaks about the existence of three evil eyes. The first eye is unconscious, meaning it can inflict harm unintentionally. The second eye intends to harm another. And the third is an invisible eye, the eye that saw all evil in the world. This legend goes back to the Egyptian Eye of Horus mentioned earlier. When Horus opened his eye, the whole world was surrounded in light, and when he closed it, darkness took place.

Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace

“An eye for an eye,” as they say. And certainly, there is no better way to protect yourself from the three legendary evil eyes than by wearing symbolic jewelry featuring a blue eye. When you go to a place near the sea or ocean especially, you might notice talismans with blue Evil Eye beads and Hamsa hands featuring tiny eyes in their palms. Many people think of those accessories simply as souvenirs, but this is not all they are, and Jennifer Aniston just proved us that by wearing her Evil Eye necklace.

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Hamsa Evil Eye necklaces serve to protect you from evil. When anyone is envious of the things you possess, they fill the environment around them with destructive qualities. That is another power of the Evil Eye curse. It spreads quickly and influences your surroundings, which is why only very strong positive energies can overpower the curse. This is essentially what Evil Eye necklaces do. They emit beneficial energies while reflecting the evil intentions back to the caster.

The power of the Evil Eye necklace to reflect the negative intentions might sound like you are casting the curse upon another person. But, that is not really true. Because the person had evil intentions which they were sending your way, those intentions will simply return to where they came from. You will be shielded from the Evil Eye curse while the other person will, too, go about their day as if nothing happened.

Evil Eye Necklaces Now

The concept of the Evil Eye has appeared thousands of years ago, but it still has a powerful influence even in modern life, jewelry designs, and popular culture. Is there anyone still unfamiliar with the Evil Eye? In Turkey, this belief is deeply rooted in culture and traditions. Anything that is believed to attract jealousy or malice is thought to be connected to the Evil Eye. People place protective symbols in home, offices, buildings, on infants, and animals. And in the West celebrities popularize Evil Eye jewelry like Evil Eye necklaces and pendants.

Recently, many celebrities were spotted wearing talismans for protection from the Evil Eye, including singers like Britney Spears, Madonna, or Mick Jagger. But, this list has been expanding year after year, with Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Kelly Ripa, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Lauren Conrad joining the Evil Eye pendants and necklaces trend. But, is it just a fashion statement or is it a way to send a powerful message into our society?

Eye Of Horus Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace

Wearing an Evil Eye necklace like Jennifer Aniston is the best solution to send a message. A message that you are not afraid of people looking at you with jealousy or evil. A message that you are protected from harm and are sending good energies to the outside world. Maybe people will not understand the meaning of the Evil Eye necklace, and maybe they will ask you about it. This way, you can share what you know with them and help them protect themselves, too.

Really, since Jennifer Aniston appeared with her Evil Eye necklace or Meghan Markle with her Evil Eye ring, the charms got a lot of attention. And interestingly enough, the legend of the Evil Eye is still very relevant in today’s world, perhaps even more relevant than ever before. Why is that? Because these days we believe in acquiring success, fortune, fame, or admiration, and when these feelings are reinforced by celebrity and social media influencers culture, this might give birth to evil feelings.

Meghan Markle Hamsa Ring

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