7 Best Chakra Crystals Stones to Choose

Chakras are the energy that resides in our body and are connected to our soul, which in turn is connected to nature. In its essence, it is nature’s energy flowing right through us from various entry points. The concept of chakra was found in 500 BC India and it is still effective in dealing with the emotions and feelings that are generated due to it.

Whether you see it hanging at a fortune tellers’ shop or being worn by a yoga instructor, Chakra stones are essential elements. They drive out negative energies by unblocking the chakra points, failing to do so can cause unfortunate mishaps like anxiety and depression in our lives.

The Chakra Stone Chart
Chakra is a flow of energies, and they need a steady pace to drift into the points and make our harmony with nature as balanced as it can be. Therefore, the chakra stones come in a variety of colors and with it, their specific vibrations and energies perform the task of freeing these clogged chakra points, which can significantly improve our life and health. There are 7 chakra points in our bodies for which several types of crystal stones are used.

Here are some of the best-used chakra stones:

1. Root Chakra
The Root chakra, as the name suggests, is the vital organ from which stems the sense of security, the feeling of safety, and the ideal hope and expectancy of prosperity in life. It resides in the spine and pelvic regions, which is why it is a particularly important chakra point. There are many chakra stones that can help unclog and release energy.

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The root chakra, when locked, can be the reason for many basic negative feelings like depression and anxiety, that can be dangerous for our mental health. It also causes colon problems along with back pain and pain in the feet. Therefore, the root chakra stones such as Hematite, Black onyx, and Smokey quartz are most suitable for relieving you of stress and other stress-related problems, both physical and mental. The root chakra stones will make you feel more empowered and energetic.

2. Sacral Chakra
The next chakra site to discuss is the sacral chakra. Have you ever felt lazy, lethargic, and sensed that your life has no joy or excitement?. It is because of the weak flow of energy through your sacral chakra point, which is in your pubic bone. This reduces your motivation toward performing any task and causes you to slack off. The sacral chakra also deals with an individual’s creativity and sexual energy, which are responsible for motivation toward work and feelings of excitement, respectively.

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Chakra stones are the solution to increase the flow of energy and eliminate one’s dullness and lethargic attitude toward life. The sacral chakra stones recommended for this include Sunstone and Tiger’s Eye stone.
After the application of the sacral chakra stone, you will not only see a drastic change in your ability to operate but also feel that you have the potential to do something productive and creative. Your body and mind will be in complete harmony with each other and become highly active.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra
The aspect of chakra stones, when studied, reveals how it can easily affect both our mental and physical health. The solar plexus chakra is in the navel and deals mostly with problems that originate from our ability to control or manage. It means that if the chakra point is blocked and less energy flows through it, we are likely to feel powerless and our grip on tasks seems to loosen. This can be the cause of an inferiority complex and a state of hopelessness.

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The ability to hold power is the capability to manage one’s operations without it having any negative effect on our lives. Therefore, to control it, chakra stones are the best option out there. While considering Solar Plexus chakra stones, yellow gemstones such as Jasper or Pyrite, are the best. It has been observed that these stones can not only empower you but also affect your physical health significantly, by reducing digestive problems.

4. Heart Chakra
The most vital organ and the chakra which sits atop every other one-it is indeed the Heart chakra, which deals with the works of the heart. This includes relationships and love between couples. It also controls your feelings and thus can affect your emotional output. If this chakra point is affected, you might realize that it is too hard for you to let go of something.

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The over-attachment and the dependence on other people for your happiness can be the side effects of the blockage of this chakra. It can cause you stress, high and low blood pressure, and fluctuations in your heart rate. Furthermore, it can affect your mental health, making your attitude bitter. The chakra stones which can reshape these feelings are the Heart chakra stones. They include Rose Quartz and Aventurine, which can help open this chakra point. It will certainly mend your heart and give you a soothing feeling of fulfillment and will eliminate any negative feelings from your heart.

5. Throat Chakra
The tongue is the root cause of all resolutions and conflicts. Words have power over our feelings and they are the source behind our inspirations. The throat chakra, which is in our throat, can either make and ruin our lives if it's blocked or over-reactive. This is an important observation that needs careful consideration since the throat chakra, if blocked, can lead to misconceptions and a total lack of trust in your abilities to communicate the truth.
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If it is over-reactive, it will cause you to speak hurtful or even foul language, which can be the main reason for many of your problems. Apart from mental and emotional concerns, there is also a medical concern which comes in the form of the physical disease of thyroid in the throat regions. Hence chakra stones can be an effective solution to both problems. The recommended throat chakra stones for this include Aquamarine or Sodalite.

After the careful application of these crystal stones, the energy paths will open, and so will your quality of expression. Not only that, but your physical health will improve significantly, and you will have healthier gums, teeth, and nasal passages.

6. Third Eye Chakra
The third eye chakra is a rather special chakra point, which plays a key role in our life. Apart from the crown chakra, which is the source of intuition itself, this chakra deals with visualization, imagination, wonder, creative inspiration, and truth-seeking. This chakra can help us get through life with a specific purpose, by cautiously observing and analyzing the various aspects of the situation and of life itself.

Sometimes when you do not have clarity in life, it is because of the unbalanced nature of this chakra. When this chakra becomes coagulated, you might not be able to differentiate between the right and wrong path. This chakra points toward the truth and the true way can only come when there is clarity and creative inspiration to push one through it.

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Chakra stones help cleanse the dirt in the lenses of your third eye chakra. Third eye chakra stones are effective stones which include Amethyst, Fluorite, and Lolite. These stones help restore your vision, which leads to a clearer mind, which can give you better intuition skills. Your critical thinking capability will boom, and your focus levels will improve.

7. Crown Chakra
The crown chakra is the vital chakra point, which is the source of all connected chakras. It is the brain and the reason for the effective functioning of other chakra points. It is in our head and mainly governs our consciousness. It is the root cause of spiritual enlightenment, which makes one a sage. It is due to the capability of this chakra point, you can connect all of yourself with nature as one in complete harmony.
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If this chakra point is blocked, you might feel all alone. Lack of energy at this chakra point can result in uncoordinated tasks, a lack of motivation to perform the task and a severe existential crisis. While the third eye chakra focuses on truth and visualization, the crown chakra seeks purpose for life. It serves as the driving force of our life. Many important chakra stones can be used to restore the greater intuition of this remarkable chakra point. The recommended crown chakra stone consists of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Moonstone.

It is observed that a chakra stone can be a viable option to improve one's mental and physical health. This is an important observation since the concept has been implemented since 500 BC and is still relevant in this techno-age with its benefits intact.