5 Spooky Jewelry Pieces for Halloween that You Need!

Trick or treat! We're skipping the "tricks" this year and showing you 5 spooky jewelry pieces for Halloween you need to treat yourself to. Whether you want to wear your favorite Halloween symbol or add to your costume with Halloween themed accessories; we've got you covered. Check out the most-wanted bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more that are trending right now for one of our favorite holidays of the year.

Skulls & Hearts Black Lace Bracelet

Check Out: Skulls & Hearts Black Lace Bracelet

Forget collecting bags of candy--this Halloween arm candy is all you'll need to satisfy your sweet tooth. This gorgeous Skulls & Hearts Black Lace Bracelet is an interwoven chain with skulls and heart motifs attached to an ornate black lace. It's the perfect accessory to amp up your Halloween style and step into a fashion-forward goth look.

Flying Bats Adjustable Crystal Ring

Check Out: Flying Bats Adjustable Crystal Ring

Match your creepy themed nails to this gorgeous crystal-studded, flying bat ring. Celebrate in style whether you're going to a haunted house, or laying low and geeking out to 'The Blair Witch Project.'

Golden Pumpkin Halloween Necklace

Check Out: Golden Pumpkin Halloween Necklace

Not into all the scary, dress up? Keep your Halloween accessories simple with this dainty Golden Pumpkin Halloween Necklace. Wearable as a layered piece or, worn solo with any outfit.

Spooky Red Blood Bottle Skull Necklace

Check OutSpooky Red Blood Bottle Skull Necklace

Boo! Scare them all with this Spooky Red Blood Botlle Skull Necklace! Keep them guessing if you really are a vampire, or maybe just into "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."

Black Crescent Moon Magic Silver Witch Ring

Check Out: Black Crescent Moon Magic Silver Witch Ring

Bring some serious "Hokus Pocus" with this Black Crescent Moon Magic Silver With Ring. A stunning combination of 3 elements-a black crescent moon, a witch on a broomstick, and a golden star. This sterling silver ring will add the magic to any outfit this Halloween.

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